Earlier Twana posted a discussion asking if anyone was interested in a face to face meeting this spring to come up with some sort of an action plan rather than simply pounding the keyboard and commiserating with each other.  After exchanging emails with her she has asked me to take the lead on this.  So here's the deal.  I am offering to host the meeting on my property.  As the crow flies we're about 25 miles from the Oklahoma border and about 30 miles southeast of Fort Smith.  Nothing fancy but I've got lots of room off the highway away from prying eyes.  We can very easily control access so we don't have to worry about unwelcome visitors.  I've got lots of room for parking motorhomes and campers but you will be dry camping with no hook ups. The nearest town is 5+ miles away.  There are two motels in town.  Neither one is part of a national chain, if you know what I mean.  The next closest location for motels is Fort Smith. In case of inclement weather I will make sure I've got enough open area in my barn for us to meet.  Just remember it's a barn.   As much as I would like to say there will not be any costs involved that isn't true.  My septic system and water bill simply will not handle 20 or more people for 2 or 3 days.  That means porta potties.  We need to come up with an agenda.  How do we want to handle meals?  Every body on his own for all meals or perhaps a common meal at noon (burgers and dogs etc.) and on your own for the rest of the day.  I'm a coffeeholic so I'll have coffee available all day.  Do we want to see if we can get a speaker or two?  I know that most if not all of us are Christians and I think I might be able to get someone to speak to us about what scripture says about our right to defend ourselves as well as how do we handle it when our faith and the secular world overlap.  What dates will work best for the greatest number of those interested in attending?  I would say no later than May.  June can be very very hot in this area of Arkansas.  There are probably a whole host of things that I have not addressed. I will make postings to this thread as things progress.  For those of you that are serious about attending, in addition to your public posts send me a personal message so I can send you details without letting the world know.

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This day, today, it is my judgement day
the suffering,miseries,pain
the kids ,the young, the old ,the seniors and vets,
all America and Americans,free people in a free Nation,
under one God ,my Friend ;
The lord sees all, whether evil or good
And you will account for your sins like you should
You chose money and greed, where honesty stood
but don`t worry...because judgement will be

You will face Jesus, on Judgement day
What will you do, and what will you say
To late to listen, and to late to pray
Your going to hell, so be on your way

I live in Florida......don't know if I would  be able to come, as much as I would like to.

Marvin, thank you for offering to host this event.  I will try my very best to get there....I'm thinking that perhaps some of us in the Northeast might want to put together some kind of group and see if we can get a group airline rate to get down there.  Or perhaps we could charter a bus if that is more affordable.....What is the closest airport?  Is it DFW?

I'd be happy to help cook if you need a cook....although my Texan friends tell me that "torch cookery" is just not acceptable for their refined Texan palates.....hehehehe. 

I like the idea of the changed dates.  Will try my very hardest to get there!

It's now the Thurs. before.  I will be there Sat.

Ooops!  Wrong thread.

I will attend, keep me in the loop with updates.

I will do my best to be  there.  I have family in Arkansas I can stay with.  Just let me know when.

Ill do my best to be there. All depends on what the dates are, when my monthly doc appt is, and how a test im having tomorrow comes out.

I'd love to show, sure we ain't gonna get ambushed by our Gov.?? I bet they been a watchin, but oh well, eh?

George is that a yes or a no?

I'd love too, I live in Montana , will have to see how my funds are when the time gets closer.Been spending all our extra funds on prepping for the future right now.

I can understand that.



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