Here is a Great letter written by Chicken lady on The Patriotic Resistance. Please forward to all.

TO: All U.S. Senators

I have come to the conclusion that this entire administration has lost it’s collective minds. Have ANY of you EVER bothered to READ the U.S. CONSTITUION?

Congressional hearings on steroid use the professional sports. Excuse me? By whose authority? Congress has NO authority over professional sports.

Fast tracking legislation for passage that is clearly unconstitutional and even WORSE hasn’t been read! Legislation that wasn’t even WRITTEN by Congress.

Giving away billions of dollars in tax money as bailouts to banks, then telling them they must meet a capital stress test, which causes them to need even MORE bail out money.

Giving billions of tax dollars to the Big Three auto makes, THEN forcing the CEO to resign.

Now you people think you have the authority to set a cap on the paychecks of executives. YOU DO NOT!

You want to set regulations on CO2 emissions and tax them based on EPA claims that science does NOT support. Has it escaped your notice that the HUMAN body emits CO2 every time we breathe? Good Lord, how much tax am I going to have to pay every time I break wind?

You want to socialize heath care despite the fact that MediCare and MediAide are both overrun with fraud and despite the fact that socialized heath care is a complete and utter failure in every country that has it. People die every single day in Canada and England because the plans are such failures.

And you want to pay for this with a tax on SODA!! Are you INSANE?

You block an amendment to a bill that would prevent any organization that is under indictment from receiving federal funding paid out of tax dollars. EXCUSE ME??? You actually think that it is OK to give an organization that is under federal indictment in several states for FRAUD with more indictments coming?

There is a man sitting in the White House who has YET to prove he is eligible to be there despite numerous lawsuits demanding that he do so. Yet NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU has stood up and demanded that he prove his eligibility. WHY?

You allow conservatives who want nothing more than to return this government to operating Constitutionally to be labeled as “extremists” and accuse us of plotting violence WITHOUT A SHREAD OF EVIDENCE.

You people are out of control, completely and totally. You have totally forgotten who you work for and why. You have forsaken everything this country was founded upon. You get involved with things you have no authority to BE involved in, and you don’t care. You totally ignore the Constitution and you do not care. You continue to try every political trick in the book to strip We The People of our Constitutional rights, even though you have no authority to do so and you do NOT

We The People care. We The People are sick of a government that ignores it’s true responsibilities. We The People are sick of politicians who will lie, cheat, steal, or whatever they have to in order to garner votes they have NOT earned.

You people spend money that does not exist on programs that do not work and you seem to think that is OK. It is NOT OK.

Now we have this fiasco with Nancy Pelosi getting caught out in her lies. She has painted herself into an impossible corner with her lies and is now trying to shift the focus from her habitual dishonesty with We The People by claiming that the CIA and the Bush administration “misled” Congress. EXCUSE ME? You people act like 9-11 never happened. You people act like terrorists did not come into the U.S. and target thousands of unarmed civilians, who had no prayer of defending themselves, and MURDER them in cold blood. You people act like billions of dollars in collateral damage in New York and at the Pentagon never happened. And, as to the WMD and the fact that so far none have been found, are you really THAT stupid? Sadam Hussein had possession of WMD at the end of Desert Storm, the entire world knows that and the entire world watched as one delay after another after another prevented inspection teams access to those weapons. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the purpose of those
delays was to enable Sadam to move and hide most of those weapons. Those weapons are there somewhere. All we can pray for now is that the secret of their location died with Sadam because God help us ALL if any one of these terrorist groups get their hands on them.

Here again, Congress must think We The People are stupid. All of this is nothing more than a smoke screen to take attention away from the fact that this administration is proceeding with legislation that We The People DO NOT WANT. Much of which is unconstitutional.

