I’ve studied the growth patterns of each of the states (and D.C.) since January 2010 utilizing twelve (12) available national networks. The results are heartening and Americans are each in their own way working to re-fresh the nation and our government.

Even the slowest state growth of patriotic activism in the past five months still exceeds the growth necessary (I believe) for a healthy re-birth of our Constitutional Republic:

CA – 6% (51st)

NY – 8% (50th tie)

FL – 8% (50th tie)

KY – 8% (50th tie)

VA – 8% (50th tie)

For a conservative majority on every level, the nation needs AT LEAST 5%-10% growth month-over-month of patriotic activists and aware citizens. This occurs throughout embracing community & networking, humanity & faith, and participation. This great country of ours has been growing conservative activism (an aware electorate) at an average rate of 16% for five months straight!!!

The fastest state growth of patriotic activism in the past five months is as follows:

                DE – 21% (3rd tie)

                OR – 21% (3rd tie)

                MT – 22% (2nd tie)

                LA – 22% (2nd tie)

                NV – 22% (2nd tie)

                MS – 39% (1st)

Top Ten in terms of conservative political activism by state population:

1 – Alaska

2 – Montana

3 – Wyoming

4 – Idaho

5 – New Hampshire

6 – Mississippi

7 – Nevada

8 – Delaware

9 -  Kansas

10 - Maine

Bottom Ten in terms of conservative political activism by state population where our brothers and sister must surround these states and provide support:

42 – Hawai’i

43 –  Connecticut

44 – Minnesota

45 – Michigan

46 – Massachussets

47 – Wisconsin

48 – New Jersey

49 – New York

50 – Illinois

51 – California

 Vermont Ranks #17 out of the 50 States (and District of Columbia)

Pennsylvania Ranks #35 out of the 50 States (and District of Columbia) 

We’ve still got a lot of work to do. Please bring one person into your life each week, that’s all, and the movement will swell to a majority beyond scale as we do surround them. PA, FL, OH, TX, IL, CA and many others still have a long way to go, and they will need all of our help, so don’t forget to put some thought into our other sovereign states during your travels.

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Somehow I am not sure about the stats here in CA. We have never seen so many people in this state complain about the Dems. Most of the email that we used to receive from friends and family used to be just jokes and useless stuff, now about 90% is political and it is all complaints or jokes about the Dems. Never have I seen an email environment so filled with dislike for one of the Parties and I know that most of the people who are sending me things are registered Dems who have now switched sides. Then we all forward the emails to our contacts and I have received so many of the same emails from groups that I know have no contact with each other. I would have to say that there is probably more unregistered growth going on then anyone knows. Then there are the text jokes that also go around and I know Union people who have expressed voters remorse but do not want to let their Union leaders know, but they are passing the emails and jokes around too.

Let us just pray that in November they remember their remorse and vote with some commonsense and American values that they have not used in the past. I pray that their fear of Progressives who want to change our great country is greater than their dislike of Conservatives. I think that most of them now realize that the "Change" they got was not the "Change" they thought they were voting for. We need to be the party of "Rebirth", the party that rebuilds our country into the great country it once was. I think that this is all any true American really wants. They want the truth from the government, they want less taxation, they want to be protected, they want to be heard, and probably most of all they want a government that governs for the republic and not one that is run by self centered individuals who are out to control everything and to try and get rich in the process.

But I think this is now becoming the most important thing that any voter wants anymore and that is "Term Limits" for everyone who works in the government. Not even just the elected officials, we want term limits for many of the government jobs because as we all know that very little work is ever done by the majority of so called workers. There should also be a total ban on all Unions for government workers because they are paid with public funds and if these workers do not do their jobs properly for the public then the public should be able to fire them. We in the private sector have to work our butts off to keep our jobs and then our hard earned money is then stolen from us by a government who then uses it to pay workers who do not do half the work that we do and they know nothing can be done about it. I do know some government workers work hard and do their jobs, but there are many more who do not and could care less because they are protected by Unions. Jobs paid by public funds should never be allowed to be unionized. Somehow this has given too much control to the Unions over our government and over our stolen tax money. I am not against Unions, I am against Unions for employees who are paid with our stolen tax money. We need a new moniker to go with the Taxed Enough Already, TEA Parties, something like this one, Stealing Taxes Of Our People, STOOP Parties. The STOOP Parties could be used outside State and Federal Government meeting for Congress, Senates, and for local and county governments too. I think as everyone is realizing that they are having less and less money in their pockets and these governments are getting more and more in their coifers then STOOP Parties might become a lot more popular. This would really confuse the MSM because if no one tells them what STOOP means then they might look like the fools they are when it does come out.

