Constitutional Emergency

Some Important Information about the Workings of PFA and the Operation American Spring (OAS)


Operation American Spring is going forward at a great pace. OAS Staff are in place, still more being placed as we speak. Here are some team leaders and staff.

 COL RILEY Harry  Riley  
COOR Terry Trussell
SGM Nick Santini
ADMIN Ron McKinley
COMMS Steve Elliott
INTEL Susie Price ;
LEGAL Bill van Zyverden
MEDICAL Kathie Marino
OUTREACH Martin Church
PR Deb Howard
SPEC ASST Alex Coffey
STAFF Tish Huss
STAFF COOR/ Terry Trussell
VOLS ???
OAS site  
SOC Don Johnson


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I don't know the answer but you are using "springg" not spring

Brand new member as of today. How can I contact White Wolf (TX)?

I have medical skills to help, and I can be a phase 2 member.

Went to the Official OAS FB Page and it says I am no longer a member.

I was contacted on FB by a Carl Naldone, who was expressing concerns about OAS. I directed him to Harry Riley and he claims he has already talked to OAS and Jim Garrow, but is being told to stand down. Not sure who Carl is or what his intentions are, but I wanted to pass the conversation along.

Me either probably were not at the official OAS FB page.......a lot of people don't want OAS to be successful.  Can you imagine the threat we are to criminals, deceivers, betrayers of our Constitution??

I clicked the link above. I put in a request to be readded. Will see if it works.

I did send the conversation with Carl through your account message link.

Richard, All I can tell you about this is that neither of the two names you mentioned here are members of PFA/OAS. I do know that many people working on FB are spreading erroneous information about PFA and what the mission is of the Operation American Spring. We even had to go so far as to demand several people be fired and relieved of duty from at least one prominent organization for spreading lies and falsehoods. My best and only advice to you is to read the official mission documents here on the PFA site, on the home page. Then I can only ask that you make up your own mind based on facts and evidence. Thanks for coming.

I understand the mission and am completely onboard. I was simply surprised that this individual would choose to carry on this conversation with me, even when I explained several times he needed to have this discussion with the Organizers of this event.

For myself, I understand there is the chance that Obama could choose to retaliate against us. My position is, let him show his hand to the American people. I believe it will be a major mistake on his part, not ours.

Is that the gentleman that was posting a lot of "disinformation" on Facebook, basically saying we were taking guns into D.C. and were going to "take them down" etc. etc..  I saw some of that and became very concerned but realized that he was just trouble making.  His name was Carl.  Don't know the last name.

Carl Nalbone? Read my posts above.



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