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As everyone knows Marvin Green, Ari and myself made county pages for every state group. I've asked every PFA member to join their state groups for the purpose of linking arms with folks in your community and state. The purpose being if you are not willing to get to know and work with those in your area then you show that you are not really willing to start the restoration process of our republic. It starts in your community. As we can note from watching videos of folks in their communites standing up to the marxists in gov. seats.

I have gone through thousands of members and have been deleting accounts of members who have not joined their state groups and announced themselves on their county pages. This should be no surprise to anyone, I've spent the last 3 weeks sharing that I was doing this. I still have about 1200 more member accounts to finish going through. I was going to wait until I finished that work before sharing some direction but it is taking me a long time. That is tough work on an arm and hand as numbness is not a good I've paced myself.

I will list below a few directions and then in a few weeks post the PFA Mission Statement with full details.

  1. I ask all PFA members to recruit in your community for state groups. But - I ask you to recruit in your communities - folks who are not online. I ask you to recruit folks who are like-minded and won't come on here causing problems and divisions.
  •  We need to stay away from recruiting in the other online organizations group sites. The reason being is, the online community pool has already been recruited to death! Most everyone belongs to so many different groups because of hoping to find THE solution. So basically we see the same folks in most of the groups and many of those folks are confused and are pulled and running in many different directions. Confusion, unfocused and not willing to follow a lead. People say they want a leader, however, I have been asking folks to join their state group and telling them I will delete accounts of members who do not. When I delete accounts, then I get email asking me why would I do that and then tell me I can't tell them what to do. What they should be thinking is, they will not allow me to lead them. I'm not asking them to follow me into hell.
  • Plus I'm really tired of folks always using PFA as a recruiting pool for their said favorite group. And then when I talk with them about it, I am accused of squelching their freedom of speech. They claim they want to link arms with us but never interact with us unless it's to counter a meeting we've set up OR to occasionally post something and always slip in their advertising recruitment for their org. Note folks user names etc, it's done in many fashions as well.

    We have set up a platform for a specific purpose. For someone to come in and takeover that platform and redirect it's focus is rude and underhanded. Yet they claim if I don't let them use this platform for their agenda I squelch their freedom of speech. That is just arrogant and obnoxious at best. Imagine Lynard Skynard getting ready to go on stage/platform that was set up for them to perform and then Willie Nelson ran up and took over stage and event with his band and started performing. Folks would recognize that as obnoxious and arrogant. It's no different in this setting. Folks are free to go start their own platform! They are not allowed to take over others platforms!

    As your recruit in your community a recruiting point that will be a blessing for them is to let them know we won't allow them to be used by folks as a recruiting pool for database building.
  • There are two sets of people I'm hoping we can recruit.
  1. (1) Folks who were wanting to unite back when our movement first started and got discouraged from the constant barrage of different sects of trolls (agent saboteurs), with the infighting (agent distractors), lack of successes (even though we were learning and should get credit for  trying) and got offline and;

    (2) like-minded folks who live in your communities. These folks will know something is wrong and they want solutions. They don't have much time to spend online because they are busy working to provide for their families. The time they spend online needs to be productive for them.  I do realize some folks are not going to have like-minded folks in some socialist states. For you I recommend seeking those closest to you, whether next county or states.

    I do not want folks who are not like-minded....folks who only agree with only money issues. I believe we should recruit folks who are like us, who see the money issues and also the social issues. I don't want anyone who says the social issues are not important and they are only divisive. Those folks do create major problems and divisions. There are other groups for them, they don't have to be part of this group.

    I'm not saying the person has to be a Christian, but I am saying, the person must not think it their duty to get pissy when something from a Christian world view gets posted. I find it disgusting when someone screams about losing their freedom of speech but is quick to squelch a Christians freedom of speech. See the hypocrisy?

    There are many good people too who are not Christians. They are welcome as well and they too are concerned about the social issues. Also PFA will not be used for Christians to hammer on other members who are not Christians. Don't be a nag! Besides, If you want to witness and make disciples - that should be done in person and with love because God loves that person....not online to score a point! Scoring points is something I see done alot online by Christians and it's not Christlike!

Since I've been cleaning up the membership we now are getting a clearer view of how many folks are linking arms with us and are willing to do works they can do to help. This will also help you to know who you have in your community and what to look for when recruiting.

To all who are disabled, there are also works you can do. You can do administrative works for your community state group. You can schedule and call to inform members of official gov. meeting events, etc. they should attend. You can provide them with details so they will be prepared for the meeting. However, it is very important for members to do their own homework so you can defend your position and know why you believe what you are speaking - plus have references there for others that may want them to check out for themselves.