Anyway, just an idea if anyone want to use it go ahead. And keep sending emails out to all in your address book, no matter which party they are associated with, maybe some day one of them will change their minds to join the conservative movement to rebuild America.

God bless America and may America bless God.
Mrsupole - very good ideas, keep exchanging, keep getting them out into the ether and they will become reality.

Whenever I have an idea (does no good if I keep it to myself), I send to the national networks and ''let them fly'' - hundreds of thousands of people are a much larger base and more likely to stoke the flames of innovation, in addition to your local state networks.

The 8% I found for month over month growth in CA is great, by no means is this meager. To estimate the viability of the movement in your state, a ''marker'' to use is 3 million people. What is seen on the surface is consistently seven times greater beneath (and that does not include the individuals network-touch-points, as you've discussed).

I believe in my heart we are close, we must think in terms we've never thought before and keep the pedal to the metal.
Looking at the list above: AZ is currently 16
#16th, growing 13% month-over-month.

People seeking answers hit the internet. What we need to assure is that we are ''available'', that they can't avoid running into us when they search for the truth.

All of these networks need constant activity, people move to the greatest activity who are seeking change, or they reduce back to defeat and despair.

Some of the ten groups I listed are doing well, some are lingering, but all are available and powerful lighthouses, beacons at our fingertips should we use them. I feel we need them and use very single one to convey an idea.

Please rejuvenate the networks, share them to each other, between the groups so there is cross-connections, share them on FB. A refreshing of connection threads is always needed to keep the arteries pumping and truth moving troughout every crevice, every pore of the nation.

America Coast-2-Coast
Paul Revere's Riders
Tea Party Nation
Smart Girl Politics
9/12 Project
912 Coalition
Sarah Palin

People using each of these groups NEED to be aware of the others and encourage cross-communiction.
Lock, there are groups gathering and discussing the issues and getting smart from as small as groups of 5 to groups of 35,000.

I estimate over 17,000 organic grass-roots networks and discussion/support groups exist in this nation for the purpose of pursuing an aware electorate and removing the corruption and incumbants from our stagnant, ineffectual, and leaning despot/statist government at all levels.

Media will continue to pound in on all fronts that TEA is GOP (which could not be further from the truth) and to muddle the issues and contaminate the intent of the movement, thereby instilling doubt, hesitation, and despair/futility to thin the ranks of activism and dissipate energy.

It won't work - keep speaking out and reaching those who you never thought in your wildest dreams to talk to, you will find parallels and more agreement than not.
Wait 'till November.
House and Senate is in for an A$$ whoopin',LOL
I am surprised not to see New Mexico on the list with it heritage of honer and country. New Mexico has a deep relation with history, it went Union during the war but there was also Jessy James knights of the golden circle?).
Much of New Mexico is ranching and agriculture related with a twist of the Spanish land grant areas in the northern part of the state, and these people are very proud of there heritage and ancestry.
New Mexico appears to be ranked #28 in the nation and is growing electorate awareness and activism at an amazing rate of 18% month over month (the average is 16%).
I don't see Maryland in there at all! With Mikulski and Cardin as senators, we do certainly need Patriots here in Maryland.
Maryland improved by 3 spots in the past 5 months, from #43 in the nation to #40 in the nation and is growing at a healthy rate of 12% month over month (using 10% as a positive baseline). Keep up the good work, push the envelope down the home-stretch here.

If we hammer home successes in democratic strongholds and remove entrenched RINO incumbants across the board this November, people will be heartened that this is not a passing energy burst, but a true, successful and fundamental re-freshing and tactical execution of the power of The People managing thier government.



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