Here is a Great letter written by Chicken lady on The Patriotic Resistance. Please forward to all.

TO: All U.S. Senators

I have come to the conclusion that this entire administration has lost it’s collective minds. Have ANY of you EVER bothered to READ the U.S. CONSTITUION?

Congressional hearings on steroid use the professional sports. Excuse me? By whose authority? Congress has NO authority over professional sports.

Fast tracking legislation for passage that is clearly unconstitutional and even WORSE hasn’t been read! Legislation that wasn’t even WRITTEN by Congress.

Giving away billions of dollars in tax money as bailouts to banks, then telling them they must meet a capital stress test, which causes them to need even MORE bail out money.

Giving billions of tax dollars to the Big Three auto makes, THEN forcing the CEO to resign.

Now you people think you have the authority to set a cap on the paychecks of executives. YOU DO NOT!

You want to set regulations on CO2 emissions and tax them based on EPA claims that science does NOT support. Has it escaped your notice that the HUMAN body emits CO2 every time we breathe? Good Lord, how much tax am I going to have to pay every time I break wind?

You want to socialize heath care despite the fact that MediCare and MediAide are both overrun with fraud and despite the fact that socialized heath care is a complete and utter failure in every country that has it. People die every single day in Canada and England because the plans are such failures.

And you want to pay for this with a tax on SODA!! Are you INSANE?

You block an amendment to a bill that would prevent any organization that is under indictment from receiving federal funding paid out of tax dollars. EXCUSE ME??? You actually think that it is OK to give an organization that is under federal indictment in several states for FRAUD with more indictments coming?

There is a man sitting in the White House who has YET to prove he is eligible to be there despite numerous lawsuits demanding that he do so. Yet NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU has stood up and demanded that he prove his eligibility. WHY?

You allow conservatives who want nothing more than to return this government to operating Constitutionally to be labeled as “extremists” and accuse us of plotting violence WITHOUT A SHREAD OF EVIDENCE.

You people are out of control, completely and totally. You have totally forgotten who you work for and why. You have forsaken everything this country was founded upon. You get involved with things you have no authority to BE involved in, and you don’t care. You totally ignore the Constitution and you do not care. You continue to try every political trick in the book to strip We The People of our Constitutional rights, even though you have no authority to do so and you do NOT

We The People care. We The People are sick of a government that ignores it’s true responsibilities. We The People are sick of politicians who will lie, cheat, steal, or whatever they have to in order to garner votes they have NOT earned.

You people spend money that does not exist on programs that do not work and you seem to think that is OK. It is NOT OK.

Now we have this fiasco with Nancy Pelosi getting caught out in her lies. She has painted herself into an impossible corner with her lies and is now trying to shift the focus from her habitual dishonesty with We The People by claiming that the CIA and the Bush administration “misled” Congress. EXCUSE ME? You people act like 9-11 never happened. You people act like terrorists did not come into the U.S. and target thousands of unarmed civilians, who had no prayer of defending themselves, and MURDER them in cold blood. You people act like billions of dollars in collateral damage in New York and at the Pentagon never happened. And, as to the WMD and the fact that so far none have been found, are you really THAT stupid? Sadam Hussein had possession of WMD at the end of Desert Storm, the entire world knows that and the entire world watched as one delay after another after another prevented inspection teams access to those weapons. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the purpose of those
delays was to enable Sadam to move and hide most of those weapons. Those weapons are there somewhere. All we can pray for now is that the secret of their location died with Sadam because God help us ALL if any one of these terrorist groups get their hands on them.

Here again, Congress must think We The People are stupid. All of this is nothing more than a smoke screen to take attention away from the fact that this administration is proceeding with legislation that We The People DO NOT WANT. Much of which is unconstitutional.

