Survivors in Afghanistan Need Immediate Help - 56 Soldiers Lost EVERYTHING

UPDATE AS OF 6 OCT 09 1400 hrs

All winter knit hats have been donated

10 sets of twin sheets have been donated

30 pairs of shower shoes have been donated

2 pairs of size Medium ACUs have been donated (even though we weren't asking for those but HOOAH)

$325.00 in cash has been committed

About 20 individuals and organizations have contacted me and are going to donate but I don't have specific items or amounts yet. Hope to have more info by end of day or tomorrow.

A couple of people have inquired as to why we need to know what and how many items they are donating. The reason is because we want to keep up with the items to make sure we cover all they need and don't have excess in some areas and not enough in others. I will continue to update here as I get firm committments about what is being donated. Most of all we appreciate ALL of you for pitching in and working on this as a team with us. We will be "briefing" the CSM via email tonight. I will post his reply here (assuming he has time to respond).

From Cow Pastures to Kosovo

Like so many of you my heart has been heavy since the news of the attacks on our posts in Afghanistan on Saturday. The families of the Fallen are first and foremost in my thoughts and prayers. May God give them strength and comfort as they prepare to lay their loved ones to rest and may they always know that there are many of us out here who will ALWAYS remember their sons, brothers, fathers and husbands.

On another note, my great friend and troop support partner, Bob Connolly and I have been in direct contact with the unit's CSM after learning that the base was destroyed and the men lost all of their belongs except the clothes on their backs. The Army is working to replace uniforms for the men. But they need assistance with other personal items. And they NEED TO KNOW that we are thinking about them over here, too.

Please contact me IMMEDIATELY to help fill their "needs" list below.

Socks (both white socks and winter wool hiking socks)

MED - 24
LG - 22
XL - 10

Underwear (boxers and boxer briefs

SM - 3
MED - 30
LG - 21
XL - 2

tshirts (must be Army ACU tshirts - Army will issue for immediate need but extras are always helpful)

SM - 3
MED - 30
LG - 21
XL - 2

PT shorts (or long pants) and shirts

SM - 3
MED - 30
LG - 21
XL - 2

Shower shoes

MED - 24
LG - 22
XL - 10

Towels, wash clothes, twin sheet sets, pillows, blankets (fleece)- Need 56 sets

Razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream - Need enough for 56 men

Running shoes - we are awaiting specific sizes

The above items are the "immediate" needs.

Other suggestions are:

balaclavas, knit caps to fit under helmets (dark colors), winter gloves (dark colors and preferably water proof)

iPods, DVDs, MP3 players and movies, batteries, digital cameras.

Please contact me ASAP via emial We want to work to assure every Soldier is covered with basics first so it is important that we track the donated items. If you prefer to make a monetary donation I can give you information to do so.

Bob is getting some goodie boxes out to them today just to let the know we are behind them. We need to get these other items in route ASAP.

Many thanks!


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We are in. Send me info for shipment and we will provide as much as we can.
I will chip in please send me the information and I will start now....

We are already doing this with operation shoebox, I will let them know too, but I bet they know already. However, personal boxes from individuals mean a lot to these young people who are in harms way.

Can I post this on Facebook for Soldier's Angels and what can I do? You know I'm in!
Will ship C & C items soon as I get a valid APO. Also, alerted local units (J`bad) to pass on extra items they may have on hand. Some items scheduled for units around J`bad will be redirected to these guys as part of OPERATION CookieJar's ongoing support program. Nothing was mentioned about rations. I am working on funeral details for 1 one the [local] KIA's so it might be a couiple of days.
There are NO ACU (ARPAT) T-shirts available locally. Some are 50/50 Poly, the kind that melt to your skin when they get hot. We've been asked not to send them. All Cotton in Tan / Brown are available. So is fabric dye.
Yep! Got in touch with Tankerbabe. OCJ will take care of all the toiletries for theses guys and will help out with additional stuff. In combat, there is no such thing as having too much! I have units at 09354 (Pale Horse) that are due to rotate this month. I'll just switch over to the guys at Bostick (Mountain Warrior). We'll fix`em up pronto, Tonto!
Twana, count me in I will do what I can... JD
Just an FYI folks: Officers & enlisted in A`stan have asked (me) not to use rank or job title as a part of their mailing address. As sad as it is, some of those people over there are stealing stuff meant for our troops. Also, on your Customs Form, you might consider a re-direct address as; Commanding Ofc - Chaplain Corp (@ same TF & APO), just in case your favorite soldier isn't around.
Marines I've worked with always got their Care Packages OK. They might have ended up at another FOB but eventually, everythng ended up at the right place (that's when sending your fav K-9 home was a big deal). At Christmas `07, 40 some Christmas Boxes I sent to Mehtar Lam (A`stan) never showed up. Over $2000. worth of stuff just disappeared. I even had MP's in Bagram keeping any eye on things.
It may not be 'over there' that things are being stolen.
I sent two packages to a unit (revived A-Troop, my old unit) and tried to track the last one. (Don't know if they got the first one.) On-line stated 'Received at Post Office' two weeks after sending. Stopped by PO and checked. They went on their site. Same thing. She checked in back and said it wasn't there. Then was told 'Once the package gets into Military hands there is no way to track it.' It was tracked from my hand to theirs. PO workers 'Stole it.'??? I don't know. Did not insure it so no recourse to get value back. Next time I'll use a different PO.
I sent in a donation, e-mailed Soldiers'Angels, They're in..whoo hoo.
So all we need to do is contact Tankerbabe?



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