As I received an email today from COL Riley regarding the Tea Party National Convention and it raising the possibility of this convention developing into the "real thing" I felt moved to post a cautionary note. For full disclosure, I am a former member of Tea Party Nations' Advisory Board who resigned their position for numerous reasons regarding the operation of TPN. I, along with several other Board members were subsequently booted and banned from TPN as a result of our questioning the ethics, mission, and direction of this organization. In fact hundreds have been banned from TPN due largely to their questioning the positions of this "for profit" organization.

Many of these concerns are coming to light now in the national media as the attention draws to this upcoming convention. In fact some of the original event sponsors have withdrawn their sponsorships as a result of all this negative and highly troubling information. I have posted numerous links below for your reference. Speaking for myself, and the majority of the tea party organizations in the host state for this convention, we do not support this fund raiser and are deeply concerned what this event might do for the tea party movement as a whole. The strong ties to the states GOP leadership and the heavy handed leadership of this organization make it anything but a true grass roots "we the people" entity.

So my writing this is simply to provide information from which the membership here can make an informed decision before lending this group or event any credence or any of your hard earned dollars.

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As I read Col. Riley's letter, I was SO glad about the news...the response to the Convention, etc. But I am also concerned. About the possibility of a third party!!!

In 1992, Ross Perot's campaign was poorly run, a flash in the pan...a disaster for the country, and it got Bill Clinton elected.

We need to make sure that any candidate will NOT be a third party candidate. We MUST find a "SO CALLED" Republican that will NOT be a third party person, but OUR candidate, running with the support of that Party, and OUR blessing, against ANYONE the democrats would decide to run. (If they have ANY brains, it won't be Obama!) No more Ross Perot disasters (AND I VOTED FOR HIM!!). Jean Turner
The "Tea Party" has slipped up on most folks and have led them to believe that they are for this nation..and the Constitution and Bill of Rights...But really just a front for the republican party.

I voted for well over 50 years as a republican...dyed in the wool so to speek...I was born during the Hoover administration and have observed politicks all my 76 years. But one day...after voting for GW Bush in 2000
I woke up and realized that the same old parties were about one and the same...corrupt from top to bottom and even more so today...I stopped listening to all the retoric of both parties and startred thinking for myself. Most any Blind person can see that...just listen to the news...all news and sipher it for yourself. One does not have to be a brain surgon to smell the stench and smoke from both parties...and know what it is!

A Third Party is just what this country needs...We desperately need for one third of all congress and state leaders to be from a third party...such as the YES, BOTH CURRENT PARTIES ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF A 3RD PARTY.

It is time for all voting citizens of our nation to wake up and smell the coffee...It was the same ol" Two Party System that started this mess and has brought us to the moral, cultural and financial disaster that we are in today! IT IS TIME FOR REAL CHANGE!

I will never vote again for republicans and surly never for a democrat..Never have and never will!.
MY HIGH HOPES are that all voting citizens will wake up and follow suite! Check out the
Please tell me why I would want to vote for either of the Same 2 Parties...I can come up with at least ten reasons for not voting for either party for every so called good reason anyone can point to!

If we can't elect enough 3rd party candidates this country is doomed...It took both current parties to get us to where we are.



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