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This is an important URL to tracks with OAS...........

Check out the Billy and Karen Vaughn video....they believe the Egyption Spring model is the right approach.. it's our model.......wonder if they have heard of OAS........I know Brietbart has as I spoke with the Editor of Brietbart News........

Harry Riley

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I plan on contacting them !

If the Vaughns haven't heard of OAS better make sure they would be good to have them on board

I met the Vaughns at the Second Amendment Preservation Rally in Tallahassee earlier this month. They are great people with a powerful message. Their book, "Betrayed", lays out the crimes committed by our Fraud-in-Chief (FINC) and members of his mis-administration in a most compelling way. I highly recommend anyone who has an opportunity to hear them speak in person, do so.

BTW: One of our attendees spoke on OAS at that event and the Vaughns were very supportive of the concept.

Our federal house is long overdue for a thorough Spring cleaning. See you May 16 in DC!

thank you for sharing ...

Wow, we need more of this!!!

Maybe we should bring brooms and dustpans to get rid of the dirt in DC!

and garbage bags to take out the shitcago gutter trash

The facts and figures given in this passionate appeal to all Patriots, TEA Party and Militia alike, is what the American People need to hear.  I dare say, not many of the TEA Party and Militia present at this meeting had heard the statistics of the dead and wounded under the Obama Administration.....Why?

This communication reached how many people?  How many more people could be reached if the Vaughn's spoke at the rally?  I urge the leadership of this rally and movement to reconsider the allowance of such motivational speakers.  If speakers could be obtained au gratis, as a contribution to liberty and our sacred Constitution and rule of law, then what extra would that involve, that could not be overcome?  This is a question.  If this question has been answered previously, then my apologies.  Attendance at this liberty function is paramount for every patriot.  I am saying, it would be nice if the millions of patriots had something to do or attend.  Is there a committee working in this arena?  Thanks, For God and Country! 

I do agree , there are many who would , I think !

To anyone listening, please help me. I try to follow threads of conversation, but have trouble discerning comments made without reference. Could we establish a standard practice of addressing each post/person to which you are replying? Like "Hey, Johnny..." or "Bob, to your point of..."

There is so much cogent conversation and so many pertinent points being made, I regret not being able to make sense of them all. Thank you.

The proper way to do this is to use the "reply" link under the persons post you're replyin to, or if you're commenting on the blog post in general then use the "add reply" link at the top of the page. In forums that don't allow you to reply directly to a specific comment you can address the person like this...

@Terry G Trussell  "to anyone listening..."   Then add your comment. 

This will usually produce a chain of comments that can be sorted through and understood by all.

ps. I agree that it's really annoying when you can't tell who a comment is directed at.

Terry G , I have tried to post under the person I am addressing with the reply button but have seen it appear down the trail somewhere sooooooo...... I will try to remember to add a name to who if any I am specifically talking to !



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