Constitutional Emergency

This documentary is about Freedom...a large portion of the video covers OAS assault on Washington, D.C in May 2014.  Henrik Larsson from Sweden is responsible for producing the video.

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Thank You Harry.  The memories of OAS are more than cherished.  Now they are memorialized to film.  Very well done documentary of OAS.  The marches, the campfires, the camaraderie of everyone there was overwhelming.  Great Americans united in patriotism...!!!  Thank You.  

A bus load of us from central FL made it to DC and it was a great experience.  Hope it produced some positive results.  Thanks for making the video Col.  Several of us made some video, but you nailed it. 

Not sure if anyone remembers, but though I would mention it; Glen Beck criticized OAS before we even left for DC.  You can read about it here;

I no longer listen to Glen Beck for this and other reasons.

Keep up the fire.

Remember, the video was made by Henrik Larsson, a Swede, not me.  He documents an action seeking Freedom in America.  What does it say about the American media...............???

Good point Col.  The American media for the most part, is gov. media.

Glen Beck has lost his way with the American Patriot. I would say it is the typical path one goes when they achieve  so much in his industry. Levine seems to have done the same. It is a shame because these men are in position to do so much good. 

Glenn Beck is no patriot in my eyes.  I no longer respect him.  He was wrong for criticizing OAS. 

amen i was there and i wish millions came but those that went knew and met real patriots we are the ans

there is no one else but us left.  our moment is now the election is imperative and we must win 

God bless you all 

Thank you. We may still have a revolution.

Remember when politicians of both parties spoke of "bringing home the bacon".

How many of you agreed with and endorsed that back then?  You bear responsibility for that?  I fought against it.

That WAS a huge turning point that accelerated the demise of our once great Republic

Lee... Just my opinion but I think it's too late in the process for a person who is unknown on a national level both personally and politically to enter the process. And I don't think a lot of Americans are willing to do the hard work neccessary to research the person. Then even if you think all that could be accomplished he would have to have the resources to be able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Realistically, practically, financially I don't see that it's possible. I could be wrong, just my thoughts......

Yeah, I guess you're right, the Republic has been lost for quite some time now.  Hillary's going to win the election through fraud and the Republicans are going to go along with the Elitists plans for our nation anyway.  To paraphrase that bitch, "What difference does it make..." apathy has won the day.  Guess I'll just drop out of the scene and take care of my own, on my own.  This Cruz / Trump battle is designed by the elite to give the criminal bitch the White House and final demise of our nation.  And I'm pissed because I never had a honest and fair shot at the American Dream.  RIP America.

I feel your pain Lee... I really do.... I believe the inner working of our Nation has been corrupt almost since its inception, it's that now we are able to see the corruption more clearly. As the Scripture says, "Whats done in secret shall be proclaimed from the rooftops". I believe there is no ultimate solution because for that to happen you'd have to change people's hearts. And since we read that it's only a remnant of mankind that will be saved the majority will not come into the light and be transformed. So what were left with is to try and get this corruption down to some kind of manageable level and unfortunatly there are more against us than for us. All we can do is use the brains thst God has given us and continue to fight the good fight, push back the darkness as best we can for as long as we can. So, hopefully we will coleless and give it our best shot knowing that the outcome is ultimatly in bigger hands than ours.



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