This documentary is about Freedom...a large portion of the video covers OAS assault on Washington, D.C in May 2014.  Henrik Larsson from Sweden is responsible for producing the video.

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I just watched this on Facebook. I wish I could have been there. What an important statement!

Although the profile of our well-meaning OAS "assault" on DC in May'14 was diminished--nearly lost--in a sea of clueless tourists, can't help but think about the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine. If constitutional order isn't soon restored here, such a Ukraine experience may well be in the cards for us as well in the not-so-distant future. I urge everyone to watch "Winter on Fire" (Netflix), a spine-tingling, painfully inspiring documentary of the Ukrainian ordeal over those several months of freezing cold, slaughter, camaraderie and patriotism. Renewed and strengthened my respect for Ukrainians. Definitely gives one pause--and hope. Tough to watch, but possibly portentous--even a model for us. 

Col Riley spent months and months  trying to put this march/rally together and look at the low response he got. I was 81 at the time and could not find one person to go with me, I could not do this alone and asked almost everyone I knew to go with me and the same response was For What, I am too busy, etc. So we all sat home and blogged and gave excuses why we could not go. I asked where were the bikers, the truckers, the ones who do the drive bys for photo ops. But when it came down to actually put yourselves out you were all MIA. So keep on waiting for someone else to do it, and when you look back like the Germans did ans say What the hell happened no one to blame but the lazy ass Americans who would rather play with their electronic toys than get out and really participate. We are in big trouble an all we do is blog. Well k eep on blogging while we lose our count ry.

 So correct, Jane, just has, has been, the purposely divided, and proportioned public, having segmented our society into that of opportunities for the unelected regulators, governing the resources, and freedoms. liberties of a republic. My disabled butt was all in, for OAS, while like all the elderly, and disabled, you are not living freely, at liberty to take advantage of law, securities "of the people", unless living in the various concentration camps of regulators, who define services, and opportunities available. I thought, back then, a nationwide assembly in states, and in DC, with those able to be there, it may have greater impact, being done in front of government controlled offices.

Right on, Jane. I was there too. Deeply frustrating to know just how few there were of us. Doesn't bode well for the future of this republic. 

Amen Jane!!

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Maybe those of here should visit Mr. Drakes web site to determine if he might be the best alternative for true Constitutional Conservatives, and if so rally our support behind him and urge others to do the same.  I am viewing his site now and like much of what I have been reading.

 Col. Riley,

Great coverage. I'm not one to cry,but this brought tears. Thanks for the share and all you did to make OAS happen.

God bless and keep you.

Walt Disney failed six times. It is time to march on Cleveland then bus to Washington and flick the boogers out.
Folks, it's Constitution and Tree of Liberty time.
Thanks Harry.
It's time to end all the taxes. The taxes are the head of the snake.
Cut off the head of the snake.
It's time.
We need buses. Thousands and thousands of buses. .... Tom BYARS
We need horses, thousands of horses. Send home the illegals siphoning our treasury.
Spears, need thousands and thousands of spears ...... William Wallace
We need to close down the government until they leave. No more taxes.
It's time to end the abuse. It's time to take away the oath breakers and honor God.
Term limits. 2 Chronicles 7:14.
We need to organize OAS II.

Thanks for sharing Harry.  Wish I could have been there.

You have and are doing a great job of spreading the word.

I pray we can get the people united together for this coming election.



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