Some Important Information about the Workings of PFA and the Operation American Spring (OAS)


Operation American Spring is going forward at a great pace. OAS Staff are in place, still more being placed as we speak. Here are some team leaders and staff.

 COL RILEY Harry  Riley  
COOR Terry Trussell
SGM Nick Santini
ADMIN Ron McKinley
COMMS Steve Elliott
INTEL Susie Price ;
LEGAL Bill van Zyverden
MEDICAL Kathie Marino
OUTREACH Martin Church
PR Deb Howard
SPEC ASST Alex Coffey
STAFF Tish Huss
STAFF COOR/ Terry Trussell
VOLS ???
OAS site  
SOC Don Johnson


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Please let me know who the group leader in Delaware is and also the leader in Maryland. We lived there for 25 years and have been in Delaware for only 5 months. Thanks.  You are doing a great job! 

Jan Pillsbury  P.S. Could I please be listed as Jan P. on our member page instead of my full name?  

Jan P. - if you get Maryland leaders name, can you send to me?  I am in Maryland (close to PA).  Would like to do more in my area but want to talk to leader first. 

Thank you.

Harry Riley

DO NOT CLOSE THIS SITE. Let the people here take care of the Obots. Barack
Obama is a fraud a coward a liar and a murderer. His ID is stolen and forged. He left people to die in Benghazi then lied about it. The little coward must be removed.

Dale, AMEN. From ur lips to Gods ears brother!

Just so I know I;m dealing with the right people here, is Francis Ducharme a member of the OAS Team?

Here the pod cast in a day or so when its up! Biggest US Cultural crime in History. Stolen Great Seal mentioned, you can not save the country until the Sovereign seal history is restored! What is a country with no identity? Do worry, because I spent five years doing what the best could not do. Congress refuses to police this stolen Great Seal, oldest government US seal from the American Revolution and they do not want you knowing about it! Get this information out, get it to people who want to take back their country. If any member of Congress refuses to police this relic, bring them up on charges of Treason. Yes, you can go after them and put them in prison if they refuse to police this relic and protect the honor of this history.

  1. 1.
    the crime of betraying one's country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
    "they were convicted of treason"
    synonyms: treacherydisloyaltybetrayal, faithlessness

Kind Regards

Gary Gianotti

21st Century Radio

2/23/14 SUNDAY 8-10 PM Eastern

Host: Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.

GUEST ONE 8:00-9:30 PM Eastern

Gary Gianotti

World Exclusive: Is the history of America’s Great Seal about to be rewritten?

Gary Gianotti will present research into the genealogical history of some of America’s founders that raises questions like these: Was this rejected proposal for the obverse of America’s Great Seal created by William Barton, as tradition teaches, or was it created by Robert Scot, the Scottish-born American engraver who worked on the United States Great Seals? Gianotti will demonstrate how the Scot family is directly associated to families of the Knights Templar by marriage, and says he did not come to America to win the respect of the founding fathers in order to get the job of making the United States Seals. Gianotti claims that Scot was trained and sent to the United States to do the job as part of the secret influence of his families, also known as the “Unknown Superiors,” who were secret Jacobites exiled from Scotland. What role did Scotland and the Templars play in the founding of America and the design of America’s Great Seal?

Harry Riley,

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you with this seal history of this stolen seal! If any US member of Congress refuses to police this stolen relic that represents the power of their authority, which they refuse! You can lock them in prison, for Treason! They can not hide or run away from the laws associated to the sworn oath they took. Only Congress can police such relics, use the information to achieve your goals! The recorded story will be online today or Friday, listen to it and use the information. The story on the radio is made simple that you can and everyone can understand the BIG PICTURE!

Kind Regards, Colonel!


I sent letter to (NRA- RUGER). next smith and Wesson. I think we all should keep trying to recruiter large gun and supply Co. like MAGPUL for example!!.  (These Co. had large signature partition's during the ass-alt wepen ban laws).


You need to find every good American that still exists in the government today, start requesting them to address the laws at hand, question their directors. Tell every US government personal to chose a side under the laws to protect life, history in this nature of past historical horrors. The physical harm starts within the government itself, People are too smart to be patriot terrorists, even if it is true that the entire top government offices in the United States from majority of both parties are 100% Ciminals, against the people, the US Constitution. Freedom, law and anything moral thats good! 

Regardless, why go to Washington and get no where, when we do not have to wait long for the entire country to crash from what Congress has allowed. Find out, how many members of Congress have the balls to say they are 100% true Americans and are willing to stand up for the Law right there and then? Demand it on your march!

Gary, Why put it on the FEW honest Congress members? Don't you think they are being bullied,threatned or Worse already ?!?! It's so far outta control already. It's gonna take each & EVERY single one of us !! Most importantly is has to be the will of God !!

Requesting help in dropping future postings of Rich Buckley on Prayer Warriors Forum.

Thank you.


The POTUS,...............Has a extensive Documented RECORD of ERRORS and Failed Leadership.

The CONGRESS.........Failed to ASK to Clarify or SEEK RESOLVE. to any of the FACTUAL ERRORS

The COURTS .............FAIL to INTERPET the Law,,,instead, they just Make New Laws, there-in VALIDATING  the ERRORS.

We The People ..........HAVE THE, "POWERS of Our VOICE,"... and... "EMPLOYMENT of  The Constitution", and The Bill of Rights", ...AND... WHEN appropriate... TO...  Halt, Restrain, and REMOVE, any-ONE, or ALL ...of those NOW Serving in the Three Branches of Our Government, ..."That are DESTROYING the FOUNDATION of Our Nation"

"November 4, 2014, MAY BE TOO LATE", ...PERIOD.


And, now what do WE do now.

PRAY'... On bended knee, We are taller than trees....PRAY for Our Great Nations RECOVERY from the existing Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, and somewhat Muslim, IMPACT on Our still FREE NATION, and That We might Praise and Thank Our Creator, for This Gift We Call, "America".

FLY, OUR COLORS, VOICE OUR CONSERNS, in "NONE VIOLENT", PRESENTATIONS to Our GOVERNMENTAL ... Elected Leaders, e.g., ... The  POTUS, his Administrative CZARS, and The DEMOCRATIC led SENATE, and BY ALL MEANS, "VOTE", ...Our CONSCIENCE, ... for those that PURPORT return To Our Nations CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION, ...Prayerfully Prescribed by Our Fore,and FOUNDING FATHERS Measures, in the form of, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence. ...PERIOD



"Obama's DEEDS", by Speech, Letter, Decree, Executive Order, and ... his FAILED LEADERSHIP, promulgated by his Administrative CZAR's, AND The Democratic Senate, "IS a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER"...To Our Great Nation ...PERIOD.


Please SHARE...

We Can Take America Back...PERIOD.

Operation American Spring ~ May 16th 2014 in Washington DC... JOIN US!!!
JOIN US! ...."Operation American Spring May 16th 2014", 
Washington DC, (www.patriotsforamerica.ning)....... CALL TO ALL PATRIOTS:

May God continue to BLESS OUR AMERICA, undeserving as we presently are.

Robert David Hummel USA RET,. Inverness, FL.




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