How do our troops at all levels feel about what is going on in our military? This is how one feels.



Penned by CJ Grisham

Suicides in the Army went up AGAIN for the third month in a row. Why do you think that is? Because the @#%$%W&^ leadership doesn't give a damn about its troops. They care about stats and pieces of paper and spreadsheets...dotting the i's and crossing the t's. We are just numbers on a AAA 162. The goal is to climb on the backs of your troops to reach dizzying heights where reality ceases to exist. When you see your troops suffering, they're just dirtbags that another counseling statement or letter of reprimand will fix. So you add more stress instead of sitting down and actually speaking to someone without a pre-signed piece of paper in front of you. It's all scripted and yet we continue to ask, "why?" Shit, we sit through HOURS of suicide prevention training. Maybe that's not enough. Maybe we need more talking heads standing on a podium barking at the masses in front of them about how bad suicide is and "watch your battle buddy." Hurry up, though, because it's almost lunch time or the end of the duty day. The guys committing suicide don't feel like they have battle buddies, so what's your response to that? I know, how about a "high risk 3x5 card" on anyone may be experiencing high levels of stress?! UREKA!!! What a f***ing joke! Gone are the days of responsive leadership. Why deal with these people? We're downsizing. We'll just push out the guys who can't f***ing get their acts together. But, first we'll create a paper trail. Can't have these douchebags collecting benefits when we finally wash our hands of them. And don't stand up for the guys having these problems. You just don't get it. Stay in your lane. Oh, and don't complain about what's fucked up with the Army. That's disloyal. Get back in line and know your place; shut your face.

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The Marxists took GOD out of the US Military and out of the USA.  We will pay.

We must pray for our troops. They are they are victims of this terrible administration.

Our troops need to drop their weapons now and walk!!!  All of them together  NOW!

Under the UCMJ you do not have to follow an unlawful command. These individuals should think and bind together and let justice prevail especially in the field! If it goes all the way to the top, under the Constitution(you swore to protect and defend) and UCMJ, you can remove them from their position, contained and prosecuted. Just make sure of your facts, witnessed, documented and take your steps. This could get ugly, but so is what is going on. Focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, trust HIM and HE will show you the path to take. Experience soldier. 

I would not serve this current setting government.

"suicide is painless--it brings on many changes, But you can take or leave it if you will"  A reasonable man /or woman might be able to grasp that then when we have a Government that is so divorced from the Founding Principles of the Christian Religion and the Morality that springs from and reflects the principles of our founding religion( Christianity) When our President and his Pentagon  now opposes what was established and embraces our enemy--while offending our allies---When our men and women are deployed to train the enemy to slay anyone who disagrees with their brand of Islam and our Government attempting to make us all a Sodom and Like unto Gomorrah  When such fundamental change is being pressed on a captive audience many of whom were raised more like Gen. George Washington expected To so  live and act as becomes a Christian soldier. when the Muslim is now protected- even to the point of allowing Jihad progress beyond some intellectual argument to be called a workplace incident --No wonder some surrender to the solution the individual yet controls.For suicide is painless--it brings on many changes and you can take or leave it if you will.


Big pharma - not just a conspiracy theory anymore. This includes vaccines, Monsanto chemicals/drugs in gmo's, growth hormones and antibiotics in farm animals, chemical weapons, the medicare part D give-away of more prescriptions, the diagnosis of countless autism/add cases needing ritalin, the exaggerated diagnosis' of PTSD so drugs can be prescribed (and guns taken), and more.



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