What’s worse is this is also nothing more than a political witch-hunt that has the potential for disastrous affects on National Security and our troops. Ms. Pelosi is calling for a “truth committee” to investigate the matter, yet the woman doesn’t know the meaning of the word “truth”. The unprovoked attacks of 9-11 are ALL the justification the Bush administration ever needed to justify declaring war on these terrorists. For you people to now go back, and try to find wrong doing on the part of anyone is idiotic. It also shows a complete disregard for those who lost their lives on that day and their surviving families. NOT WITH MY TAX DOLLARS!!! The fact of the matter is, the majority of Americans DO NOT CARE what interrogation tactics were used if the information obtained saved even ONE life. And while most Americans understand and appre
ciate the fact that we as Americans hold ourselves to a higher standard of treatment of POW’s due to our participation in the treaty of the Geneva Convention, we are facing an enemy that holds no such standards. These people have committed horrific atrocities against not only American civilians and soldiers, but also civilians and soldiers of ALL of our allies as well as their own people, including CHILDREN. It is completely insane and irresponsible for this government to even contemplate releasing ANY information that even IMPLIES any wrong doing as doing so will simply give these terrorists yet another excuse to commit further atrocities.

Furthermore, all this childish infighting, back biting and back stabbing going on in Congress over the war against terrorism is doing nothing more than playing into the hands of our enemies and prolonging the war. Our enemies KNOW that this government is divided about the war and they are loving it. They are using it. If you people would grow up, shut up and present a 100% united front to the world expressing 100% commitment to ferreting out terrorists and ridding the world of the threat they present, I can promise you the face of this war would change over night. Idiot politicians did the SAME THING during Viet Nam and nearly cost us the war as a result. It also caused the war to drag on and on and on. I have watched interviews with three different VC commanders
who all said that the dissention within the ranks of the American government was all the encouragement they needed to keep fighting. Two of them went so far as to state that TWICE during the war, the United States had complete and utter victory within it’s grasp, once, within 30 minutes, if idiot politicians had NOT interfered and called off ops. And you are doing it again. Your continued, public criticism of this war is costing the lives of American soldiers that might not be lost if you would SHUT UP and present a totally united front.

And while I’m at it, let me remind you that the detainees at GITMO ARE in fact POW’s. They are terrorist, and NOT American citizens therefore they are NOT entitled to ANY protections under the Constitution, they have no civil rights to protect, they have NO LEGAL RIGHTS WHAT-SO-EVER.

You treat We The People, the very people you work for and answer to, like we are all stupid, even going so far as to have Barbara Boxer make the comment that we are nothing more than a bunch of helpless children. WRONG!!!

You work for We The People. WE are your boss. I for one am sick and tired of having to remind you of your duties. Do you know what happens in the real world when a boss is forced to continuously remind an employee of his or her duties? The employee gets FIRED. Do you know what happens in the real world to an employee who c
ontinuously oversteps his/her authority? They get FIRED.

As your boss, I am formally ordering you to get a copy of the U.S. Constitution, complete with the Preamble to the Bill of Rights and read it over and over until you understand. Those documents contain your job description as well as your authority. You took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and by God, you will do so or you will be FIRED.

It’s that simple.

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If for no other reason, this is exactly why this administration and the rest of the dhimmicrats need to be removed from power NOW. I am sick and tired of these people wiping their Marxist asses with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. How much longer are we to stand by and let them take our rights away from us and makes us slaves to the state before we finally say enough is enough and act? This administration and it's henchmen have already branded us conservative veterans "right fringe domestic terrorists". How long are we going to let these people get away with this?
Exposing Obama’s PSYOPS Agents and Tactics

Psychological Operations (PSYOP, PSYOPS) are techniques used to influence a target audience's value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, and behavior. PSYOPS tactics are used on target audiences in order to induce confusion, or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator's objectives.

What do Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally have in common with “Patriot Lisa” and “All American Joe”? They are all PSYOPS agents. What is different is that Americans knew that Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally worked for the enemy.

False Flag PSYOPS agents

Patriot Lisa and All American Joe are “false flag” agents who feign loyalty to the cause they are attempting to harm,

Patriot Lisa will post a message on a conservative blog similar to this, “I want to get rid of Obama as much as the next person but all I see here is racism and hatred. We are never going to get rid of Obama with right wing rants and tin foil hat conspiracy theories. There is no use in even trying. We lost and the best thing to do is just adjust and wait for the next election.”

