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Solo Civitas Ferguson

Latin Plainsong is harmody that was popularly sung during the middle ages when all musical accompaniment in services was of the a Capella nature. Guitars, Bongos, Banjos and Peavey Amps hadn’t been invented yet, so worshipping people were expected to provide their own harmony and harmody.

Gregorian Chants are the most commonly remembered type of Plainsong, but there were full musical renditions before there was a hymnal, and the idea was to put into song the cry from the congregation to their Lord to deliver them from their misery.

The Lord knew that his people had lots of miseries during the time, from predations by the Vandals and Vikings to harsh living under absolute Feudal lords who held their serfs lives in the palms of their hands.

Under absolutism, the lord was held accountable to nobody but himself, and often the lord’s conscience was seared completely away by the absolute power he held.

Nothing was sacred because everything belonged to the lord. The peasant, that flock that belonged to the Lord of the manor was the congregation of the church, and often they lifted their complaints up to their heavenly father in song, hoping that their offering would be heard and answered.

What is happening in Ferguson is an exact replica of the result of absolutism ruling over law, which is the exact opposite of what our country birthed – rule of law.

The answers that I hear coming from the liberal media is that Ferguson’s demise is the beginning of a new era of “racial dialog” and we (whites) should listen to the message.

What a crock of bovine fecal material – or as the peasants in the 12th century would have called it “fimus” which is what was used for fertilizer back then.

The difference between law and favor is that everyone can expect the same treatment under the law, and under favor, only those who have “paid their dues” get equal treatment.

We are witnessing the supplanting of one system of rule for another before our very eyes. (Substitution – with an understanding that it is being illegally done)

How sad that our “new” form of government is in actuality an older form – feudalism. The lords are willing to sacrifice anything in order to maintain their hereditary hierarchy.

We witnessed it taking place in Ferguson.

No matter what the determination of the Grand Jury, there would have been rioting, pillaging and looting. The vandals were poised, primed and ready to strike.

The defense against such activities were ready at hand, and in fact, Governor Nixon had already mobilized his forces, but was warned by Eric Holder to “Stand down the troops” so he did.

The Obama Administration had pre-determined that their hordes were going to be placated and nothing was going to stand in their way.

OF course, there is no recourse in punishing the miscreants, if they are allowed to misbehave.

Megyn Kelly interviewed Former Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani, and asked him about that “cooling off period” which was supposed to defuse the angry mobs. Giuliani, who had been faced with just such situations when he took office in 1983 – called it the “Broken Window” theory of urban decay – he said that the situation must be met with the first sign of lawlessness, arresting all those who are involved. He explained how he had learned that a “Cooling off” period was actually a “heating up” period, where in any lawlessness that was tolerated led to greater acts of civil disobedience.

AS it was, the powers that be – democrats all, including the prosecutor in St. Louis county, the governor, and on up the executive branches of government to Eric Holder and Barack Obama chose to stand back and sacrifice the city of Ferguson in order to placate their masses in an attempt to maintain their tenuous grip on power.

Let’s face it, they see the future, and it looks bleak for them.

I am reminded of a drowning man who, when someone attempts to save him, will grasp on to that person and drag him down with him.

They are dancing in shadows of fear, and they will sacrifice anybody and everybody to keep their power.

The Lord Help us, for we are in chaos, destruction and evil is walking amongst us.

The words to “Only a City” and the link to the Plainsong as sung:







quomodo sedet sola civitas

How doth the city sit solitary,


plena populo

that was full of people!

facta est quasi vidua

how is she become as a widow!

domina gentium

she that was great among the nations,

princeps provinciarum

and princess among the provinces,

facta est sub tributo

how is she become tributary!

Are you ready to be considered “only a pawn” because that’s the way the Democrats look at you.

or as the Knights of Malta might have said: “Tuum Arida Pulveris Pyrii”

I kind of like that – TAPP – as in "Give them a double TAPP for surity."



Sola Civitas: The Left Favors the State Over the People in Ferguson
By: Erick Erickson

Michael Brown was a thief. He had used drugs, robbed a store, punched a cop, then the cop fatally shot him. Those are the facts.

