Here is a Great letter written by Chicken lady on The Patriotic Resistance. Please forward to all.

TO: All U.S. Senators

I have come to the conclusion that this entire administration has lost it’s collective minds. Have ANY of you EVER bothered to READ the U.S. CONSTITUION?

Congressional hearings on steroid use the professional sports. Excuse me? By whose authority? Congress has NO authority over professional sports.

Fast tracking legislation for passage that is clearly unconstitutional and even WORSE hasn’t been read! Legislation that wasn’t even WRITTEN by Congress.

Giving away billions of dollars in tax money as bailouts to banks, then telling them they must meet a capital stress test, which causes them to need even MORE bail out money.

Giving billions of tax dollars to the Big Three auto makes, THEN forcing the CEO to resign.

Now you people think you have the authority to set a cap on the paychecks of executives. YOU DO NOT!

You want to set regulations on CO2 emissions and tax them based on EPA claims that science does NOT support. Has it escaped your notice that the HUMAN body emits CO2 every time we breathe? Good Lord, how much tax am I going to have to pay every time I break wind?

You want to socialize heath care despite the fact that MediCare and MediAide are both overrun with fraud and despite the fact that socialized heath care is a complete and utter failure in every country that has it. People die every single day in Canada and England because the plans are such failures.

And you want to pay for this with a tax on SODA!! Are you INSANE?

You block an amendment to a bill that would prevent any organization that is under indictment from receiving federal funding paid out of tax dollars. EXCUSE ME??? You actually think that it is OK to give an organization that is under federal indictment in several states for FRAUD with more indictments coming?

There is a man sitting in the White House who has YET to prove he is eligible to be there despite numerous lawsuits demanding that he do so. Yet NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU has stood up and demanded that he prove his eligibility. WHY?

You allow conservatives who want nothing more than to return this government to operating Constitutionally to be labeled as “extremists” and accuse us of plotting violence WITHOUT A SHREAD OF EVIDENCE.

You people are out of control, completely and totally. You have totally forgotten who you work for and why. You have forsaken everything this country was founded upon. You get involved with things you have no authority to BE involved in, and you don’t care. You totally ignore the Constitution and you do not care. You continue to try every political trick in the book to strip We The People of our Constitutional rights, even though you have no authority to do so and you do NOT

We The People care. We The People are sick of a government that ignores it’s true responsibilities. We The People are sick of politicians who will lie, cheat, steal, or whatever they have to in order to garner votes they have NOT earned.

You people spend money that does not exist on programs that do not work and you seem to think that is OK. It is NOT OK.

Now we have this fiasco with Nancy Pelosi getting caught out in her lies. She has painted herself into an impossible corner with her lies and is now trying to shift the focus from her habitual dishonesty with We The People by claiming that the CIA and the Bush administration “misled” Congress. EXCUSE ME? You people act like 9-11 never happened. You people act like terrorists did not come into the U.S. and target thousands of unarmed civilians, who had no prayer of defending themselves, and MURDER them in cold blood. You people act like billions of dollars in collateral damage in New York and at the Pentagon never happened. And, as to the WMD and the fact that so far none have been found, are you really THAT stupid? Sadam Hussein had possession of WMD at the end of Desert Storm, the entire world knows that and the entire world watched as one delay after another after another prevented inspection teams access to those weapons. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the purpose of those
delays was to enable Sadam to move and hide most of those weapons. Those weapons are there somewhere. All we can pray for now is that the secret of their location died with Sadam because God help us ALL if any one of these terrorist groups get their hands on them.

Here again, Congress must think We The People are stupid. All of this is nothing more than a smoke screen to take attention away from the fact that this administration is proceeding with legislation that We The People DO NOT WANT. Much of which is unconstitutional.

What’s worse is this is also nothing more than a political witch-hunt that has the potential for disastrous affects on National Security and our troops. Ms. Pelosi is calling for a “truth committee” to investigate the matter, yet the woman doesn’t know the meaning of the word “truth”. The unprovoked attacks of 9-11 are ALL the justification the Bush administration ever needed to justify declaring war on these terrorists. For you people to now go back, and try to find wrong doing on the part of anyone is idiotic. It also shows a complete disregard for those who lost their lives on that day and their surviving families. NOT WITH MY TAX DOLLARS!!! The fact of the matter is, the majority of Americans DO NOT CARE what interrogation tactics were used if the information obtained saved even ONE life. And while most Americans understand and appre
ciate the fact that we as Americans hold ourselves to a higher standard of treatment of POW’s due to our participation in the treaty of the Geneva Convention, we are facing an enemy that holds no such standards. These people have committed horrific atrocities against not only American civilians and soldiers, but also civilians and soldiers of ALL of our allies as well as their own people, including CHILDREN. It is completely insane and irresponsible for this government to even contemplate releasing ANY information that even IMPLIES any wrong doing as doing so will simply give these terrorists yet another excuse to commit further atrocities.