What’s worse is this is also nothing more than a political witch-hunt that has the potential for disastrous affects on National Security and our troops. Ms. Pelosi is calling for a “truth committee” to investigate the matter, yet the woman doesn’t know the meaning of the word “truth”. The unprovoked attacks of 9-11 are ALL the justification the Bush administration ever needed to justify declaring war on these terrorists. For you people to now go back, and try to find wrong doing on the part of anyone is idiotic. It also shows a complete disregard for those who lost their lives on that day and their surviving families. NOT WITH MY TAX DOLLARS!!! The fact of the matter is, the majority of Americans DO NOT CARE what interrogation tactics were used if the information obtained saved even ONE life. And while most Americans understand and appre
ciate the fact that we as Americans hold ourselves to a higher standard of treatment of POW’s due to our participation in the treaty of the Geneva Convention, we are facing an enemy that holds no such standards. These people have committed horrific atrocities against not only American civilians and soldiers, but also civilians and soldiers of ALL of our allies as well as their own people, including CHILDREN. It is completely insane and irresponsible for this government to even contemplate releasing ANY information that even IMPLIES any wrong doing as doing so will simply give these terrorists yet another excuse to commit further atrocities.

Furthermore, all this childish infighting, back biting and back stabbing going on in Congress over the war against terrorism is doing nothing more than playing into the hands of our enemies and prolonging the war. Our enemies KNOW that this government is divided about the war and they are loving it. They are using it. If you people would grow up, shut up and present a 100% united front to the world expressing 100% commitment to ferreting out terrorists and ridding the world of the threat they present, I can promise you the face of this war would change over night. Idiot politicians did the SAME THING during Viet Nam and nearly cost us the war as a result. It also caused the war to drag on and on and on. I have watched interviews with three different VC commanders
who all said that the dissention within the ranks of the American government was all the encouragement they needed to keep fighting. Two of them went so far as to state that TWICE during the war, the United States had complete and utter victory within it’s grasp, once, within 30 minutes, if idiot politicians had NOT interfered and called off ops. And you are doing it again. Your continued, public criticism of this war is costing the lives of American soldiers that might not be lost if you would SHUT UP and present a totally united front.

And while I’m at it, let me remind you that the detainees at GITMO ARE in fact POW’s. They are terrorist, and NOT American citizens therefore they are NOT entitled to ANY protections under the Constitution, they have no civil rights to protect, they have NO LEGAL RIGHTS WHAT-SO-EVER.

You treat We The People, the very people you work for and answer to, like we are all stupid, even going so far as to have Barbara Boxer make the comment that we are nothing more than a bunch of helpless children. WRONG!!!

You work for We The People. WE are your boss. I for one am sick and tired of having to remind you of your duties. Do you know what happens in the real world when a boss is forced to continuously remind an employee of his or her duties? The employee gets FIRED. Do you know what happens in the real world to an employee who c
ontinuously oversteps his/her authority? They get FIRED.

As your boss, I am formally ordering you to get a copy of the U.S. Constitution, complete with the Preamble to the Bill of Rights and read it over and over until you understand. Those documents contain your job description as well as your authority. You took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and by God, you will do so or you will be FIRED.

It’s that simple.

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I would like to have been able to back Bush but he allowed our Country to be swarmed by illegal aliens who have sucked up our resources and bankrupted our Country. Everyone says he kept our Country safe but I don't think it was any help from him. He was promoting them bringing trucks in here with God knows what was in them. Then we had the Haliburton affair. Why have 36 Muslim Terrorist training Camps been allowed to exist in OUR Country? Have you Youtubed Fema Concentration Camps? I thought it was outrageous he would not pardon our Border guards but he pardoned Cocaine Smugglers.I truly believe the people in govt. are pretty much self serving and I wouldn't put anything past any of them.
Here is the first thing I ever saw that made me start searching and discovering more. I started understanding why G. Bush Sr and Clinton could be paling around together.

BTW I take issue with your rudeness. Last I knew I still have Freedom of speech. I'm afraid in a few mons I probably won't and then you will be able to have a real hayday shutting people up and oppressing them. Judging from what you have said you don't really have a grasp of what is really going on. Not having an open mind shuts doors for you that could be important. Knowledge is power and it's good to know what others are thinking even if you don't agree. I've sure had some eye openers.
Bullying is an Obama tactic. Think about it.