To the left, that Officer Wilson was not found guilty of killing Michael Brown was an outrage. It was an outrage too when George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin.

Essentially, the left is opposed to the people and instead prefers left-wing Democrats to the citizenry in our democratic form of government. When a jury of peers, whether a petit jury or grand jury, does not see things the way the left sees things, the system has failed, the people are stupid, and the result is an injustice.

The Grand Jury that decided not to charge Officer Wilson with a crime was made up of individuals who were chosen and empaneled while Michael Brown was still alive. They could not have foreseen the events. They are not elected officials, but private citizens who are called upon by the government to serve in a capacity on behalf of their fellow citizens.

Their role is to exam the facts of crimes in a system heavily weighted toward prosecution of crimes. They weigh those facts and balance them with laws enacted by legislators outlining the parameters by which crimes are defined. If the facts do not measure up, there is no indictment.

The private citizens who gave up their time to become intimately familiar with the facts of the case and who interviewed all the witnesses and reviewed all the physical evidence are now being second guessed by armchair liberal pundits who want Officer Wilson charged. The left is now pushing a new line that Darren Wilson’s testimony just does not make sense. They ignore that the Grand Jury treated Darren Wilson’s testimony as that of a man trying to avoid an indictment. They weighed it less than other eyewitnesses and physical testimony.

But the left does not trust the private citizenry of the United States. They want to control what we eat, how we live, our doctor-patient relationships, and every other aspect of our lives. They favor massive bureaucracies of technocrats to the people.

From Obamacare to school lunches to big gulps to Ferguson, MO, the left thinks it must control the processes of our lives and, when the citizens deviate from what they want, the citizenry must be overridden. Democrats only support democracy when their finger is on the scale to their advantage.

As they have embraced their collectivist selves, they have rejected justice in favor of social justice. Officer Darren Wilson must be sacrificed to right an accumulation of wrongs he did not commit. He must be the scapegoat for the priests of the collective.

Leftism is more and more a secular religion. And in this secular religion, the people are not allowed to read and interpret the scriptures for themselves. They need intermediaries in the form of leftwing academics and Democratic Party leaders.

Christians have solus Christus, or Christ alone, and the left has now sola civitas, the state alone. The rest of us will be made to worship accordingly.

Nonetheless, Michael Brown was a thief who met his match in a bullet fired by a police officer just trying to do his job. The evidence shows this. But the left will not be placated until there is a sacrifice to the gods of social justice, what ever that is this week.

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Thanks for this interesting article.

Erick Erikson, you have pegged the situation in Ferguson exactly!!!  Sadly this is a mirror of most major cities in America!!  How ironic, the rioting thugs of Ferguson Missouri, are mirror images of MICHAEL BROWN!!

This Ferguson, Grand Jury is different! The State Attorney, Bob McCullough, acted more like a defense attorney for Darren Wilson. And this will not get to a jury of our piers! No justice!

Huffington Post journalists Jason Cherkis and Nick Wing cite a number of irregularities in the case that McCullouch ignored or played down. 

They say that “the best physical evidence and testimony might not have been as ironclad in Wilson's favor as prosecutor Robert McCulloch characterized it on Monday night.”

In addition to the testimony of witnesses who contradicted Wilson’s testimony, they mentioned the following points:

1) Wilson immediately washed the blood off of his body, thus destroying a key piece of physical evidence that could have helped to prove or disprove his testimony.

2) The first supervising officer who interviewed Wilson did not take any notes. He admitted in his grand jury testimony that Wilson had subsequently called him to go over his account once again, suggesting that Wilson may have influenced witness testimony.

3) Investigators at the scene failed to take pictures or measure the distance between Wilson and Brown’s body.

4) Investigators did not follow the standard procedure of testing Wilson’s gun for fingerprints. Wilson claimed that Brown had grabbed his gun and that he was afraid he was going to shoot him, but an investigator told the grand jury that a decision was made not to test the gun for fingerprints because “Wilson never lost control of his gun.” 

5) Wilson did not immediately turn his gun over to investigators after killing Brown, as is standard procedure. 

