SOARING VALOR - So sad America is surrendering the freedom our WWII Vets sacrificed to "save"

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Paul - I would add - and "Keep your Powder Keg Dry."

As long as Americans have a TV to watch, a beer to drink and a sofa to be on they don't care.

YES, so when the power grids go down and the shelves are empty , any notion what that moron might do ?

The moron(s) will be roaming around looking for those of us that prepared for what's coming! With that said, be prepared, and know what you will do when the moron(s) come after your stuff!

Yep, that sums it up.

I dumped TV 8 yrs ago, beer 40+ yrs ago, do sofa as I rest, but I still didn't know/realize America is overseen/thinks he has control by a very wicked 'king'. Bottom line, I care. My son is an AF vet(war of a different kind). I have zero experience but I KNOW my Lord God is personally involved with "the least of them". All Americans are not blind, deaf or ignorant. WE kill babies minutely all day long; vets deserve all the Good God is also, that's why Jesus' Death & Resurrections is so BIG. To suggest/state 'Americans' don't care is a fallacy (lie) of satan. Blessings in the midst of your pain.

While lily - livered Christians Wait , America is destroyed ...GOD loves courage,,recall that small fellow

who defeated that huge giant ?..Waiting is surrender .. Waiting while this Nation is trashed before those

with eyes to see..

CHRIST Will come to destroy all those whose name is not written in the Book of Life , this occurs After

the Beast murders millions....

So , wait and be at ease knowing you did nothing to lessen the suffering now....

Gary, If you have a plan that would actually work, I sure would like to see it.

Gary, you said it so well. I feel that the churches of today claiming to be full of Christians have done very little except blacken the eye of Christianity.. My God did not, and does not stand by and allow the enemy to walk all over Him. God picked David to lead His people, and then put him in a situation to prove his leadership abilities, and he did! Too many people "Christians" claim God condemns killing "Thou shalt not kill", that pertains to murder unjustified murder, it does not pertain to killing in self defense or war! God himself killed thousands "Sodom and Gomorrah, the Egyptian army as His people were fleeing Egypt" and God told His people to kill their enemy "Jericho" just to name a couple examples. Turn the other cheek, I have, now it's time to retaliate.. God does not want His people cowering in their homes, God does not want His people to sit idly by and watch the evil spread across the earth. God does not want His people to sit and watch America's got Talent as the world burns! It's way past time to WAKE UP AMERICA! It's time to find your local Militia Unit, or form one because We The People are the only hope the United States of America has left! If you don't know how to find a Militia Unit in your area contact me because I do.


90% of Americans are deceived / dumbed down of which a good number have chosen to rebuke


Will FATHER provide us a Leader ?  will HE unite some to accomplish HIS WILL ?

In my view , there will be no rebellion against Tyranny until 1. agents come for weapons and / or

Government checks / direct deposits are no longer either scenario , patriots will

be at a distinct disadvantage , yet chaos on the streets might allow time for patriots to unite

and do what must be done.

in my view , we should not wait....

In my view we have already waited too long.  The window of opportunity passed 20 to 30 years ago.  We should have acted when Geo. H. W. Bush first mentioned "a new world order".



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