P.S. DId you really read what I wrote. I didn't mention a thing about buildings.............what YOU said about Obama could get your fingers slapped big time by Homeland security. No wonder they think we're terrorists.
Quite frankly, Mr. / Ms. Johnson I don't much care what you think or how you view my comments about Obama. The fact of the matter is I have sent similar messages with the same accusations to his office at the White House on numerous occasions. If you think my comments are rude, that's your business. I may be outspoken, but I'm not a fool.

Also, I am fully aware of the 36 terrorist training camps in this country and would challenge you or anyone else to do more to stop this lunacy and complete denial of reality in our country, the same applied to the incestuous relationships as you mentioned relative to Bush #41 and Clinton. It is despicable and offers me no hope for a future in government and the status quo. We are in a state of utter despair and confusion because people in general are not using their heads for anything but criticizing others. Most of the readers here are aware of all the aforementioned facts. We need action and leadership with a positive approach to stopping the nonsense and lunatics from further destroying our whole existence.
If you agree our govt is allowing terrorist training camps to exist in Our Country why would you be so defensive and skeptical as to anything else they may do. Bush put in place laws that take away a terrorists rights to a fair trial and a terrorist can be held in prison indefinately. Well I thought this was fine until Janet Napolatano named our Soldiers coming back from Iraq, gun owners, anti abortion, and religious people as Terrorists. If Obama declares Marshall Law we can be shot on site.
Behind your camoflauge Burka I think you may be the one in utter despair, confusion, denial and critical. As for your Challenge I have been doing everything I can think of . I went and spoke to my Congresswoman when she was in town and expressed my great concern and she just shook her head and said "I know, I know". Then she sends me an email saying what great gains she's made for Downs Syndrome children (she has a Downs Syndrome child). Well this may be a great cause but it is self serving of her. I wrote and mentioned how Our Country is going to hell and where are her priorities. Anyway, not one other person would get off their butt and go with me to see her. I have tried to rally a Grand luck. Our 5000 person Tea Party was a success - which I made 12 extra signs for. I have signed 100's of petitions and made sure other sites got them so they could sign too. I have written, called, faxed Congressmen, Senators and my State and other States Representatives. I have tried to enlighten people around me but they do not want to hear it. They like their bubble the way it is and I'm afraid it's this lazy dumbed down attitude that is going to be the demise of Our country. I have prepared in every way I can and do my best to make sure information I find gets passed around to other sites so others can be prepared. I have hundreds of postings out there. Well, I am also prepared for the Grand Finale. Just sittin here in my hand basket waitin for them to come and try to take me away. I don't have a camoflauge burka tho. Where'd you get that?
Good reply Lee; And as to Agricultural why did they quit storing grain?Hmmm if we have one bad year of grain production millions will die.The head of the Ag came out awhile back warning about it. It was on the Farm Report and never was on MSM.And as to your last phrase that is the Definition of being American! Remember that's why we put; In God we Trust!! on all our money.
Lee Johnson, I thank you for this written understand for which so many of us feel is on target. At issue is Peloci and her collegues are addults and the best action buy the citizens is to get involved with the citizens Common Law Grand Jury, present the fact for indictment to remove her and any of not all congressional and senate elected officials for failing to forfill their dutiesd sworn toperform in office and after being removed from office, confescate and return to the national treasury any and all moneys earned and given (bribs, entitlements, retirement) to them since being in 'public" office with no retirement possible as so many American Citizens now face because of their stupidity. We must be dilligent and organized to take the Republic Back. Keep upthe fight, we all must be participate and incourage others.. God Bless all those that seek His truth in these and all lifes efforts.
The federal government (congressional, executive and judicial), has grossly violated the constitution and shows no regard for it. Therefore we need to remove it and try to re-establish it the way it was intended. We are supposed to be a coalition of sovereign states that agree on the principal of god given rights, not a bunch of slaves under the boot of a tyrannical government. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!
Is there any way all of us could copy this and send to our own CongressCritters?
Please do!
Reply to Mr. Schmitz.
I don't think this letter is meant to condone illegal drug. The issue is that sporting franchises are private businesses and as such Congress has no oversight authority in how they are managed. It is unConstitutional. But that little document is being shredded in this administration. I wasn't too thrilled with the last four years of the previous administration. But at least we knew that Bush had our country's interest at heart and he's a natural born citizen of this country.
A good rant for sure, raises many of the valid concerns we all share. I hate to criticize you but you seem to need a review of the Constitution as well along with an understanding of what war is. I hate this congress and administration for what they are doing, enabled mind you by the the traitorous Bush administration and setup for election by complicit media, RNC, Republican mindless voters, and the Bush/Clinton administrations past acts and legislation ( ala the patriot act etc.)

