Constitutional Emergency

State sponsored constant surveillance of every citizen.

Constant monitoring of all communications, Every conversation either by Telephone, cell phone, Internet access, Text messages or emails. Everything is monitored and recorded.

Every purchase made, every financial transaction, water bill, mortgage or rent payment, electricity and power bills, the amount of energy used, oil, gas, water consumption, every transaction is monitored and recorded.
All bank and financial transactions, deposits, cash withdrawals, credit card transactions, payments and purchases, everything is monitored and recorded.
Mortgage payments and property sales or transfers, property taxes, school taxes, every transaction is monitored and recorded.
Auto registrations, auto insurance, mileage and fuel taxes, Road and highway taxes, hunting license, fishing license, drivers license, marriage license, divorce, birth, death, Every hospitalization, drug and medication, pharmaceuticals, every transaction is monitored and recorded.

Back ground checks to purchase weapons and guns, every transaction is monitored and recorded.

If you enter a school zone, bank, religious zone, Government office building, court house, or even a public library, carrying a weapon you are either monitored or arrested. Even to go and pay your water bill or register your automobile. Boat license, trailer license, Everything is monitored and recorded.

Electricity consumption, smart meters, heating and cooling consumption, if your consumption is considered too high, you will be regulated and monitored. Everything is monitored and recorded.

Make one wrong move, say something wrong, criticize the wrong person or Government agency and the Government will pay you an instant visit.

If all this is not bad enough then add in the possibility that if you happen to own property or licenses that someone in authority decides they want, or they feel they could make better use of, or if they think they could gain financially from it by taking it away from you, then they WILL take it, by any means necessary, any time they want too.

Is this Venezuela, Russia, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, or Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, or China or North Korea?

NO, This is the United States of America. Right here in the good-old USA.

All this is happening right here right now. But even as bad as this sounds it's just the beginning.
Because when a government weaponizes those monitoring and surveillance tools against their own people, when Government agencies are employed and utilized to seize property for someone else's financial or political gain, with no intention of paying just and fair compensation, that is just as bad as any of the oppressive countries mentioned above. When Government officials and agencies are deployed with the intention of murdering people, whole families, for the purpose of seizing that persons property, then it is just as bad as any of the Communist nations on this Earth. When Government is used to silence it's own citizens then that is just as bad, just as evil, as any foreign regime that has ever existed throughout all of history. Government agencies and rouge individuals and departments are now being used as weapons to silence political opponents or to coheres and force others to purger themselves so that opposition or just someone they simply want to silence can be imprisoned or killed. If they want to take someone's land or perhaps their entire ranch of 1,000 acres they will get your neighbor to testify that you have been dumping chemicals on it, or perhaps you started a grass fire. By the time they are finished both you AND your neighbor will be in prison and the Government will seize the property, both yours and your neighbors. Twenty five, (25) or more ranchers in Oregon and another fifty seven (57) ranchers in Nevada have been imprisoned, killed or simply run into bankruptcy for the benefit of a few Government officials.

NO - this is NOT Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea;

THIS is what Barack Hussien Obama, James Comey, Robert Mueller, John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Harry Reid, and Bill and Hillary Clinton have done. This is the FBI, CIA, IRS, BLM, EPA, and a dozen others including the Department of Justice and the Federal Courts.
They misused the powers of the Federal Government, they abused their positions of authority. They turned the power of the Federal Government into a weapon to be used against our own citizen's.

This IS State sponsored Terrorism.


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