All American Joe will post, “We need to get torches and pitchforks and march on the White House. Obama is a Muslim Black Power Manchurian Candidate for everything that is evil in the world. If I had my way his own Secret Service detail would do America a favor and take Obama out.”

Then Patriot Lisa and All American Joe will get into an argument that detracts from all serious debate, ruining the experience for reasonable people, and giving the forum a bad reputation. Patriot Lisa and All American Joe will share private messages to compare tactics, chuckle, and congratulate each other at how good they are at their jobs.

Ask yourself if the message you are reading serves the goals of your cause. Not all misguided people are Obama’s PSYOPS agents. However their activity can damage your cause even if that is not their motive. Confront these attitudes and offer suggestions about what kind of thinking does make a contribution and is part of the solution. If they insist on posting damaging comments they probably are Obama’s PSYOPS agents rather than simply misguided.

“False flag” PSYOPS agents are just one type of Internet propaganda specialist. Let’s take a look at some of these specialists and their tactics.

The Obot Agents –

These are the robot like PSYOPS agents who can’t pass the Turing test. They say the same thing no matter what you say back to them. They have simple skills and seem to pick up their pre-scripted talking points from their more sophisticated handlers.

You can quote United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia saying that “We the People” are the source of Grand Jury power; “In fact, the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people." In spite of a direct quote from a Supreme Court Justice the Obots will respond “your pretend Grand Jury has no authority and won’t do anything for you and your neocon tinfoil hat buddies.”

If you then take the time to research and respond with a quote from Susan W. Brenner, NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and author of Federal Grand Jury Practice (West, 1996)., “The classic example of a grand jury’s acting as a sword is a runaway grand jury in New York in the 1930’s; the grand jurors ignored prosecutors and embarked upon their own investigation into municipal corruption.” The Obot will respond with, “Your pretend Grand Jury has no authority and won’t do anything for you and your neocon tinfoil hat buddies.”

And if you are foolish enough to continue posting to an Obot the information that a Grand Jury “has the power to subpoena witnesses and physical evidence, i.e., to require that testimony and evidence be brought before it. The failure to comply with a grand jury subpoena results in one being held in civil contempt and incarcerated until the witness complies; currently, the record for time served due to civil contempt is eight years.” Guess what the Obot will say.

These are the same people who go from blog to blog posting exactly the same comment everywhere they go.

The Logical Fallacy Agents

Description of Fallacies
In order to understand what a fallacy is, one must understand what an argument is. Very briefly, an argument consists of one or more premises and one conclusion. A premise is a statement (a sentence that is either true or false) that is offered in support of the claim being made, which is the conclusion (which is also a sentence that is either true or false).

There are two main types of arguments: deductive and inductive. A deductive argument is an argument such that the premises provide (or appear to provide) complete support for the conclusion. An inductive argument is an argument such that the premises provide (or appear to provide) some degree of support (but less than complete support) for the conclusion. If the premises actually provide the required degree of support for the conclusion, then the argument is a good one.

A good deductive argument is known as a valid argument and is such that if all its premises are true, then its conclusion must be true. If all the argument is valid and actually has all true premises, then it is known as a sound argument. If it is invalid or has one or more false premises, it will be unsound. A good inductive argument is known as a strong (or "cogent") inductive argument. It is such that if the premises are true, the conclusion is likely to be true.

A fallacy is, very generally, an error in reasoning. This differs from a factual error, which is simply being wrong about the facts. To be more specific, a fallacy is an "argument" in which the premises given for the conclusion do not provide the needed degree of support. A deductive fallacy is a deductive argument that is invalid (it is such that it could have all true premises and still have a false conclusion).

An inductive fallacy is less formal than a deductive fallacy. They are simply "arguments" which appear to be inductive arguments, but the premises do not provided enough support for the conclusion. In such cases, even if the premises were true, the conclusion would not be more likely to be true.

Lawyers learn about the logical fallacies in law school. Since Aristotle is seen as the “father of logic” most philosophy classes include training about logical fallacies. Nowadays logic classes are about as rare as civics classes but some undergraduate curriculums still include a basic logic class. Following logical thinking guidelines are especially important as we make decisions that are going to affect our nation and our posterity.