6) Although Wilson had no notable injuries, an initial interview with investigators was delayed as he traveled to the hospital with his superior officers.

7) Wilson’s initial interview with a detective conflicts with information given in later testimony. At first, Wilson didn’t claim to have any knowledge that Brown was suspected of stealing cigarillos from a nearby convenience store, but he said later that Brown’s hands were full of cigarillos, which led him to believe that Brown may have been a suspect in the theft, a fact that has been noted dozens of times in media reports, as if to suggest that an alleged petty thief deserved to be killed by a policeman.

8)With regards to conflicting witness testimony, Huffington Post reporter Ben Hallman presented graphic charts showing which witnesses testified that Brown raised his hands and tried to surrender, and which witnesses backed Wilson’s testimony that Brown charged at him. 

9)Five witnesses said that Brown did charge at Wilson, while ten said that he did not and six were not clear or did not see what happened. 

10) Nine witnesses said Brown’s hands were raised while two said they were not and ten were not clear or did not see what happened. 

11) In his Monday night press conference, however, McCullouch said the witnesses who said Brown tried to surrender “just weren't credible.” 


“A fascinating book on the subject of Biblical Law entitled “The institutes of Biblical Law” by Rousas John Rushdoony irrefutably establishes that all law is religious, and that it represents a covenant between man and God which is characterized as divine revelation. When we consider that government is founded exclusively on law, government itself then becomes a religion to implement or execute or enforce divine revelation. When government abuses the authority delegated by God through God’s law, then it also becomes a false religious cult. This exposition will set the stage for other documents on our website, which establish that our present day government is nothing but a cult surrounding the false religion it created with its own unjust law because this law has become a vain substitute and an affront to God’s law found in the Bible. Here are some very insightful quotes from pp. 4-5 of that wonderful book:”

“Fifth, there can be no tolerance in a law-system for another religion. Toleration is a devise used to introduce a new law-system as a prelude to a new intolerance. Legal positivism, a humanistic faith, has been savage in hostility to the Biblical law-system and has claimed to be an “open” system. But Cohen, by no means a Christian, has aptly described the logical positivists as “nihilists” and their faith as “nihilistic absolutism”.

[ Edit; definition; “nihilism“; a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless.] (Webster’s)

“Every law-system must maintain its existence by hostility to every other law-system and to alien religious foundations or else it commits suicide.”

1. The purpose of law is to describe and codify the morality of a culture. Since only religion can define morality, then all law is religious in origin.

2. In any culture, the source of law becomes the God of that society. If law is based on Biblical law, then the God of that society is the true God. If it becomes the judges or the rulers, who are at war with God, then these rulers become the God of that society.

3. In any society, any change of law is an explicit or implicit change of religion.

4. The disestablishment of religion in any society is an impossibility, because all civilizations are based on law and law is religious in nature.

5. There can be no tolerance in a law system for another religion. All religious systems eventually seek to destroy their competition for the sake of self preservation. Consequently, governments tend eventually to try to control or eliminate religions in order to preserve and expand their power.

6. The laws of our society must derive from Biblical law. Any other result leads to “humanism”, apostasy, and mutiny against God, who is our only King and lawgiver.

7. Humanism is the worship of the “state”, which is simply a collection of people under a democratic form of government. By “worship”, we mean obedience to the dictates and mandates of the collective majority. The United States is NOT a democracy, it is a Republic based on individual rights and sovereignty, NOT collective sovereignty.

8. The consequence of humanism is moral relativism and disobedience to God’s laws, which is sin and apostasy and leads to separation from God.”

Thomas. Excellent dissertation on Biblical Law as the True Law. I have often stated that Cultural Relativisum is the end result of the rejection of Gods Law which is the current Philosophy of the day. As our society or any society rejects God Law the end result is Relativisum, or everyone doing what's right in their own eyes according to their own beliefs. When Gods Law is removed man is left to his own devises. Since man is sinful by nature the outcome can only be self destructive. That self destruction is what we are witnessing today throughout the world where God and His Law is not honored and obeyed. Mankinds ONLY hope us to return to God and His Word. Any society, government, nation that runs contrary to Gods Law is doomed to failure.

