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Palin: Tea partiers have 'no choice' but Romney

'Of course they're going to go with anybody but Obama'

Published: 3 hours ago

After a long and sharply contested GOP primary battle, many Republicans, conservatives and tea-party types have been left questioning whether they can, in good conscience, vote for Mitt Romney in November.

Romney’s statements as a former advocate of legalized abortion, his hotly contested record on same-sex marriage and his health-care reforms while governor of Massachusetts – sometimes maligned as “Romneycare” – have left conservatives uncertain if the presumptive Republican nominee is really one of their own.

Tea-party darling and former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, however, is basically dismissing the concerns, telling Fox News Channel’s Shannon Bream that Romney has the Republican Party’s conservative base in the bag.

On “America’s News Headquarters” over the weekend, host Bream asked Palin if Romney’s choice of Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., as running mate would help persuade those “not completely sold” on the name at the top of the GOP ticket.

“A lot of maybe Tea Party patriots have understood, wisely, that they’ve had no choice,” Palin answered. “Of course they’re going to go with anybody but Obama, and now, yes, I believe that there will be a strengthening, more enthusiasm, because [of] this ticket.”

When asked how Romney needs to “coalesce” his message to communicate with voters, Palin doubled down on the notion that the GOP base is secured.

“It’s all about the independents, Shannon,” Palin said. “We don’t have to just keep on preaching to the choir, there, of the hardcore base of fiscal conservatives within the Republican Party – we got ‘em; Romney’s got ‘em. We’ve got to reach the independents.”

According to the latest polling data from Rasmussen Reports, however, Palin’s claims may be more predictive of voting in November than descriptive of the current divide within the Republican Party.

Rasmussen’s most recent poll on the question of voter enthusiasm found that only 16 percent of Republicans believe Romney and Obama are the best two options to be running for president, only 35 percent will affirm excitement about the match-up and a sobering 46 percent of all voters believe they “will simply be voting for the lesser of two evils this November.”

Nonetheless, according to the most recent Gallup polls, 90 percent of Republicans say they would vote for Romney if the election was today, and 92 percent of those who voted for GOP candidate John McCain in 2008 say they plan to vote for Romney in 2012.

When asked if she would endorse and stump for the presumptive GOP ticket, Palin responded, “Oh, 100 percent in support; I’m all in for Romney and Ryan.”

Bream’s interview with Palin can be seen below:

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Well....yeah. i like ryan a WHOLE lot better than romney. Herman cain was my choice but the libs and "media" HAD to force him out cause if he wouldve won the nomination, they couldnt play the RACE CARD anymore!

Actually, Sarah, Miitens doesn't have us in the bag just yet and it would be presumptuous of him to think so.  Millions of the Christian Right think he might be the devil personified. Libertarians think he's a neocon. Conservatives think he's a RINO. He will have to make certain commitments and guarantees to clinch the deal. Some feel that Ryan was a good start.

I would have to respectfully disagree with you.  I consider myself to be a very devout Christian who thinks that Rush Limbaugh is often a center leftist.  While Romney may not be a Christian, he is a man of faith.  That's more than can be said for bozo and the idiot.  If bozo has any faith it as a muslime.  If his idiot partner were to walk in to any place of worship the roof would most likely fall in.  To understand Romney one must look at what he has done in the past.  He is a man who spent 28 years of his adult life working without pay.  He gave away his entire inheritance from his father.  While he may have said some things in the past that do not necessarily sit well with conservatives one must consider the fact that in the very heart of liberalism he won the governor's office as a Republican.  Despite what the Democrats would have us believe, he does know how to create jobs.  He could not have made a better choice for VP.  I'm 68 years old and a VP choice has never created this much "buzz" in the media or the nation.  Ryan is very articulate and knows the federal budget like no one else in DC.  During the meetings between bozo and the house leadership on bozo care he obliterated in 6 minutes the Democrats' genius, bozo.  Finally as one pundit put it, choosing Ryan shows that Romney is serious about governing.  As regards the polls cited in the report, by wordsmithing the questions and manipulating the sampling pollsters can make polling outcome anything they want it to be.  Personally I'd like to see polling results for federal elections banned.  If the parties want to do polling for internal consumption that's fine but they should not be released.  Release of polling data is no different than announcing election results before all the polls are closed. No media outlet should be allowed to release results until the very last election station in Guam is closed.  They would probably cry foul along with their democratic bed mates but TS.

Do you trust a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)?  If so, then vote for this globalist!

I will vote for Romney as the first step in reclaiming our constitutional republic.  He certainly wasn't my first choice but we have to work with the tools we are given.

Not Guam. It has the first polls to close. International Date Line and all that.

Thanks for the correction.

I really don't understand how people can continue to claim that Romney, (or any Mormons) are not Christians.
Marvin, Do you have any idea what the full name of the Mormon church and religon actually IS ?

The name of the church and the religion is,  The Church of Jesus Christ and the Later day Saints.

With a name like that how in the world can anyone claim that Mormons are not Christians ?
Look it up man.

I know very well what the name is.  I also know that God's revealed word is in the old and new testaments and not in the book of mormon.  The last thing Jesus said on the cross was, "It is finished."  There have been and never will be any more prophets or revelations since then.

I too do not care for Romney but I will be voting for him and will attempt to get everyone I know to do the same. The simple fact is that if we don't get him elected it will end the republic as we know it and lead to, debatably, the first U.S. dictatorship. The o has already come a long way toward his goal of relegating the constitution to a footnote in our history and would continue the course with a vengence if re-elected. If Romney doesn't "have us in the bag yet" does it mean that you would allow the o to continue on his path of detruction to our country?

I'm a TEA Partier and Palin has no clue what she's rambling about.  #1 - Romney has not secured the nomination.  #2 - if Romney steals the nomination with the help of the illegal Republican Party, then I'll be voting for Johnson.  I am so sick of this two Party system that I might actually vote for O-blame-o just to shut everyone up!

I know how you feel, Twana.

But, there are some Conservative and Libertarian people who actually want Obama to get re-elected, which they think would force a revolution and get the NWO crowd thrown out of here permanently. I don't think our population has the cojones anymore.



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