Stolen Honor - John Kerry - War Criminal By His Own Words...........A War Criminal As Secretary of State?

I have been wounded in heart, mind, and spirit given the conditions of America today.  But my wounds are superficial compared to many that gave all and suffered unspeakable sacrifice for our nation.
Now, Barack Obama would ignore all the despicable, treasonous, outlandish, distortion, betrayal, and war crimes Kerry himself admits he committed, and select this p...o...s... for the Obama cabinet.
For a man to dishonor, lie, invent fabrications, purposefully and falsely accuse Viet Nam warriors of the most vile and vicious atrocities, should result by any humanitarian standard in incarceration with prejudice.  My heart weeps, my soul cries out for justice, my mind tells this cannot be happening in America...what have we become?
John Kerry, a war criminal just a few days away from a congressional hearing and vote that could confirm his as Secretary of State...a man with the character of a rat, snake, roach, gaining through perjured testimony he gave Congress forty years ago is now deemed worthy of honor...a thought that has me shaking between weeping and puking...
The video “Stolen Valor” at the link below will confirm all I have written.
I pray God will stop this miscarriage of justice and cause men/women to stand up in support of integrity, honor, and rejection of John Kerry’s nomination.
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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Why dose anyone expect the Emporer to select an honest upright citizen for the job???



hang him

i am sorry, i didn't thank you and all the other Vets that served. when my draft came up i was not allowed to serve so i deeply thank you for yours. it is ashame that people like Kerry, and Fonda did what they did. you men deserve all the praise and honor you can get. again Harry, i salute you for your service.

Harry-Thanks for posting this back on the web.I for one am deeply hurt [and pissed] about what is happening to our nation. In my wildest dreams I would have never thought. I guess because I grew up in a God fearing, patriotic small town in the midwest. My Father was a WW2 vet and we were taught about God Duty and Country. Totally opposite of the way it is today. It all just seems so hopeless for our country.

I hope the Swift Boat folks and all other Viet Nam vets are able to get their voices heard.  I bought the video when it first came out and cannot believe how this got me upset again.  God help us if he is able to voice the crap he believes to the diplomatic world.  We will surely reap what he has sown.  So many traitors and no one to prosecute them.  He and Jane Fonda belong not in JAIL but under it where their cold dead mouths can do no more harm. 

Semper Fi

thank you for reposting this - will the senators be watching this when they start to consider kerry for SoS????????

Now what do you expect?  We have an illegal alien for President and the rest of the Congress and Senate have allowed him to be President.  They, the Congress and Senate, had the opportunity to rid our nation of the lies that made Obummer President, but did they do what they should have done.  NO.  Our entire elected officials in the Federal government ought to be removed from Office. Go one step further, include the State and County elected officials, they too have neglected their posts and have not considered what their public wants and needs.  All they care about is themselves and what they can get from the American public.   We as American citizens have been ASKING our ELECTED OFFICIALS TO PROVIDE MORE JOBS, A YEARLY BUDGET AND AUDIT FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHICH THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO BE DOING.  Yet, since Obummer has been President, there has been NO BUDGET ON A YEARLY BASIS.  WHY???

Obummer has spent more money than 10+ of our other Presidents.  He has not accomplished anything for the citizens of the USA.  He has helped the illegal aliens, by giving them welfare, food stamps, transportation, more free programs,and EVEN AMNESTY. Just Obummer's vacations and trips have cost us Billions.  Our military is fighting CIVIL WARS IN OTHER COUNTRIES, WHY???  Obummer chooses only Elected Officials like the Clintons, Kerry and others that will SERVE HIS NEEDS NOT OURS.



So many traitors as our Elected Officials.  Are we that stupid?  SHOULDN'T THE TRAITORS BE ELIMINATED,  TAKEN DOWN BY OUR SUPREME COURT JUSTICES? Oh, that's right, they too are part of the traitors....have they been bought by the Obama administration???? 

I'd love at the very least to see ALL of them jailed - perhaps in Guantanamo Bay or better yet we can re-open Alcatraz for all thes traitors and leave them there to rot.  If they try and escape the sharks will get them!  Ahhh, justice would then be done.

I would happily spend time in an American prison for the "crime" of pissing on John f.Kerry before I would EVER think him qualified for any public trust.It is the measure of the EVIL in the Oval Office--and of the Democratic Party-- and of our United States body politic Not to forget the Stain on the United States Navy that this TRAITOR has NEVER been held accountable in any American Court save in the Court of public opinion of those who have been harmed by his TREASON.I have heard of NOT ONE THING that he has done that could possible wash away that stain -nor remove the bile from my mouth whenever I am reminded of what I saw and heard when I was a young US Army Medic at my first permanent duty station--Ft.Carson,CO.He committed Treason in front of the television cameras as a Naval Officer--and the Communists called him a hero of the Communist Revolution and Now the Evil Executive has paid homage to one of his heroes.Nothing can make me proud of what has become /been allowed of our United States.

I have had worse wounds on the grade school playground than that cowardly lying traitor ever had, Although it is amazing he didn't get  shot in the ass by friendly fire. No surprise that barry obungo would choose a traitor to do his bidding in his effort to destroy everything so many have fought and died for..

May the sorry piece of shit burn in hell!

Being a traitor is a prerequisite for being secretary of state, that is a tradition that goes back at least to Alger Hiss in the Roosevelt administration.

Kerry is a Fabian Society communist, he is perfect for the obama state department, a perfect replacement for hillary, the class commie, clinton.

A little note to Members of Congress; As an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I want to make it clear to you that I did not serve so that members of Congress could rule over me or steal from me, and I will tolerate neither.

Mega Dittos Colonel



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