Constitutional Emergency

Taliban's Response to Obama's Apology: 'Kill Them, Beat Them, Take Them as Prisoners'


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When you are engaged by another in a conflict you must gauge your actions with Honor and Dignity.  However, you have to realize that the actions your enemy takes against you amount to setting the rules of engagment.  I always play by the rules others set in motion, if they act with Honor and Dignity, I will follow suite.  If they do not, I am forced to abide by the rules they set for themselves.  I always stay prepared and able to adapt to any situation,and always strive to exceed the abilities of those who attack me, my family or my country.  Islam has established the rules they want to play by, though we do not like to behave as they do, it's their rules, we can do that far better than they know.  Islamists, I have heard you have been burning Bibles for about two thousand years, I think it is time we treat you as you have treated us.  Do unto others, you obviously don't understand.

Islam has only been around for 1400 years or so.Your talk is basically spot-on,

but for YEARS mistaken.These ANIMALS were bred as a counter to Christ,I

honestly believe that.Look at the timeline.Time for NEW CRUSADES,in the name


"...some insane Muslim Leaders"?  You're kidding, right?  That's like saying, "...some Nazi leaders..." or "...some Communists..." or "...some child molesters..."

If you've seen one, you've seen them all.

Right behind Ya....


Pull our troops out, put those three and a bunch more in DC on a plane, send them over there THEN NUKE THEM ALL!!! AND I DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO THEM NOR ANYONE!!!

I like the terms "radical cleric" and "militant cleric" being used in the story, obviously intended to fool us into thinking that these are the exception rather than the absolute rule.  Do you think that life here, in the good, ol' U.S. of A., would be the same if these barbarians gained political control of the nation?  That's what they're angling for.

I have to agree with Mr. Elliott, with the exception that we lay down the law thusly:

"Now, you boys better behave yourselves!  No more aid from "The Great Satan" for you.  Furthermore, we have the capability to 'reach out and touch' you anywhere on the planet.  The next time any of you hurt anyone in the name of 'islam' or 'allah' or 'jihad', we will make one of your cities disappear from the face of the Earth.  We will begin with Mecca, then Medina, and so on; you have a 'target-rich environment'.  So, knock it off."

I'm sure that they would test us, but, by the second or third "disappearance", this nonsense would cease.

By "removing" a city, we also remove a LOT of hate-spewing clerics.  There is no point in killing a few at a time; we have tried that with Tomahawks and so on, to no avail.  When fists don't do the job, get a pistol; when the pistol doesn't do the job, get a rifle; when the rifle doesn't do the job, get a "blooper"; when...

Why waste money, time and ammo?  Start with the "big stuff" and take care of business in forty minutes or so.

Great idea!!!

"Mecca" would certainly be enough.Watch 'em fold like those rags on their heads,LOL

Good Idea,I second the motion.\.

This is MY fu**ing point.This is NOT a "religion",it is a social,political,religious,military,

financial "ideology" which is in NO WAY compatible with the US Constitution.



They want US DEAD!!


How does one make "Peace" with that??

Ah Well, that went really well didn't it barry? While you're kissing one of those muslim butts his friend is about to cut your head off.  That is fine with me but it isn't your head you are sticking out there, it is mine, that of my children, that of my friends, that of our military, that of our nation.

the korans were defaced by the muslim prisoners themselves.i want to know WHO and WHY told the muslims that the korans were burnt in the first place.i think whoever told them is trying to stir up trouble.probably obummer himself. kill all of them and let allah sort them out.



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