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The TEETH in our Tea Parties A Sample Open Letter.

Tea Party Planning Guide

This is a basic guide for establishing, promoting and implementing yourTea Party. If you see changes that need to be made, contact us and let us know what need to be edited.

Step 1: Avoid Duplicating Efforts - Check to see if someone else has already started planning a Tea Party in your city.

You'll also want to search Facebook "Tea Party", along with the name of your city/town, to see if an event has already been set up.

If nothing has been set up, then someone needs to get the ball rolling. And since you're reading this... it sounds like that someone might be you

Step 2: Coordinate - Send an email to letting her know you wish to set up a local Tea Party in your city.

Amy will work with you and help you get your Facebook Event page set up. You can do this on your own, of course, but it's easier for us to make sure we're not duplicating efforts if we're all collaborating with our actions.

Once your Facebook Event page is set up, you need to start working on the details of your Tea Party (What, when, where, what time, how, etc...)

Step 3: Pick a Location - Now it's time to ponder on various locations. Ask yourself "Where is the best place to host a Tea Party? In front of the Federal Reserve Bank? In a park? Where will you get the most attention? Where have protests been held in the past? Where was the February Tea Party held?".

It's also important that you check with your city/town to see if a "Demonstration Permit" is required to protest at a public property (I know... what about free speech?). We got around this here in Chicago by staying on sidewalks and marching through town instead of being stationary in a park or plaza.

Once you've gone through all the options, checked out what you think is the best location and found it to be feasible and confirmed it has enough space to contain a big crowd, go ahead and put it in your Facebook event page.

Send out an announcement to your members letting them know and begin putting together an email list of everyone you know so you can inform them as well.

Step 4: Prepare Media Campaign - Open up a plain text document on your computer. Now go to EVERY newspaper, TV and radio website in your city/town and hunt for phone numbers, fax numbers and emails. Build a list of each, and plan to contact each outlet through all three methods. You'll likely need help with this if you're in a large city, so get with some of the people coming to your Tea Party to help out if need be.

Draft a press release announcing your planned Tea Party. We have press release templates you can use if you do not know how to write one (coming soon.)

Send your press release out (make sure you have PLENTY of contact information on it. You can put our Press Secretary, Julie Johnson, on the release if you're not comfortable speaking with the media)

When do I send the press release out? The day, specifically, can vary. But usually you'll want to send it on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. You'll also want to do at least three press releases total... one the day you announce your plans, one as the event draws closer, and the last one the day before the event.

COMING SOON! RESOURCES We're working on press release templates, sign ideas, sign up sheet templates, email announcement templates and other resources that will help you plan your Tea Party. Stay tuned and watch for this to be published.

My words below:

I "PERSONALLY SUGGEST GOING TO THE TEA PARTIES IN YOUR AREA. ACTUALLY PUTTING BOOTS ON THE GROUND. I don't see Sending Tea Bags to the White House as helping anything. We already know they are just being thrown away...the very same as letters, faxes, emails etc.



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A bag of linen tea bags, like what they used in Colonial times is about $1.00 for five bags. Loose black tea is what? $2.00 per pound? Write with a black marker: " No Taxation without Representation" then on the other side of the tea bag, "National Tea Party Tax Revolt". Or something to that effect. Wrap the thing in nice packaging, then either mail it or physically take it to their office.

Like it?

I was told that sending an actual tea bag is not a good idea because it won't make it to the white house because of security reasons. Another group I belong to has suggested sending pictures of tea bags, the paper tag off the tea bags, and etc...Sending a teabag is a great idea! Unforunately if we want to get our messages heard, they have to actually make it to the whitehouse! ....of course I suppose if the Washington D.C. post office got flooded w/teabags...that probably would make a point none the less! haha

I've already been contacted by local citizens in neighboring communities for help in setting up tea parties. So, I already started to coordinate efforts for proper duplication and inter-community organization. The guidelines posted here are excellent.

I've been to medical marijuana rallies that had armed riot police making sure WE SAW THEIR BATONS, GUNS, ETC... and we're a bunch of cripples in walkers, wheel chairs, amputees, yea...REALLY DANGEROUS! Folks, we MUST maintain decorum and cooperation with city officials in our protest. Remember, the political climate is less than favorable toward Constitutionalists. Those who have seized power in our city and county offices, police departments are corrupt, and want to stomp out our Constitutional freedoms. So, we need to be prepared for if ( G-d forbid ) things get nasty.

During Medical Marijuana rallys where the police tried to deny our right to assembly and protest our grievances:
1) we would sit down on public grounds: ie: the sidewalk and MAKE THEM PHYSICALLY PICK US UP.

2) we would block parked police cars or motorcycle by laying down behind the vehicle on the asphalt.