Furthermore, all this childish infighting, back biting and back stabbing going on in Congress over the war against terrorism is doing nothing more than playing into the hands of our enemies and prolonging the war. Our enemies KNOW that this government is divided about the war and they are loving it. They are using it. If you people would grow up, shut up and present a 100% united front to the world expressing 100% commitment to ferreting out terrorists and ridding the world of the threat they present, I can promise you the face of this war would change over night. Idiot politicians did the SAME THING during Viet Nam and nearly cost us the war as a result. It also caused the war to drag on and on and on. I have watched interviews with three different VC commanders
who all said that the dissention within the ranks of the American government was all the encouragement they needed to keep fighting. Two of them went so far as to state that TWICE during the war, the United States had complete and utter victory within it’s grasp, once, within 30 minutes, if idiot politicians had NOT interfered and called off ops. And you are doing it again. Your continued, public criticism of this war is costing the lives of American soldiers that might not be lost if you would SHUT UP and present a totally united front.

And while I’m at it, let me remind you that the detainees at GITMO ARE in fact POW’s. They are terrorist, and NOT American citizens therefore they are NOT entitled to ANY protections under the Constitution, they have no civil rights to protect, they have NO LEGAL RIGHTS WHAT-SO-EVER.

You treat We The People, the very people you work for and answer to, like we are all stupid, even going so far as to have Barbara Boxer make the comment that we are nothing more than a bunch of helpless children. WRONG!!!

You work for We The People. WE are your boss. I for one am sick and tired of having to remind you of your duties. Do you know what happens in the real world when a boss is forced to continuously remind an employee of his or her duties? The employee gets FIRED. Do you know what happens in the real world to an employee who c
ontinuously oversteps his/her authority? They get FIRED.

As your boss, I am formally ordering you to get a copy of the U.S. Constitution, complete with the Preamble to the Bill of Rights and read it over and over until you understand. Those documents contain your job description as well as your authority. You took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and by God, you will do so or you will be FIRED.

It’s that simple.

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"Those weapons are there somewhere. All we can pray for now is that the secret of their location died with Sadam because God help us ALL if any one of these terrorist groups get their hands on them."

Those Weapons are buried in the Bekaa Valley in Syria.
Our intelligence know exactly where there at...

Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2006 9:34:26 AM by WL-law

We Freepers have long and often speculated about the whereabouts of Saddam’s missing WMDs, and the frequently-opined location is “somewhere in the Bekaa Valley” in either Syria or Syrian-controlled Lebanon.

The obvious reason to move them “somewhere” was to avoid detection in the face of the pending US invasion, in order to deny their existence and to preserve them for another day and another time. But why the Bekaa?

Syria controlled the Bekaa, and Syria maintained strategic relationships with both Saddam and Iran. It seems unlikely that Saddam would have put his WMDs in the hands of Iran’s proxies directly, but Syria would have provided the easiest escape route for the WMDs.

But was there another logic at work here? Moving them to the Bekaa would mean putting them at the disposal of Syria’s proxy, Hezbollah, and would mean that, in effect, Saddam was forward-locating the WMDs for use against their ultimate intended target, namely, Israel.

So – do the WMDs exist? Are they accessible to Hezbollah? If yes, or if the Israelis believe that this is plausible, then this would explain why the Israelis would not settle for a “proportionate” response this time around, and would suggest that one of the compelling reasons that Israel is going to destroy Hezbollah is linked (like the US invasion of Iraq) to the specter of WMDs.

And if any of this speculation turns out to be true, the “Hate Bush” crowd will undoubtedly have their hair-on-fire about whether “Bush lied”, “intelligence failed”, and the like. What’s different, in this case, is that to the extent that the WMD question is one of the reasons for the ferocity of the Israeli response, it’s been an unspoken one – unlike the US prior to the Iraq invasion.