Logic is a tool to help people arrive at dependable conclusions. Logic is related to such disciplines as epistemological protocol, scientific methodology, and rules of evidence. Many people are surprised to find out that there are rules for thinking. Aristotle aimed to unify all of these rules into a coherent system of thought by developing a common methodology that would serve equally well as the procedure for learning about any discipline.

Like most tools, logic can be used for good or evil. Lawyers will sometimes use what they learned about logical fallacies to create false impressions rather than reveal the truth. Propagandists and PSYOPS agents are very skilled at using logical fallacies to influence “target audience's value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, and behavior”.

How do they twist the truth and attempt to pollute your mind?

Let’s start with some simple examples and work our way up the list of classical logical fallacies complete with Latin names.

The false syllogism
A syllogism ("conclusion," "inference"), (usually the categorical syllogism) is a kind of logical argument in which one proposition (the conclusion) is inferred from two others (the premises) of a certain form. An example of an accurate syllogism is:

Major premise: All humans are mortal.
Minor premise: Socrates is human.
Conclusion: Socrates is mortal.

One of my favorite examples of a false syllogism is tinged with humor. A cartoon says across the top of the panel:

“Penguins Walk Funny”

A few more examples of logical fallacies with a humorous intent:

God is Love.
Love is blind.
Steve Wonder is blind.
Conclusion: Steve Wonder is God!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I'm nothing.
Nothing is perfect.
God is Perfect.
So, I'm God !
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If Steve Wonder is God,
I'm Steve Wonder.
Oh my God!...I'm going blind!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
On the serious side, learning to recognize a bad argument when it comes your way and learning how to respond properly is a major part of what the study of logic is about – self defense. You might consult an article on this blog entitled, Spot false arguments and make strong ones.

False syllogisms permeate Leftist thinking. See if you can demonstrate to yourself why the below syllogisms are false.

Slavery was work and slavery was evil, therefore all work is evil. It is more moral to be on welfare.

Vietnam War was a bad war, therefore all wars are bad wars.

Because people have killed in God’s name, religion is evil and should be abolished.

A really great short course on logic and how to disagree is written by Paul Graham.

Fortunately, most of Obama’s Logical fallacy PSYOPS agents aren’t very skillful.
The trademark personal insult, name calling, ridicule, and ad hominem attacks characterize the debate style of Obama’s people That tactic has worked quite well on the ignorant and those who value feeling more than reason. Uninformed people voted for Obama. This is not new, transformational politics. This is the rise of a New American Fascism.

Often the best tactic is to ignore such low class debate tactics and simply say your piece without bothering to interact with ignorance and rudeness. Sometimes when posters use name calling or ridicule as a response to me I have this prepared post as a retort to their irrational rants.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A free hint on how to improve your posts. You will note that ad hominem arguments are at the lower end of the scale on the pyramid chart at this link; only one step above name calling which is the other part of your content. Do you honestly expect to get somewhere with a post like that when many of the readers on this blog have triple digit IQs?

In case you need a little help with your Latin: An ad hominem argument, consists of replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking or appealing to a characteristic or belief of the person making the argument or claim, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument or producing evidence against the claim. The process of proving or disproving the claim is thereby subverted, and the argumentum ad hominem works to change the subject.Have you had a logic class yet?

You might take a look at this site:

LOL is a form of Ridicule - Also Known as: Appeal to Mockery, The Horse Laugh.

Description of Appeal to Ridicule

The Appeal to Ridicule is a fallacy in which ridicule or mockery is substituted for evidence in an “argument." This line of “reasoning" has the following form: LOL or tinfoil hat idea, which is some form of ridicule, is presented (typically directed at the claim). Therefore claim is false.

This sort of "reasoning" is fallacious because mocking a claim does not show that it is false. This is especially clear in the following example: "1+1=2! "That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!"

Examples of Appeal to Ridicule

"Sure my worthy opponent claims that we should lower tuition, but that is just laughable."

"Support the ERA? Sure, when the women start paying for the drinks! Hah! Hah!"

