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This is a mistake to let the Muslims build these structures.

Yes, and these people are patient in their evil intentions... they want to take over the world and populate everywhere they can and have been for years... We have freedom of religion in America unless you are Christian (so it seems).. If there are true loyal "American Muslims" and loyal to America, how are we to recognize them and trust them? Radical Muslims (how do we know they aren't all radical?) are not here for freedom of religion,they are here to take away OUR America,freedoms, "change our traditions and history".

Does that ring a bell, Michele Obama-as she stated"we have to change our traditions and history"?

The P.C. crowd is taking over and it is dangerous as they appease our enemies...  they too have been patient  as these Progressives want to change America and are in the process of it at every turn for 100+ years now... Whatever is bad and dangerous for America the Lefties seem to be for it...

God Save and God Bless America!

Thank-you to ALL our precious,beloved military for your hard work and sacrifices on behalf of America,"We The People" and the world...God BlessYou All!

You wouldn't hear about these terror training camps or number of mosques in America on "the state run media" programs!

This is absolutely disgusting. Why all the sudden all these Muslims and their stupid mosq. We will run them all out of America.

Brenda...I want to say this kindly...unless you and thousands (tens of thousands?) of others are actively participating in efforts to preserve our nation, we will lose to not only radical Muslims but evils of all sorts of stripes.  I hope you are one of the partcipants.  The time for making verbal challenges is over.  I also hope you are stocking up on beans and defenses.

Judy,  you have the right idea.  But, may I suggest you stock up the Marine Corps way?  First, lots of ammo, then water, then food.  While doing that, make sure you find others that are willing to lock and load with you...  Semper Fi!  Gunny Lakin

Thanks Gunny!  I am still doing and  have done what you recommend.  The difficult part is finding those who have the same mind set.. Do you live in Amarillo, TX?  LOL  It's hard to believe in the middle of redneck/cowboy country how difficult it is to find like minded people.

No, Judy, I have the misfortune of living in Orange County, CA.  There are many Americans in my area, but there are too many liberal retards (libtards) here for me to do much good.  We do have a lot of Marines, though.  I have several clients that live in the Fort Worth area and they are definitely real Americans.  No matter what, keep your powder dry, your bayonet sharp and your head down!  Semper Fi! Gunny Lakin

I trust you have a BOL and an evac plan!  Always welcome here if you can make the trip!  BTW Ft Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio are all heavy liberal...makes since...they are the "big" cities in TX.  But still, many wise people and preppers in all those places.

Thank you for the information.  I have what I will need for a few weeks while I am checking out the deserts and high country.

Someday, either Texas or Arizona.  I hope you never tell Carlita in Fort Worth she is a liberal!  She is far to the "right" and proud of it...[:=)

Thank the Lord for Carlita who is far to the right and proud of it!  Fort Worth need a 100,000 more like her!  :-)

Maybe I should ask her if she would like to get in touch so you two can start planning ahead.  Her dad is also a great guy, even if he was Navy!  Semper Fi!  Gunny Lakin



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