Something is not right:

There is something very strange about what is happening in the Black-Lives-Matter movement.

We know that the BLM movement was started originally because of black people being killed by cops like George Floyd, and several others.

The arguments about whether or not these police killings were justified is not a point of this article. Some were justified, some may not have been. But that’s not the point of this discussion.

The point that I want to make here is that there really does seem to be something very wrong with what is happening, particularly in the BLM movement. At least in terms of the way we see it.

We already know that ANTIFA is a communist anarchist terrorist organization. ANTIFA is hell-bent on the total destruction of America. But the BLM is a little different. Even though they have been largely infiltrated and taken over by some of the same Anti-American Communists, BLM for the most part remains PRO-American. They seek “equal Justice” and “equal treatment” under our law enforcement system, but most of them fail to understand that under our system of laws in this country they HAVE been and ARE being treated equally and fairly. Yes, there really are rouge dirty cops, but those rouge dirty cops kill just as many whites as they do blacks, (more to be honest).

Now here’s the strange thing about what is going on, (Even with ANTIFA).
You will notice that both groups are targeting Democrat controlled cities and States. Not one of these attacks have been against Republican run cities and States. Some people may believe that this is because ANTIFA knows they will be met with strong civilian opposition if they do try to attack a Conservative Republican city. And that may indeed be the case as it was in Boise Idaho and Houston Texas. (Houston is a Democrat run city but the State of Texas is not.)
In Democrat run cities like Seattle, Portland Oregon, Baltimore Maryland, the city officials condone and even help and assist the BLM protesters. While at the same time these Democrat run cities are the worst offenders in terms of black people being killed by rouge cops.

Black-Lives-Matter are attacking those cities where most of the black murders occur.

We all want equal justice in America, and we all want equal and fair treatment under our laws and the justice system, (Good luck with that). My point here is that unlike ANTIFA, who is definitely ANTI-American, the BLM (even though they have been infiltrated by ANTIFA Communists and anarchists, still remains PRO-America. If they were not then both groups would be attacking Conservative Republican cities and states.
ANTIFA may be Anti-American, but the BLM is NOT. BLM protesters are attacking those cities which are the worst offenders of blacks being killed by cops. Whites could also say the same things about those same Democrat run cities and States. There are actually more whites killed by dirty cops than there are blacks. If you don’t believe me ask Lavoy Finnicum.

Lavoy Finnicum (a white man) was shot and killed by Oregon State police.

Maybe the BLM is onto something here, perhaps something that we should all listed too.

(After we remove ANTIFA thugs).

Is the justice system better in Republican Conservative run cities and States? Apparently the BLM seems to think so.

Something to think about in November 2020.

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    This so called movement has nothing to do with George Floyd or equal justice. This a front funded by George Soros and his communist donors. The Democratic party has been bought and paid for by Soros. Republicans like Mitt Romney have taken large amounts of Soros money. Soros has bought and paid for DA's and governors all over the country. In a nutshell, money and greed is what's not right. Money and greed has takin over all aspects of our lives . Being honest has taken a back seat in society.



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