Constitutional Emergency

I don’t believe America has ever seen such a thing. The leader of the free world just followed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s honest, visionary, and serious U.N. speech with a speech of his own in the Rose Garden. More like it, President Obama just recorded essentially an infomercial on the disastrous Obamacare rollout. In a speech full of unserious claims and low-level false accusations against those who disagree with his liberal, unworkable policies, this president engaged in doublespeak without even blinking. It was unreal.

Obama just proclaimed all our predictions about Obamacare were wrong. The economy is doing great, he claimed, though he dare not direct that to the millions of people who are being kicked to part-time employment, to bankrupt cities, to shuttered Main Street businesses, and to conscientious taxpayers suffocating under a $17 trillion debt.

Obama just claimed for the umpteenth time there will be no health care rationing (aka “death panels”), but apparently Howard Dean, Paul Krugman, and Obama’s own former director of Medicare and Medicaid (and anyone who read the IPAB section of the monstrous bill) didn’t get the memo on that one.

Obama just claimed that the last government “shutdown” in 1996 hurt the economy, when in fact he knows the stock market boomed. I guess he thinks he can furlough reality too. He’s also claiming that he cut deficits in half. In what alternate universe? And if that’s the case, then why does he insist on yet another enormous debt ceiling increase?

The White House is now condescendingly comparing Obamacare’s numerous “glitches” to Apple software updates. The difference is we can CHOOSE to buy Apple products; no one forces us. Obviously the comparison is ridiculously unserious as we find out the harsh, life-changing punishments this new arm of the IRS will hit us with if we don’t buy Obama’s forced product.

Among so many other distorted things, Obama just declared that “Obamacare is open for business” – well, aside from all the “glitches” I guess. His infomercial sent people to broken websites and a hotline that seems permanently on hold. And this same bureaucracy will now be in charge of our health care, which is 1/6th of our economy. Nah, surely nothing could go wrong with that.

The majority of Americans are against Obamacare despite all of the rhetoric fed into Obama’s teleprompter. And amazingly, of course, Obama blamed fiscal conservatives and tea party patriots for the problems and even for this partial government shut down that he and Harry Reid drove. He declared he would NOT negotiate a solution with them, but then in the next breath he said he’s open to hearing from anyone with a better idea. Doublespeak.

Bottom line, sadly our president passes the buck and cries that he has no responsibility in all of this. He acted as if he, the leader, didn’t have any responsibility to pass a budget either – even during his first two years in office when he enjoyed total Democrat control of Congress and the White House.

What a difference in leadership style and substance we witnessed today on U.S. soil. The two speeches said it all. A Warrior unifying his nation and their allies, and a Community Organizer un-organizing and dividing his own.

- Sarah Palin

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We Americans are evidently to stupid to elect a common-sense patriotic America loving leader like Sarah. And for those that disagree with me, please allow me to direct your attention to the jack-ass we have now.... that has gotten elected TWICE to be our president. 

If we are to save this country we had better get off our duffs and get to it. I'm starting to feel as if we may be too late. But I'm still willing to fight the good fight.

Palin supported mccain, mccain is traitorous scum, Palin should never be given a column inch of conservative space.

You are known by your associations.

Palin was enlisted by the GOP which then abandoned her when she refused to do as she was told during the 2008 elections. You should read the book Going Rogue or other aligned sources on the topic to get the straight information. Even people within the staff of the McCain run admit she was not a mere figurehead and would not play ball, even then. For that, she was crucified and has been vilified by both the left who see her as a threat, and the right because she refuses to be used. I admire her and would vote for a ticket of her and Allen West or Ben Carson, regardless of which one ran for the top spot and which would then be the VP candidate. Either way: we would have a far better government than presently; one in line with the constitution and rule of law we all crave. I am not a McCain fan. I consider him to be a man whose faculties have been deteriorating for some time but, part of that deterioration is from his incarceration in service to the country during the Vietnam war. His day has come and gone, yes, but the service and sacrifice should not be forgotten or repudiated or we are then as bad as those we would remove from office. Palin is not perfect but she is far better than most other of the GOP candidates, who, regardless of political camouflage are STILL RINOS! Perhaps in your unreasoning attitude toward Palin, you might examine your own motives as to WHY! In two separate polls, the top vote getter for a potential run in WND and the Patriot update was none other than Sarah Palin. I do not think she would run now but I would NOT be surprised to see her consolidate a position and accrue an organization for an attempted run for the Presidency in 2020, pending the outcome of 2016 and whether or not we still have a constitutional republic by that time. HERE'S HOPING!



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