Constitutional Emergency

When I saw Santeli ragging about the bailout in 2008 I marched in Washington DC on April 15 2008. This was the first officialTea Party rally. I will no longer donate or have anything to do with them. Please see their response to my question about American Spring below.

Lee Martin
Subject: Fwd: Inquiry from Website
JAN 15, 2014 | 11:53AM EST
Ashley M replied:
Thanks for contacting us, Lori. Tea Party Patriots is not promoting, giving out info about, or otherwise participating in this event (Operation American Spring).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. We greatly appreciate your support and hard work!

Ashley M.
National TPP Support Staff
JAN 15, 2014 | 11:02AM EST
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Lee wrote:

Help Desk Team, please handle this question.


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Date: Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 10:34 AM
Subject: Inquiry from Website
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Hello, how do you feel about The American Spring May 16, 2014? Are you in
or out? Thanks, Lori Ierace Tea Party Supporter April 15, 2008 Washington
D.C. To present.

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Yes....I know.......and  they continually ask me for donations to help them combat  Obama's dictatorial impulses.  I understand that they have to be careful ......what with the criminal behavior of the IRS sitting on  their 501c applications.

PFA/OAS is going to be  an expression of the synergy  of millions of  individual  responses to  the treasonous acts of  one unapologetic  Marxist, and his enablers in the Congress.

I'm lately having flash backs to that movie     " Close Encounters of the Third Kind "     wherein thousands of people from different walks of life began to feel  compelled  to  make a  mass pilgrimage to ....what was it....Superstition Mountain ?

Maybe it's the voices of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George & Martha Washington whispering in our ears...........?


Devil's Tower in Idaho.

OK , AL - Thanks !


Lori - I just finished listening to  most of Col Riley's interview with Eric Rush. NOW ..... I  can say .....without any reservations that after listening to Col.  Riley....... YES  I am  going..... far as   the District of Columbia.....? That -  I don't know.  

I'm not accustomed to being disarmed.  Presently...I am thinking in terms of N.E. Virginia ( somewhere)  VERY CLOSE to the Potomac.    I  am thinking in terms of  setting up my campsite  from my pickup.  Bringing along a BUDDY to help with the drive, a load of bottled water, gatorade, some first aide supplies, some MRE's,   protein snacks, a foam pad, and my sleeping bag........and  COFFEE !

I will also bring along a 72-hour backpack, and some  essentials for  my personal self defense  just in case  it becomes necessary to respond as "reserves" to back up those better suited than  myself   to occupy D.C.   I have some  physical limitations that  make me a bit grouchy......and render me  somewhat intolerant of intolerance....if you get my drift.

You know what though.....?  I am still able to get down on my knees.....and pray for the deliverance of our nation from  the political corruption, and  EVIL   refuse that has infested OUR White House.

Officially they may not support it but their members need to and are! If the party turns its back then they are traitors as well!

Got to thinking about " Close Encounters" again just now.

 When all of those people found their way to " Devil's Tower" - they were met by their government engaged in maintaining "order", and some other folks with a slightly different  agenda.

I have no doubt but that we will be met with opposition.  

I guess I'm  now - what  I used to refer to  an "Old Man".  I don't even have an interest in going hunting anymore because I'm  just not up to the mountain climbing.  I  really like my creature comforts.

Not looking forward to  protracted living out of my pickup. 

BTW - Anyone know if it might not be better to muster on the West Virginia side?  I need to check that out.  Virginia is a bit too .....urban ?



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