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State says damage to marble at Capitol could hit $7.5 million

Everywhere they protest - they trash the place out. When we say they want to destroy our country....just look at what they leave's a preview to what they want to come/be.





Madison - State officials said Thursday that damage to the marble inside and out the State Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million.

Cari Anne Renlund, chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration, said in Dane County court that estimates of damage to marble includes $6 million to repair damaged marble inside the Capitol, $1 million for damage outside and $500,000 for costs to supervise the damage.

Much of the damage apparently has come from tape used to put up signs and placards at the Capitol.

It was not immediately clear how the estimates were made, though the state is apparently relying on opinions by historical architects, one of whom works for the U.S. Park Service.

One concern is the residue from tape that the state says is causing damage to stone and other surfaces inside the Capitol.

Michele Curran, an architectural historian for the National Parks Service who coordinates national historic landmarks in Wisconsin, said she didn’t know how the state had arrived at its damage figures.

She said certain kinds of tape can leave lasting residues on surfaces such as marble or wood if they are improperly removed. But she said only a professional cleaning service experienced in such work and familiar with the situation in the state Capitol could estimate any possible costs.

“They need a quote from a company that specializes in cleaning historic surfaces,” Curran said.

Many of the papers and banners posted in the state Capitol were put up using painter’s tape, which is employed to minimize effects on walls.



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My wife and I went to the 1.7 million people Tea Party event in DC. We stayed until almost the end.


We saw what we expected - considerate citizens who left practially no debris or harm behind.


This thread enforces my opinion of democrats - crude, filthy, worthless animals.


Quite a study in contrasts.

My reaction had to do with information I received about the filth left behind and the stench. Forget the marble.


However, I will listen to your advice about knee-jerk reactions. Truth has no agenda. We must stick to it like super glue. 

I did read the article. Knee jerking is the response of more money feeding more money. It does not matter if the cost to restore is 350,000 or 7.5 million bucks. To justify this behavior with more money is rediculous. Some one needs a permit to protest on state property, the permit holder can then be "responsible" for the clean up. Either by collecting money for the cause which they are protesting or out of their own wallets. Knee jerking would be the only thing we will see out of this. Natural laws? do they exist?.

My guess, if someone had to put 1 name down to permit a protest, not one person would have stepped up to the plate. If I were the state I would file suit to have the cause held responsible.

Just the facts mam......   up front 75m seems awfully high.   Can anyone spell speculation and hyperbole??   I would need to see the raw evidence of what damage actually has been done.  Remember, the truth has no agenda.


Granted, the left treats America like Charlie Sheen partying in a Vegas Suite.  We seen their messes many times before. Remember they are the one's who are demanding "the nanny state" with room n board, free health care and now maid service.   I say flush that marble toilet bowl, swish it out with some disinfectant and document what's really damaged.

The day I expect a gift of retirement , I'll be a union man. Dead long before that happens. 

The gift of God is doing for yourself freely.  I think stealing the shirt off the back of another working man is wrong. Thats exactly what unions do, that can not be argued.


Willard, trying to lump the SERVICE of a Military member to that of a Union worker is asinine. Your ludicrous attempt to meld them into the same group shows just how far you will stretch to push your Union drivel. When a HONORABLE SERVICEMAN/WOMAN joins any of the branches of our Military the do so knowing full well in advance of what the pay, working conditions, retirement, benefits and all that comes with will be before they enlist. They agree beforehand that they are fully aware of what the service entails and what they will get in return. Now to say that a bunch of Union crybaby thugs are in any way in the same class as those HONORABLE SOLDIERS is a disgrace to them. The Unions strong arm the business-owners ans Taxpayers for well above market wages and benefits, then when the economy has a down turn and everyone else is feeling the pinch, they want to thumb their nose at those paying their exorbitant wages and benefits. There is a far cry difference in some agreeing to conditions of (employment) Service before they sign up for it and what the Unions do. Like take the job, then go in and start dictating what their pay will be, their benefits and pension, healthcare premiums and everything else. I do not know where they get the gall to dictate what the the job that someone else is making available will be. The Union members do have rights, they have the right to accept or decline the job that the business-owner has put out there. They do not have the right to dictate anything else.
There is only one thing to say to this. You are full of more BS then a jobsite port-o-potty and we can smell it in every State.  Your asinine and sophomoric italicizing of words for your own personal expression is not needed except to help bloviate them as your recite them in your own head. I for one, and would bet many more, see you are only doing this to try boost up Union support (look at the polls, it is not working). But to use the Service of Military Veterans as you sit back and lie, yes i called you a liar, is truly disgusting. I could not agree more against you! Nor do I see a need to waste any more of my time reading your Pro-Union spin or giving you the chance to write more that others might waste their time reading. I will say in closing that your pathetic attempts to use the men and women who have served to help your cause of a bygone era, the unions, shows just how low you and the filth you support will go and that you do have your so called facts in the WI teachers skewed again, not like we would not expect it that way though. Respond all you care, it will not be read.
Can you tell me what is wealth and where does it come from?

