Maryland just passed new "gun control" laws.  This makes the 4th State, along with New York, Kalifornia and Colorado!

So...when do we stop it? we just continue to "go along to get along"?

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My line has been drawn and Obama is trying to move it. Not on your life. I am working hard to remove him from office.

I agree with Twana and her focus for this group.  We need to prepare to survive what's coming and not play the "Try to Change" game anymore.  It's not going to work, Debrajoe!  We have tried and the system has become too corrupt.  We cannot win their game because it's their rules.  We need to prepare to survive the collapse and chaos.  When the smoke settles we will have our chance if we ever are going to have one.  We can only hope.

If they come to my door for my guns, I would rather shoot one or more of them and be killed than to live under tyranny and not be able to get medical care as I get older. I am 59' By the time the s really htf there will be rationing of everything. I have no family and I don,t ever want to leave my home, so my decision has bee made. I also have strong doubts about our populace ever fighting back, unless the military steps up to lead the fight. If that happened, I think it would be a whole different story, We need leaders.

I am just waiting for good leadership, I am packed.

I second that!

My line in the sand was crossed the day Obastard was elected the first time. And the liberals crossed over my line decades ago.I am grateful I live in Texas.

At my fence gate no further. From my warm dead hands is the only way they will get ours. Molon labe my fellow patriots.

I don't believe in "go along to get along". It's my right as an American to own guns and I will not give up that right. I've been to the ovens that Hitler used in Europe. We need our right to own firearms! God bless America!

In Texas we are but one election away from being Colorado, or where ever. All it would take is a White, another wrinkles(Ann Richardson). We can't keep Perry in forever and I don't see much coming down the pike for the future.

AG Greg Abbott is up next to replace Gov. Perry. Unless some idiot lets David Dewhurst win. AG Roberts would make a great Governor

My time line has passed. I preach action. All of obozo and his band of thieves and thugs should be listed as enemies of the citizens of the US along with the rinos such as johnny mcpain, john boner, etc. They should be tried and sentenced according to the RICO law and treason. The clintons are on the list also along with al sharpless, jesse jackass. Too many to list here, but the list needs to be compiled with the wrongs they have done. They abused their positions to steal, fraud, give aid to the enemy, treason, murdered, etc.

WE NEED A LEADER..............................WITH A PLAN,   NOW!




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