"Those wacky conservatives! They think a strong military is the key to peace! There’s a real tin foil hat idea"

LOL = Logic Obviously Lacking?

This link is the surprise visual I hope they click

Posted by Aristotle The Hun at 2:04 AM
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He is right, they have no buSINess in sports, unless YOU want the gov. in your face for your Choices that you make! That is a TEAM issue, governed by the owner.

It is not congress' job to fix crooked sports! Out of their scope of responsibilities! Do you support national sports with your dollars? If you do then stop! That is how you can fire them. Get real pal. Not for my tax dollars to pay for! Duh!
That just about sums it up, now if they would only care about anything we say.
This is great. Can we fax this to our senators and representatives?
As for questioning whether or not illegal drugs should be condoned I think the point is that this should not be dealt with using congressional hearings. No they shouldn't be allowed. But is it up to the Congress to deal with it or is it up to the sports organizations to deal with it? Congress wants their fingers into everything and just because they think something is wrong it doesn't mean they are the only ones who can fix it. They need to start paying more attention to what their job actually is and where their limits are.
This should be sent to all of Congress, they forget they work for us. I will share it with my Congressmen if you allow.
Ditto. If the emails or contact pages or fax numbers of all congressmen/women could be gathered and compiled into a document, I'd send this off to each and every one of them.
Well said and I could not agree with you more. We need to fire all of them and get back to following the consitution.
Need I say more...

Works for me, Amy. There never was a doubt in my mind.
Lee, great post. "Chicken Lady" has said it well and aired the spleens of most of us here. One comment I have is an answer to a question posed, i.e. yes...they are all insane! Not only that, but quite delusional and presumtuous to assume authority over anything, business, public trust or treasury funds lies within the purviews of their political pet projects and special interest groups. We know this, and we know they know this from the outset. So, it's a matter of what more are we willing to put up with?

It makes absolutely no difference that Obama won the election. He is totally illegitimate and unqualified to hold the office in the first place, an undocumented worker, as the State Dept. likes to term illegal aliens. Who does not realize this?

Secondly, it has now been proven by his conduct in the first 30 days of office that the usurper is anti-American and has no intentions of upholding his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America as so sworn before God and all of us. He is a fraud, a liar and should be removed from office and escorted off the grounds of the White House immediately, if not sooner. The same is applicable to Vice President and Speaker of the House for allowing this imposter to sign anything into law as an elected official or speak to any foreign country on any matter of policies or commit this nation to any agreements or treaties. It's worse than treason!

Everyone on Capitol Hill is complicit in this master scam on the American people and should have resigned their posts immediately upon the swearing in of a known criminal who is yet to be apprehended for lack of anyone in SCOTUS, e.g. Chief Justice Roberts who administered said oath of office, et al having the gumption to act accordingly. He is not God nor does he resemble or possess any godlike character. We all knew this from the start of the campaign.

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.... But then I repeat myself." - Mark Twain

"Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice." George Jackson (1941 - 1971)

…“Moderation in the pursuit of liberty is no virtue. Extremism in the pursuit of justice is no vice.” -- Senator Barry Goldwater

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The preservation of a free government requires, not merely that the metes and bounds which separate each department of power be invariably maintained, but more especially that neither of them be suffered to overleap the great barrier which defends the rights of the people.

The rulers who are guilty of such encroachment exceed the commission from which they derive their authority, and are TYRANTS. The people who submit to it are governed by laws made neither by themselves nor by an authority derived from them and are slaves. - (James Madison)

"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done." -- Ronald Wilson Reagan



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How to post "live" URL in posts at PFA............. Adding URLs in blog posts that are not "live" is a waste of everyone's time.....
Here's how....if anyone has better guidance send to me.....
First........type your text entry into the post block to include typing or paste the URL you want us to view........when finished with the text, highlight and copy the URL in the text.......then click the "add hyperlink" tool in the B, I, U box just above the text entry, after clicking, a window will open asking for the URL...paste the URL in the box and click "OK". You have now made the URL "live" shows some code before the post is published, it goes away when you "publish post".......


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