Willard, First off let us get one thing corrected, we live in a REPUBLIC not a Democracy and yes there is a difference. A REPUBLIC is governed by the founding documents of those agreed to live under it, while a Democracy is governed by the will of the majority. The Founding Fathers set up America under the Constitution this way to keep it fair for all here. So before you go throwing around your PRO-UNION drivel, at least inform yourself enough to guarantee that what you are spewing is correct.


Now, what is the difference in a UNION, an entity comprised of members, contributing to the campaign of the candidate of their choosing and a Corporation, an entity comprised of stockholders, doing the safe thing? They are all trying to work for the betterment of their own interests?

Willard you mentioned "our democracy" trying to make  distinction between upper and lower case over the point you were attempting to make is ridiculous. You are trying to state that Unions should have power in the political game and that the business owners should have none. If you do not want the Corporations to be able to put money into the campaign coffers, then you have to exclude the Unions, Special Interest Groups and all others that canot be identified by a Birth certificate then. You can not have it for one if you do not have it for all, This is the REPUBLIC. 

So what then is the difference in the money Unions and Corporations give? Unions dues are forced on people whether they want to be in the Union or not. They want the job and have to put up with that for the work. I say that with experience, I was in two Unions, and not by my own decision. Once Right to Work passed, I removed myself from the last one I was forced into. The Union did nothing but open my eyes to how they allowed for worthless individuals to take a job that they did not work for. The Union pushed issues that many of us did not agree with but our money was used to promote their agenda. The money Unions use is subjugated from many for the desires of those in power with the Union. The money does not come from products made by the Union, it comes from the workers making products for a business owner. Corporations and Business-owners on the other hand use money from what they have invested in the market in order to create those jobs for the worker. They have a much larger stake in the game, but are despised for doing nothing different then what the Unions do, that is just a bit Hypocritical.

So the Business-owners have a much larger stake in the Free Market then the Unions do. It is their Investment Capitol that creates the jobs for the workers. But they all have a right to be a working cog in the wheels that turn the Government. The Founders envisioned a Government that worked for the people, so if you want to leave it at that, then none of the others mentioned above should be allowed in to the political arena. They did not envision Unions or Corporations being a force in the political spectrum as they are now.

Now that you have gotten "nit-picky" lets untangle the web you have woven around the difference of a Republic and a Democracy. You are trying to do the same so many do tha attempt to indoctrinate. You are trying to say that a Republic and a Democracy are the same thing, synonyms of each other. That is a fallacy against our REPUBLIC. So once again let us get back to what the difference is between the two.

The difference in a Republic and a Democracy coming from where the power lies in each form f Government. I reiterate to you that the power of a Republic comes from the founding documents agreed to under some form of charter by the members of the group whom wish to live under it. Now a Democracy, in total contrast, has the power coming from the rule of the majority. Your attempt to marry the two in one form of government is a travesty to the Constitution and the hard work our Founding Fathers put into creating our Government. The difference is substantial between the two and lies in where the power structure comes from. You are seriously mistaken on the two forms of Governance and need to study upon them some more. You would see the difference and why The United States of America was set up so.

I was not making reference to military and union retirement. They can not be compared.



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