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Dr. Phil: Vets with PTSD Are “Damaged Goods”, “Monsters

You Served

April 20, 2012 By Cassy

PTSD: civilians just love to paint veterans as riddled with this disease, causing them to become violent, unhinged lunatics who will explode at the slightest provocation. Look at just about any news story where a violent crime is committed by a veteran, and PTSD is almost immediately floated as the reason. In the media narrative, violence and PTSD go hand-in-hand. At the same time, troops are criticized for not coming forward and admitting they have a problem, and seeking help for it. (Gee, could it possibly be because we paint veterans with PTSD as homicidal lunatics?)

Dr. Phil, arguably one of the most popular talk show hosts on the planet, decided to feature this issue on his show this week. And while he could have taken a reasonable approach, he went straight for the gut instead. Titling the show “From Heroes To Monsters”, he painted a picture of vets with PTSD as ticking time bombs of violence, describing them as damaged goods who “destroy families” and “dismantle marriages”.

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One of Dr. Phil’s guests, Matt, is a former Marine who struggles with PTSD. He speaks about how, while deployed to Afghanistan, he repeatedly stabbed an enemy combatant in the face, even after he was dead, to get his anger out. He also claims he saw “lots” of innocent people killed, including women and children. (His last name isn’t given, so it’s impossible to verify his claims of killing women and children while deployed to Afghanistan.)

After Matt, Dr. Phil featured Mark and Heather. Mark is another veteran with PTSD who admits he has violent rages, says his life has been destroyed, and is afraid of what he will do to his family. Heather’s husband, Duane, had PTSD. He beat her and set her on fire.

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Getting Out.

The Madness of a Combat Medic

April 29th 2009.  Oh man I thought I could walk on water.  My last day in the Army.  I'd already picked up my clearing papers, I was detected from my unit, and took one last chance to look around the post, one last time to visit the PX before I drove out the gate next the the Airfield, got on I-70 and began the long trek back to my home town of San Diego.   I drove for at least five hours before I even thought of taking my uniform off, but as everything was packed up that wouldn't work.  I still had my Barret in the passengers seat of my car, as if I might get out on post.  The freedom was going to my head and seeing as no one was really in western Kansas I took the opportunity to find a deserted road and see what my Stang really could do.  I chickened out at 130, but DAMN what a ride!

I drove all day, from roughly noon when I left Fort Riley till about 2100 (woops 9 PM) When I finally got a Hotel room for the night.  It wasn't until I got into the Hotel room that I took off my uniform.  For approximately 3 more hours I was still, technically a soldier.  I didn't pop my boots right away.  I didn't rip off my top, and throw it into a ball on the bed as I used to in the barracks.  I just sat there for a long while, delaying as long as I could the moment when I finally took my uniform off for the last time.  I finally got around to it, and I don't think I ever took more care taking a uniform off.  I laid it out on my Hotel bet and just stared at it.  No longer would I wear the craptastic Barret or worry about my crotch ripping out of my ACUs.  I wouldn't have to worry about oil getting all over my tan boots on motor pool Monday.  I wouldn't have to deal with PAs who think they're God, or Officers who remind you of their rank every chance they get.  No more NCOs that think if I'm not trying to go to Ranger School or Airborne or SFAS then I'm not worthy to trim their short hairs.  None of that.

Read the rest here.

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Thanks for sharing.

Take it from me, an old Vietnam (Marine) Hospital Corpsman--you will never forget it, nor will you get over it--Only those who served will understand. Thanks for your service, man.


Everyday I quietly thank our young men and women that are sacrificing so much for so little. We need to remember

these troops everyday when we have our freedoms. G-D bless all the troops!!!!!!!!!!!!   Sheila

Dr Phil gets something RIGHT just often enough to fool his minions. More often than not he's way out in left field, with just a touch of common sense thrown in like a dash of pepper. He probably does as much harm as good. Remember in the Bible Paul speaks of those who claim to be  be doing good and are helping the enemy in Philippians 3:2 and calls them "dogs" and evil workers. He's saying that they claim to be doing God's work of helping His people, but are actually doing evil. America is full of them and we truly need to pay much attention to letting people know they can't be trusted. This is the main way that everyone who cares can "have our troops' backs". The agenda is to make sure that no one who has ever been in battle can ever legally own a gun.!  Anyone wonder why?

The media did the same thing to returning Vietnam Vets. Movies were made about Vietnam Vets being time bombs and again every time a vet commited a crime it was because he was a vet. 99.9% of the people who "truely" have this diagnosis suffer its consequences by themselves, sometimes with the help of family members. The media, in its ongoing need to hype a story for $$, paints us all with the same brush, but it is obvious none of them take the time to get the facts because then they wouldn't have a story.

I, for one, am NOT a fan of the Dr. Phil Show and NEVER have been!!

PTSD is a serious disorder and they are NOT Monsters!!

My first ex-husband still suffers from it, all these years since serving in Vietnam in 1967-1968. My son-in-law's brother suffers from it after several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and being wounded twice and still having shrapnel in his head!

They didn't choose to suffer from this, and the medications given to a lot of them, makes it worse rather than better. Society doesn't help out either with people like Dr. Phil around to call them Monsters!!



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