Im not an old guy but i remember the Vietnam war the Water Gate scandal and was unknowingly involved in the Iran Contra scandal that plagued the Reagan admin.Im not a man who scares           easily but these things scare me.                                                                                                                      Almost half the voters in America seem to be ok with government corruption at its highest levels.They do not seem to care that our schools and Universities are being used as left wing indoctrination centers.These things are scary to me and they should be scary to others as well.                                           Now,they want to elect the leader of the Clinton Mafia to the highest office in the land. That should scare everyone.We now have a culture in America that worships money and material things and they could care less how they get it

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You're right Lawrence, the level of ignorance is scary, and what's even worse is that in many cases these people DEMAND their ignorance. They are ignorant, they know it, and they insist on remaining ignorant. They will even fight if you try to educate them.

Now THAT"S what is truly scary.

And this gets worse by the day



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