I do suggest when you call members of your community, to stay on topic and present the facts and then be done with the phone call. Many folks do not have time to get tied up on long phone calls. I will tell you, I avoid phone calls from folks who I know will keep me on the phone for a unnecessary long length of time.

Thanks everyone for going with us in this direction. I know this is limited info. But I will finished getting the membership roll cleaned and then get the mission statement written and posted.

I look forward to hearing from every PFA member about this. Questions are welcomed :)

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Good move, printed it out.  You do good work.  You are aware that in the past 50 years there has been an erosion in the culture base being taught.  Calling this country a Democracy is wrong, since we are a Republic.  The unbridled assault on our language is a factor not to be ignored.  The laws of this republic are being diluted and stretched out of the original contxt in its utilization.



Twana, there is also the possibility that these 'freedom of speechers' are deliberately trying to take over this site in order to minimize it's effectiveness and marginalize it's usefulness.

they are definitely out there...some are hackers, some are just nay-sayers with an agenda.  and some are just sh*t stirrers...

You are right; things are starting to accelerate in this country and it isn't going to be good for us.

Just do the best you can, delegate as much as you can, and concentrate on what is important.


At this point I will add that Twana has spent many, many hours, days, weeks, months, and YEARS, at her own expense, in getting the message out to all members. If the remaining members aren't happy, aren't enthused enough to get involved, then please save Twana her time and leave us. We will bear you no ill will.

If you ARE enthused, if you see the direction we're headed and are like minded, then GET INVOLVED, get to know your neighbors, restore that old friendly atmosphere that used to be America, and help them to prepare for the inevitable.

I remind all interested, a few of us, Twana included, are having an informal meet-up THIS SATURDAY at Denny's restaurant in Checotah, Oklahoma at 1:00 pm. If you want to join us, contact me for more info or go to my blog to be added to the head count!

Twana, I get it, we all get it.  I know it is frustrating.  Recall the effort when we first started to develop and publish something we could all use (and still can) called the Grand Jury Process (which according to the Constitution belongs to the people, not the Judges and Prosecutors who mightily resist any outside efforts to use this process), I was and am quite amazed that many folks around the country grabbed and used the effort we put together and published here. Still, I know of not a single prosecution even though hundreds of grand jury presentments have been made.  In other words my friend, we do what we can and what we believe in and we continue doing it in spite of the spoilers that would undermine our efforts to preserve and protect our freedoms.  So keep up the good work, do not get discouraged, we will prevail we just have to work harder and smarter.  And remember, never quit, never give up and always move to the sounds of the guns....Semper Fi


Rich, the grand jury processes, of which I was party to on 3 occasions, had one positive effect. Even though no prosecution of any indictments were made, by the 'process services' made by hundreds of us we found out just how deep the corruption was spread throughout government, and yes, even in law enforcement.

The indictments still stand, and have been increased with even more charges.

I just received 'RESTORING AMERICA One County at a time' by Joel McDurmon.  It was back ordered for awhile but should be available now.  Haven't read it yet, but am hoping it has some good guidance we can take through our County's leadership to protect our Constitution. 

Semper Vigilo,  Fortis,  Paratus et Fidelis

Thanks Twana, well said.

I agree with Twana about getting people to be on board with same mission. If a person does not support the mission of PFA they should not be on here or even sign in as a member. I am involved up to my ears in local, country, state and federal government. Sad to say there are so few workers / doers and the harvest is ripe. I will be on vacation for approximately six weeks so will have to do my best to keep informed via my new iPad. However, as Christians we must accept that GOD is in charge. Prayer can change the tide.

I'm happy to be in touch w/others who see that petitions and other rallys and letter-writings are nutralizing wastes of time. We need to be productive, not just self-satisfied.

I believe that it is good move by Twana. She is busy about "48 hours in the day". Every corporation and every government department have restricted access to their webs. That has nothing to do with the freedom of speech. It is a matter of the privilege group united toward the common goal. That is why I personally welcome  PFA changes. I could recommend to everybody read "Mitrokhin Archive" to learn how infiltration is done even to the highest levels of the government. It is big book, but it is available in libraries. Only than you will understand how and why we have to be vigilant as Twana and some of you, are suggesting.

Well said Twana.  We need people who are willing to do more than just pound a keyboard or are looking for a place where they can commiserate with others via the internet without wanting to get off their back side and do something.  We can all huff and puff and moan and complain but that isn't going to change a damn thing.  We know the whole system is rotten to the core and it is going to take more than talk to take back our republic.  We also need to keep each other buoyed up.  Nothing will do more to pump up someone's determination than to be able to meet face to face with a real live person.  As Twana says we need to seek out others to join us and help us to take a stand.  Twana, I will say thank you in person on Saturday for all the hard work you do.



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