The convoys were spotted by U.S. satellites in early 2003, but the contents of the WMD convoys from Iraq to Syria were not confirmed.

A former American overseer of Iraqi prisons says several dozen inmates who were members of Saddam Hussein's military and intelligence forces boasted of helping transport weapons of mass destruction to Syria and Lebanon in the three months prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Don Bordenkircher – who served two years as national director of prison and jail operations in Iraq– told WND that about 40 prisoners he spoke with "boasted of being involved in the transport of WMD warheads to Syria.

A smaller number of prisoners, he said, claimed "they knew the locations of the missile hulls buried in Iraq."

Some of the inmates, Bordenkircher said, "wanted to trade their information for a release from prison and were amenable to showing the locations."

The prisoners were members of the Iraqi military or civilians assigned to the Iraqi military, often stationed at munitions facilities, according to Bordenkircher. He said he was told the WMDs were shipped by truck into Syria, and some ended up in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. (continue reading at WND)

No surprise here really. We had reports and video of trucks moving toward Syria at the time. Saddam knew the US would be looking for these WMD, he wanted to get them to a safe place for two reasons: (1) to embarrass the United States and (2) to make it possible to retrieve the WMD and easily resume his weapons program once the UN gave the all clear pronouncement. According to the report, the shipments "included nitrogen mustard gas warheads for Tariq I and II missiles."

Also confirmed in this report is the presence of, training and safe harbor for, al-Qaeda prior to the war.

Bordenkircher also said prisoners confirmed al-Qaida had a presence in Iraq before Operation Iraqi Freedom began, specifically in Mosul and Kirkuk.

Iraqis under the command of Uday Hussein, one of Saddam Hussein's sons, supported the al-Qaida elements in the country with training and providing safe harbor, they said.

Debbie on July 31, 2008 at 01:32 PM in Current Affairs, Terrorism, US News, World Scene | Permalink

This information is well known but you all have been brainwashed to believe that Bush lied (not that I like Bush), there all part of the Committee of 300 and set on the destruction of the US Constitution.
Trust me the weapons are out there and we will see them again very soon...

So in my opinion, anyone that says or believes that there are no WMD is either deceived and uninformed, a fool or a down right lier.
The sad part is that they do know the constitution ... but what does the words protect and uphold really mean to a group of elitists that truly believe we cannot be trusted with decision making in our own lives. As Plato once said: Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.
Amen Sister.
Short version: No they have not lost their minds, they know that to gain the greatest power, they must destroy freedom. They are following the book on destroying freedom almost to the letter.

Find good candidates and back them, or run yourself. This is no time for wimps who say I voted, so I did my part.
Bravo! Very well said. They have forgotten that they work for US and not the other way around. Send this to every newspaper in your area and see if they publish it. It's time to vote them ALL out and vote in new people. People that will work for WE THE PEOPLE.
Excellent writing. However, it is so sad to know that the thieves and thugs will not care what has been written. They are counting on the ignorant voter, the forgetfulness of voters and fraud to keep them in power. Take a look at all the large cities such as Philadelphia ( the city of brotherly love & much of our history), Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, etc. They have all one thing in common, thieves and thugs have been elected over and over while the cities are pillaged year after year by their own kind. Many of the cities have only had damocraps in leadership for decades and yet the ignorant voters keeps them in while their cities keep getting deeper and deeper into the pit of a barbaric society.
Shirliann, if you truly believe what you just said, you should also know if our government was complicit in any way with the events of 9/11 they shot themselves in the foot by doing so. You really don't belong in this forum or discussions here. Move-on[dot]org or fightthesmears[dot]com is the place you should go for your entertainment.
My Fellow patriot; Do you not understand that Power breeds Corruption and Total power breads Total Corruption? I am sorry to say I do know that our government is complicit in many forms of acts of terrorism.From SA to the far east. They knew about Pearl Harbor. My half-brothers father was the radio man in Alaska and warned them.He also worked at Area 51.Mysteriously he committed suicide.The government uses our servicemen as lab rats. Is DU a falsehood? Hell no my buddy died from DU poisoning 6 month's after returning from Iraq! Never was sick a day in his life. And if you research the FBI files they helped bomb the Twin Towers the first time. The even admitted it. You must remember War is a Racket! that's is why its called the Military Industrial Complex. One mans Freedom fighter is another mans Terrorist! America has been in the hands of a socialists agenda for many,many years. Since Bush in office it went public only nobody paid attention. But it goes father back then that. Look into the Foundations and see that they have been working since the early 1900's to bring about one world government. But to tell another patriot he doesn't belong here makes you a fascist.And I used Termite charges in the military so I do know how that's how they cut the beams in the Towers. I've spent hundreds of hours cutting steal in my life.And was a Fireman in the Navy{also a Nuke} and why don't ships just melt when a shipboard fire takes place.IE the USS Forestall had massive explosions on it and the crew saved it from sinking.A hundred times worse then the planes hitting the Towers.And why no Forensic investigation. This is all old news to me but maybe you might try being more open minded.As long as there have been governments somebody is trying to take absolute power!
Brian Cooper, I don't normally dignify such remarks as to respond, but since you insulted me by attaching the label "Fascist", I will tell you bluntly you don't belong here either simply because you have belittled every patriotic American by telling them their government, the good people representative of American contstitutional values, their faith in the same, no matter how many mistakes have been made or how many corrupt politicians are allowed to exist and take part in the process, and declared that everything we stand for from top to bottom is a total farce and we are dishonest with ourselves and the rest of the world. I, for one don't need this kind of talk, nor do I care a rat's elbow what you think.

