Constitutional Emergency

I ordered my survival food from this site. Not expensive for the purpose and very portable. Various sizes and prices. I'm sure there are a lot more places; if someone knows where the good deals are, let's share them.

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Thanks!  :-)

Yes we do deserve that through our tears ! :)

Great link, Mr. T. tells it like it is.

I was impressed !

thank you.

Miquel, there are several people here working on getting a group discount and maybe wholesale prices for this.  If you find a good deal, obviously jump on it but dont stress the pocket book too much.  We should have some group pricing here within the next week that can really stretch our dollar.  We will post it to everyone as soon as we iron out the details.  Check in with Judy Townsend or myself if you have any questions.

No sweat. I just thought of adding an idea, bc I hadn't seen it here (I haven't read everything). I'm a few days new here. I'm sure I have a lot to learn from y'all.

If people want to make personal purchases, they certainly can and should.  I posted the above because it would not be cool if multiple people contacted those companies with whom I have already corresponded asking discounts, donations, etc. I have contacted seven companies.  I have gotten a response which included a price for a bulk quantity of entrée pouches from one company.  Another company is working on a price for MRE's.  Another company is working on prices for both. 

Most of us would have to take what we have on hand with us in a survival situation.  Many of us have assembled 'kits' of our own special foods and what we need to be doing is educating ourselves to know what is edible and what is not, out in the wilds. 

Best source of edibles in the wild are the books of Ewel Gibbons (or maybe it is Euel Gibbons) and all you have to do is google his name.  He was a naturalist and an herbalist and could find food anywhere in the wild.

One thing to watch when buying assembled food 'kits' is the out of date stuff that may be included in your kit.

Due diligence is required when investing in any prepper stuff.

Urban preppers need to have these kits as they are usually freeze-dried, light weight, add water type stuff and pack down really small.  Urban preppers are the ones that need to get out of Dodge ahead of the curve, or they are in for a nasty time.

When prepping; keep your mouth shut.  Tell NOBODY what you have or don't have.  Your house will be the new 'grocery store' when they run out of stuff. 

One vital 'must have' for all preppers; a water purification system...whatever works that you can afford, I would advise getting that first.

If you don't have a 'cabin in the woods' you can make a temporary shelter with two tarps and some 2X2 sticks pre cut to about 7 or 8 foot long.  and a couple of coleman lanterns for heat.

an old, pre-WWII boy scout handbook might come in very handy.  and the old FOXFIRE series as well.

I have a couple of cases of datrex. They are emergency bars that don't make you thirsty. It's actually the stuff they have in lifeboats. They Last for 5 years and I got them a couple of months ago. Being a biker I have to travel light. 

If you are looking for non-GMO products,which I feel is important,I recommend "



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