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Boy let me tell you the wolves are coming out of the closet down here after this yesterday. Some on Patriot Resistance and So. Florida Tea Party are engaging in character assasinations and calling Karin a fraud and not part of the tea party movement. I have been a member of DC WORKS FOR US since its inception and we have been fighting as hard as we can to try to change the direction our country is going in, and that is the definition of the tea party movement. I am thrilled to see the true colors of those who chose not to attend this meeting as they all had a 2 week notice. I hope everyone will be diligent when joining groups. I belong to many of them including these two, but I pay attention to what actions they take as well as to what their message is. We have no time for big egos as like you I am fighting for the very livelihood of my children and my country.

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That is exactly correct Twana we are not supporting the party machine, but we are supporting constitutional conservatives and like it or not the RNC has many more than the DNC. There are many independents as myself who identify with the RNC when they follow their original preamble and follow the constitution. I have to say there are only a few Democrats that I can say I would consider supporting because most are more liberal on issues than I. If this movement wants to make a difference then you have to meet with both parties so they know where we stand and what we intend to do moving forward.



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