SYRIA: “No boots on the ground”…but 300 Marines on board USS San Antonio “just in case”

I'm thinking there are already boots on the ground.



Bare Naked Islam

Just in case WHAT? Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, the Mutt & Jeff of American Defense policy. We are so screwed.

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geroge you left out while moose obama stuffs her big fat mouth.

I agree with you all, but WWIII is coming and soon, and we have no support

Chris et al,  I don't know if we will ever have WWIII, but I do know that we have been only  "one accident" away from WWIII ever since the end of WWII.   Russia, China, and the USA are fully prepared to attack in a heart beat but are not really capable of a total defense. The civilian, as well as the military, casualties will be astronomical.  The Muslims will love it as most of the civilized world be obliterated and they can finish off what's left of us.

 When or if WWWIII starts it will probably be from some stupid thing like Syria.  Major powers playing politics like mad dogs fighting over useless bone.


I have no doubt that Twana is right that we already have boots on the ground probably setting up targets.  Just as in Vietnam we had boots on the ground long before the war ever started.   Anyone who does more than watch sports and sitcoms know that Obama and Kerry are both diabolical liars and manipulators.


The people in congress are traitors to the man that vote w/his hinny. I sure hope more Americans WAKE UP soon, rather then later. . .

 There is a lot of stuff going around the net, some is rather far out but who knows how far out the truth may be.  Myself, I think there is no reason for the Syrian Government to gas their own people.  They really can not kill any more people that way then they already have killed with conventional weapons and they know it would bring in outside intervention.  However, it would be to the rebels advantage if NATO or UN thought the Syrian Government might be using WMDs.  After all, over 100k people died before any WMDs were supposed to have been used.  I think we might be drawn into something that will give Iran a reason to openly join the fight against our military.  I have a good friend that was over in Afghanistan and Iraq working EOD and he said that most of the bombs and munitions he came across came directly from Iran, but they were told to not talk about it.  Iran makes some very nasty IEDs. I believe they would be a very rough bunch to have to face in Syria and I don’t think our military would get the support needed either financially and/or support from our Administration.  Look what a mess we have made in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are just walking away without finishing anything.  It is the same thing we did in Vietnam.  After years of telling the people we would always be there to help them we just walk away and the bad guys walk in and kill anyone that supported us.  The same thing is happening in Iraq and is going to happen in Afghanistan and if we go into Syria it will happen there also.  But we will let them kill a few thousand young Americans before we loss heart and walk away. 

Obama put boots on the ground in I believe Sudan about two years ago, and he didn't ask anybody. Remember? Most Americans were unaware, but it wasn't secret. It was supposedly to fight that guerilla leader who was vicious, recruiting and killing kids (but all reports were that he'd been killed and was long gone by the time Obama sent troups).

We have has Boots on the ground since last January.  Hell, we have been in Jordan for the last 2 years.  Where did everyone think the Troops in Iraq went to because very few "came home".  Jordan, Kuwait, Africa (Uganda), etc, etc, etc...



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