SOARING VALOR - So sad America is surrendering the freedom our WWII Vets sacrificed to "save"

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FEEL GOOD tributes will not inspire a call to arms or any action that will eliminate those who are destroying

this battered nation...

Gary T. Chisholm, please advise our forum when you are going to take action and lead to eliminate those who are destroying our nation. I'm relatively sure Harry Riley, Old Rooster and some of the other Patriots would be interested.

here is the problem..

yes, when the tyrants come for personal weapons , perhaps a Phenix will arise in the name of


We need to take Vallely up on his offer to lead us in a Revolution to restore the Republic, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

No Harry America is NOT surrendering the freedoms our WWII Vets fought to save, just a few cowards in the White House and Congress Mostly Democrats and some Republicans are trying to give it away for their own reasons. They are the ones that deserve to be scoriated and worse for their stupidity

The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats in giving away our freedoms to the NWO.  They have had a majority in both houses for 2 years and everything remains the same.  They just put on prettier and more compassionate faces to continue to fool the people, especially the Tea Party folks, er, dupes.

More treason from our traitors in Chief and company.

Some 170 world leaders sign landmark climate change accord

Here's something I've been thinking about, wonder what you all think..... Remember after 9/11 how the whole country came together? There were American flags flying everywhere, reguard less of political party or individual beliefs Americams became united when their freedoms and security was threatened. Americans cherish their freedoms like no others. No matter if it's gun rights, voting rights, rights to smoke whatever, gay rights Americans love their freedom of choice, on that I think we can all agree. I believe it's almost a certainty that our corrupt government will eventually overplay their hand and will continue to take away people's rights to the point that in that moment, that twinkling of an eye the national conscience could very well have a 9/11 moment when what our corrupt government is doing to America is plainly seen. Should that happen whether it's, Martial Law, the continual land grabbing, the loss of medical coverage, their lack of continuing to give out freebies, what ever it is in that moment the National conscience could very well awaken and they are clearly seen for who and what they truly are. Then their will be much more than American flags flying on cars, in front yards, and on T-shirts. If you look at the direction we are going and the accelerated speed that we are going at its just a matter of time. Once the American psyche is awakened to the truth you'll have a Revolution that will either heal or destroy America. Personally I don't think its that far off.

Not quite; there were still millions of Jeremiah Wrights out there, but they were afraid to spew their venom for a few years.  I agree with you assessment of the future, though.

I don't kmow Ed, I could be wrong but even the Jerimiah Rights will rise up against a government that is seen taking their rights away... Could be wrong...

. Personally I don't think its that far off.

Neither do I Michael.

Just A Common Soldier is a deeply moving poem about an old Veteran who told his war stories before he passed away and the kind of men that these Veterans are.

As I watch these WW2 guys I wonder how many of them may have been wounded patients we (14 year old girls) would read to, write letters to their families for them, sing songs with, or to, etc. at the American Military Hospital in England in our hometown. 




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