"Veterans Affairs officials are working to trim the backlog of compensation claims by switching from a paper-based system to a computerized one."
So now the story is the backlog will be cleared up by 2015.  Listed are VA's reasons for this deplorable backlog:


--A decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

--An antiquated claims processing system based on paper files.

--The expansion of benefits to veterans and their families for Agent Orange-related conditions.

--Relaxed requirements to qualify for post-traumatic stress for all conflicts dating back to World War II.

--The increased complexity of claims because advances in medical technology are saving more lives on battlefields.


NOTICE:  The fact that VA employees are barely processing 1 claim per day is not listed as one of the problems. 


And what the heck does this have to do with the disgraceful lack of performance at the VA:


"Wisconsin American Legion Adjutant David Kurtz said post 9-11 veterans often don't realize they're having psychological or physical issues until after they leave the military or they're focused on reintegrating back into civilian life. Then months or years later they realize there are problems and they file claims.

"Part of the issue is that when they're in the service, they're within a chain of command structure. They're far less likely to self-identify themselves as having issues, whether it's physical or mental," Kurtz said. "But as months pass (after leaving the military), they become more aware of things happening to them physically and mentally."


So the total ineptness at the VA is somehow the Veterans fault!


$194 million dollars in raises to VA employees in 2011!!!  FOR WHAT??!!!  Why Is ANYONE getting a raise at the VA?!!! "Congress has increased funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs from almost $100 billion four years ago to $140 billion in the current budget. The 2014 proposed budget is $152 billion." 


140 billion dollars and no accountability whatsoever!  More money for raises, bonuses and trips, while our Veterans die waiting for their claims to be processed!  There should be an accounting demanded by every VA office in this country every month! How many claims there are pending, how many processed, how many granted and how many rejected!!!  This is a notoriously failed system and the only way this mess gets corrected is SCRUTINY and ACCOUNTABLITY!
Our Veterans Gave Us Their Best and They Deserve The Best From Us!  These are our tax dollars funding a deplorable system that continually rewards poor performance at the  expense and detriment of the brave men and women who risked their lives for all of us.
Secretary Shinseki and Alison Hickey should be replaced by leaders who produce results, not excuses!!!!!!
Please call your Congressmen and Senators and let them know, at the rate of 140 billion in tax dollars, you want accountability and results! This is disgraceful treatment of our Veterans! 
Beverly Perlson  
The Band of Mothers

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In the state of Nevada the back log is long.

God and the soldier all men adore in times of trouble then No more.

When the shootin' is over and all things are righted

God is forgotten and the soldier is slighted. I have neighbors who are Obamabots they just understand why I am so opposed to Obama Care. They can't understand when I try to explain I've been in the VA system since 1977.Off and on.I know what is coming their way (rest of the Country) under Obama's big plans for Health Care for the peons/workers.

The problem with the VA is the same one that is throughout the Government.  If you had a business and you rated the employees on the amount of time they had been with the company you would be functioning on the same level as government.  If you use a non truth qualifier to accept employees, where who you are and not what you can do is used that the same as time there.  If you employ and place people into positions that they are not fully qualified to do. it is the same arena.   When you look into an office, and the main picture is someone doing their nails, or reading the newspaper or texting,  don't expect production to be an important factor.  The one that really struck home, was entering a Lab in a VA Hosp. and see the specimens haphazardly placed on a bench, and the employee doing their toe nails..  By the way no action to correct this was initiated by the VA.

So now you want the paperwork to be accomplished in a professional manner, get a life.



Vet's need a private health care system not a gov system. They should be covered under the same policy as the senate and house members.

Don't think that this red tape is just standard gov. apathy - it's intentional mistreatment for two reasons:
1. To show disrespect to true patriots (they hate you), and
2. They hope frustrated claim holders will give up.

This problem with the VA is nothing new.  After I retired and went for my disability physical the audiologist told me that just because the Army issued me hearing aids did mean I had bad hearing.  And, that's almost 25 years ago.  It took almost 15 years for me to get my VA benefits all because I had forgotten to sign the application at one of the many many places required.  Instead of sending it back to me some clerk took it and filed it away without further action.

The VA is not the Veterans friend, never has been, never will be....Its broken, just like everything else inside the beltway...



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