Since you know so much about the construction and margins of safety in the design process of high-rise buildings, the actual facts on the destruction of the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11 and have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by your own research that what you say is true about our own government's complicity in this disaster and killing 3,000 innocent fellow American citizens, and have not done a damn thing about it but run your mouth to criticize, condemn and complain about everyone else who does not agree with your point of view, I assume you must be morally corrupt and not worth mine or anyone else's time to listen or comment further on your vacuous remarks.
. I think you are dead on when it comes to laws passed by Bush that we all thought were ok when they were meant for "terrorists". At that time we didn't know WE would be named terrorists. WE WERE SCARED INTO THINKING THESE LAWS WERE OK.
I like to hear what everyone is thinking and then draw my own conclusions. I took some flack on one site because I mentioned Chemtrails over Spokane where I have lived for 30 years. Every nice day we have had this year these jets go up and "white out" the sky. They criss cross back and forth over the city. I wondered what was going on and looked up contrails which led me to chemtrails and by God thats what they are. Normal contrails dissipate. These chemtrails spread out and blanket the whole sky over us.They are spraying us with something.
I have only seen one bee this year. I have a lot of flowers and fruit trees which have always been a big attraction for the bees. So with these Bills they have presented concerning farmers which are unbelievable it is obvious they want to control us with food. My mind says; food.
So there you have it . I must be a crackpot for having this opinion. I put my credibility on the line.
I'm anxious to see who wants to shut me up and tell me to go away. I can't remember who said it, offhand, but the phrase "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" comes to mind.
Lee, ditto...You really don't belong in this forum or discussions here. Move-on[dot]org or fightthesmears[dot]com or infowars[dot]com are the places you should go for your entertainment. Note: I do not support your right to say a damn thing about the government being complicit in bringing terror to this nation by destroying buildings and killing innocent civilians. The very inference of this is absurd and psychotic. In fact, you are bordering on terrorism and incitement of violence and insurrection by publishing such incendiary remarks. It is not the same thing our 1st Amendment rights were designed to protect. We have other laws and amendments which make certain specific conduct illegal, e.g. treason, anarchy, providing aid and comfort to an enemy in times of war, etc. etc.

It is also counterproductive to bash President Bush or any other past presidents and does nothing to promote positive movements to truth and sound reasoning for all who are in this situation we find ourselves. We all would be elated to see the current President be fully American, patriotic, his administration positive and wholesome to inspire others to respect our heritage and values upon which this great nation was founded, honor and respect our military veterans, etc. but it's not going to happen. He's a fraud and imposter. WE want him out of office. WE want border security, energy independence, illegal immigration control, liberty, etc.

We are all interested in truth and support it 100%, but not any and all conspiracies and kooky ideas that our government is trying to kill us by eliminating our food supplies and degrade our agricultural systems to give them more controls, etc., some of which may be true, but not generally speaking. This is the sort of subterfuge contemplated by those who want to further confuse and subvert us to hide the truth about what is really going on. No thanks.



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