3) NEVER YELL OR VERBALLY HARASS A "PEACE OFFICER". Just sit down, and try to cross your arms and legs. Become a rag doll. SAY NOTHING. If you have an injury or disability that physical handling will exacerbate, tell have ADA rights. We have had people who are physically disabled DELIBERATELY INJURED by police via manhandling during protests. They have to move you WITHOUT INJURING YOU. If you are injured with even a photographable bruise.....get photographs and make copies. File the grievance with evidence, take it to the media. If you are not a violent protester....there is NO REASON for any battery on the part of a "Peace Officer"---even in the situation of civil disobedience.

4) It is illegal for a male to touch a female. If you are a woman, you may only be moved by another female officer. If a male touches you, get their name and badge number---file a grievance, then report it to the media---MAKE A BIG STINK ABOUT IT. Make THEM look like sh*t.

5) do not block traffic in a walking protest. Stay on the sidewalks, use proper cross walks in crossing streets. Trust me, street signals BLOCK TIME IN TRAFFIC. Very annoying! Use them. Keep the crosswalks full of protesters.

6) Use freeway bridges to hang protest banners; you know cheap ones made out of bed sheets or butcher paper and paint. Get banners printed if you have the budget, hang them over freeways.

7) Use the buddy system....NEVER LET YOUR BUDDY GO TO JAIL ALONE. If you see one person doing an act of civil disobedience, join 'em.

8) Abide by the laws. If the peaceful protest march disintegrates into mob violence....leave the scene immediately. Do not get involved with a violent mob. As we've seen many times in history.....this stuff happens, and we are living in a politically charged climate. Especially in regard to the Illegal Immigration Issue.

In LA, the protests over the summer, became borderline violent with anti-illegal immigration protesters counter-demonstrating. We may have counter demonstration, so let them do their thing, but keep your cool. The idea is to provoke us, thus thwarting our cause. Let them look like idiots----keep your temper, watch your words and actions. The police are looking for an excuse to haul us away and discredit the movement! Don't give it to them!

9) Have fun. These events are so fulfilling. You leave feeling like you've done something powerful for your community, family and personally. It's an awesome feeling.

10) Thank your civic administrators who allowed you to hold the demonstration. Notice GOOD things that the police, do. Tell the city officials how gracious they were during the protest rally.

I am not an expert. These guidelines were what we've gone by in previous MMJ rallies. I hope these suggestions help. It would help to have a bone-fide set of rules and guidelines to go by and safeguards in the event that things don't go as planned.

You're Welcome.

We also had funds set up to help bail people out if they got arrested.

I say bring tea bags to the rally and toss them into a pile of defiance!!! I say bring a couple truck loads of tea and dump it at the State Capital Bldg.
That looks like Washington D.C. after Obamas Inauguration. I was disgusted to see video of our nations capital trashed by the fools that voted him in.

Everyone needs to bring a large trash bag with you to carry away your trash. It can be folded to fit neatly in your back pocket. If you bring bottles of water, pop etc., make sure you carry them away with you. Even if it isn't "your trash" per say, please take time to pick up after those less respectful of our city streets.
You are right. If they can't get us for anything else they might for littering. Bring a trash bag for yourself and if an officer says he'll/she'll arrest you for littering pick it up. When they are gone do it again. If it has to be repeated uncountable times keep the law when it is pointed out.

Yes, they may be getting thrown away, but don't discount the ENERGY and MESSAGE behind the action. The object, letter, fax may end up in the old shredder, "deleted" or other wise disregarded, but the IMPACT remains. If the White House receives 3 million ( 1 % of the total population ), that's a WHOLE LOT OF ANGRY TEA BAGS! Also, don't forget, each voice spoken represents 3,000 unspoken Americans. So, lets do the math:

3,000,000.00 x 3,000=9,000,000,000.00 PISSED OFF VOTERS. That is enough to rock capital hill until every elected official is pissing their pants!

Yes, on one level it might seem in's not.

Send those tea bags! Send those faxes! Send those e-mails! Do phone call marithons to officials who aren't in your district along with those who are! Those actions count. Most important.....


The combination of expressions of outrage will cause a spiritual and political earthquake that will not be forgotten. Oh yes, we will MAKE THEM LISTEN TO OUR CRIES!

This is not a protest against Democrats, it's against Government over stepping their authority, and we are fed up. Republicans and Democrats, you are all the same, you let us down. We want less government, less spending and lower taxes. Visit
Isn't it against the law to throw away mail and emails? Not counting the current 0-president who uses the Blackberry so that there's no paper trail.

IF you want to send a letter to 0-president, write an open letter and send it to the Washington Post as an editorial or op-ed piece.

Mail a letter to your CongressCritter with the letter to the 0-president included and ask your CongressCritter to hand deliver the letter to the White House staff.

Be creative to get letters to the 0-prez.
Writing Contest!

We need information flyers to hand out

Grand prize, you get to keep you money and freedom, submit here…



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