You brilliantly wrote the TRUTH. Michael hit the cop first and gave him a knot on his head, and a very sore eye. Michael's idiotic quote was "my hands my weapon". He was quite large for his age and felt invincible. I say, NO LOSS to Society. Michael Brown was a STREET THUG!!!

Excellent article and very true. This stood out.....The Lord Help us, for we are in chaos, destruction and evil is walking amongst us.

Without the Lord we are in deep trouble. Only he can fix this terrible mess in the world.

Ferguson Missouri and Michael Brown;

Who is responsible.

Over the past few months we've all been subjected over and over with the news of a big over grown black kid being shot by a white cop. The resulting chaos, rioting, and destruction in Ferguson Mo. By black anarchists and people who just simply wanted to take advantage of the situation and opportunity to strike at something, anything and anyone, who they perceive as being at fault for their miserable state of living and economic conditions.

But who's really at fault for all of this? Who is really at fault for the miserable living conditions of these people? And who should really be held accountable for Michael Brown, the big – over grown, young thug that somehow thought it would be acceptable for him to go into a grocery store and simply take what ever he wanted. What gave this kid the idea that just because he was big enough to beat the crap out of any potential store owner or clerk that tried to stop him, that somehow it was acceptable for him to just simply take whatever he wanted. Who or what gave him the idea that is was alright for him to punch the store keeper or the cop that tried to stop him?

The real fault and accountability for this kid and his death does not lay with the store keeper or the cop who shot him. The real accountability for Michael Brown's death lays with his parents and with the culture of the community that teaches these kids that bad behavior is acceptable and that someone else is responsible for their misery. A culture of a community that teaches these kids that they will never have a chance in life simply because of the color of their skin.

And what role does our federal government have to play in all of this? Plenty. I wont even go into the failed economic aspects of these communities. As it turns out they had plenty to do with the rioting and destruction in Ferguson. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” - remember?
US Attorney General Eric Holder, and our “Community Organizer in chief” met with the black leaders both in Missouri and in Chicago and Washington DC and encouraged them to “Stay the Course”. They advised the black leaders of these thugs and anarchists that the federal government and our so-called justice department would not prosecute or file any charges against any of the rioters and terrorists even if Ferguson Missouri was leveled to the ground. The terrorists were given free reign and authority to destroy Ferguson to any extent they desired. WHY ? Why would our own Government and our justice department do such a thing? Glenn Beck said it best, but he wasn't the first to say it. “Bottom Up – Top Down”. The phrase comes straight out of the Communist play book and Saul Alinsky's “Rules for Radicals”. The idea is to play the depressed blacks into rioting over their miserable economic living conditions and standards. Convince them that the whites, and the Jews, and business owners, are all responsible for the poor living standards of the blacks. That's not hard to do, it's always easier to blame someone else than it is to take responsibility for your own problems. Our “Community Organizer in chief” knows this very very well, and he is a master at blaming someone else for anything that goes wrong.
The concept of “Bottom Up – Top Down” is a scheme to get the people to scream for help from the government to stop all the rioting and destruction. At which point the Government will be more than willing and happy to oblige. They are just waiting for the chance to lower the boom on everyone in the country. (Top-Down). It will all start with Martial Law, gun confiscation, businesses being closed, property taken. All under the name of “Safety” and and “Security.” If the blacks think that freedom means that they can steel and loot and take whatever they want and a system of big Government and more Government control is going to set them “free”, then they are sadly mistaken. The blacks in this country have been screaming about slavery for a hundred and fifty years. But they have no idea that what they are now advocating and fighting for is not freedom and justice, but instead will be the ultimate form of oppression. When the Top comes Down from this “Community Organizer” and his henchmen it will make the slavery of the 1800's seem like a garden party. Welcome to Obama's “Hope and Change” and the “Fundamental Transformation of America”.

Well said Old Rooster, well said. I want to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all here at PFA, OAS and NLA. I am thankful for the many blessings and freedoms I have and I count it a privilege to join with all of you to insure that we have those freedoms and blessings in the future.



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