Maryland just passed new "gun control" laws.  This makes the 4th State, along with New York, Kalifornia and Colorado!

So...when do we stop it? we just continue to "go along to get along"?

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I hate to say it, but it may take a "Boston Massacre" type of event to get people off their asses and in the bush locked and loaded. The Left has to start it. If we go marching armed on Albany, Denver, or D.C., we'll loose any support we may have. Morbid as it may be, we need them to show up at a peaceful rally and murder a bunch of Pro Freedom folks. It could be the Police, National Guard, FBI, DHS, doesn't matter. They have to be shown for what they are. The low information idiots won't be with us otherwise. And we won't win. We'll just die or rot in prison. I don't want to die for my cause. I want them to die for theirs.

At this point, I don't care, they have already fired the first shot, first with instilling this Usurper into the White House in 2008 without checking his credentials, then again in 2012 election that was Fraudulently vote corrupted and the fact that the votes were counted by electronic means, outside the United States jurisdiction, now this bastard is Coronated again into the White House and with the entire Congress, Judicial branches corrupted and State and Locals are hell bent on not listening to "WE THE PEOPLE"..........The line has stepped over some many times, that if we don't take them to task, we will be completely over-run, then we die.......

Have we no George Washington. I Pray for him to come and lead the masses.

 Honor and courage will draw the line. The people wait for our leader.

Very good question Ken.  The line has to be drawn by the people in the individual states.  Us folks here in Arkansas can't draw a line in the sand for Ohio.  I don't have very much faith in the judicial system but I'm hopeful that all of these draconian laws will be challenged in the courts and thrown out.

This will not happen in the central mid-west and especially in Texas.

Here is an article that MIGHT dispel some doubt...but, I don't think so.  Read it.  It is your choice.

What ever imaginary line any of you may have drawn, either in the sand or in stone, it has now been crossed.

VP Joe Biden has officially called for the creation of the "New World Order". ( yes - I know - we've been talking and hearing about it for many years. We've all talked about it here and in many other forums. We already know what it is and what it means. In order to start and develop a "New World Order", they must first destroy the old (existing) order. That is America. And Joe Biden has just officially made that declaration and the call.
In making the call for the NWO, Biden has officially made the call for the final destruction of America.

See the discussion here on PFA that I posted earlier about Biden's call to create the NWO and watch the video before it is removed from the internet.



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