War is not declared on an improper noun, a verb, an adjective or anything else but a sovereign State. To say the phrase "war on terror" demonstrates ignorance of what war is.

Secondly you said "The unprovoked attacks of 9-11 are ALL the justification the Bush administration ever needed to justify declaring war on these terrorists". The Bush admin declared war, READ THE CONSTITUTION then because CONGRESS is the only body with the authority to declare war and they did NOT do so. Bush was out of order in prosecuting an undeclared war and should have pressed for a declaration of war on Afghanistan and Iraq and any other State(s) he felt were a threat to our national security. He did not, therefore Congress did not, and hence there really is NO WAR ON TERROR. No declaration, no war. So why are our troops overseas and in harms way?

Third you say that "We" don't care how terrorists are interrogated. NOT SO FAST. I was just classified as a terrorist by our own departement of homeland security (a department very much like the Nazi SS if you check your history). So I very much DO CARE how they interrogate terrorists. I have no desire to be abducted in the night and waterboarded until I fess up the location(s) of my firearm(s) or any other intentions I may ever have had. NO THANK YOU and I DO CARE!!!!!!!!!!! All human beings have rights as those rights come from God, not the Constitution (read the 9th amendment if you have any doubts). As humans we have rights, even muslim extremists have them. When humans excercise those rights to cut of the rights of others (as do the islamofacists) then those whose rights are threated have EVERY RIGHT to oppose them with force. That sir is the justification for war and holding the POWs indefinately without trial until hostilities conclude is legal. Had Congress declared war, GITMO (bless their hearts) would have been legal but as it stands there is NO WAR legally declared so those are not POWs. So what are they?

Lastly, agreed, congress is out of control, you being out of control does not help our cause unfortunately. These folks are "hired" via an electoral process and that is how you also "fire" them (remember Tom Foley?). Simply announcing like an angry child that they are fired does nothing but show your irrationalness. Cool, calm, collected, thats what we need to be, not a RAGING KOOK LUNATIC (to them anyway) which only proves to them further that they are doing the right thing in clamping down on freedom making things worse.

Yours in Liberty,

Freebird, Unfortunatly, I did not write this great letter. I just passed it on. The Chicken lady wrote it and I will be glad to take umbrage on her behalf and also tell you on her behalf that you lose credibility when you denigrate, belittle and name call. For me, it throws the rest of your argument out the door and not worth debating. I will answer your one question; The POW's are now Enemy Combatants.
FreeBird, consider this:

"CONGRESS is the only body with the authority to declare war and they did NOT do so. (Yes they did, almost unanimously.) Bush was out of order in prosecuting an undeclared war and should have pressed for a declaration of war on Afghanistan and Iraq and any other State(s) he felt were a threat to our national security. ( Ever heard of the Emergency War Powers Act?) He did not, therefore Congress did not, and hence there really is NO WAR ON TERROR. No declaration, no war. (What would you call it when you are up against terrorist factions throughout the Middle East and supported by multiple nation states, potentates, kingdoms, sponsors and illegal enemy combatants from them all at one time? If you have a better term or technical description that fits, let's hear it.) So why are our troops overseas and in harms way?" (All of the above.)



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