Terry Trussell "“CHARGED FOR REPORTING A CRIME” Out of Jail..............

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Breaking: Terry Trussell Released From Jail
Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Thursday, October 30, 2014 @ 3:56 PM In National | No Comments


by Sharon Rondeau
Vietnam combat veteran Terry George Trussell was released from the Dixie County jail on bond on Thursday by Judge James C. Hankinson
(Oct. 30, 2014) — The Post & Email was notified just after 3:00 p.m. EDT that Dixie County, FL resident Terry Trussell has been released from the county jail on bond after a 10:00 a.m. EDT hearing.
Trussell was jailed by Judge James C. Hankinson on October 9 after Hankinson declared him guilty of “failure to appear” for a scheduled arraignment hearing on charges stemming from Trussell’s reporting of corruption within the Dixie County courthouse.  Trussell had, in fact, identified himself as present in the courtroom, which eyewitnesses reported Hankinson ignored, then ordered sheriff’s deputies to handcuff and arrest him.
An eyewitness to Thursday’s proceedings, Col. Harry Riley (Ret.) told The Post & Email that Hankinson presided over the one-hour hearing, during which “the judge concluded that it was appropriate to issue bail today for Terry.  He set a February trial date, but there’s a whole lot of legal wrangling that’s going to go on before that happens.”
Riley described the charges as “preposterous” and “ridiculous.”  “The court looks totally incompetent,” he told us.  “The prosecuting attorney today was mumbling and stumbling.  It didn’t appear the judge was very happy with the answers he was getting from the prosecuting attorney.   The prosecuting was trying to add additional requirements to the release question, and the judge discounted those and ignored them.  Basically, Terry is being charged for reporting a crime.”
Riley said that as the former Dixie County grand jury foreman, Trussell had tried to properly report evidence of a “potential crime” which was presented to him in his official capacity but was overridden by State’s Attorney Jeffrey Siegmeister.  “Right now, he’s out and reunited with his wife,” Riley concluded.
Siegmeister was not the prosecuting attorney at today’s hearing.
When The Post & Email asked about Trussell’s appearance, Riley responded, “He was very sharp in his discussion and questioning with the judge.  He had a pretty good growth of beard; he’s thinner than he was.  I talked with him personally for a couple of minutes after he was released and showed up at a restaurant where all of the supporters who were in the courtroom met.  He was very active and obviously, very happy to be out of jail, where he shouldn’t have been at all.  He identified to me the fact that he was eager to pursue this and bring it to a conclusion where he would be found ‘not guilty.’”
Riley told us that there were “about 50″ supporters who drove from various parts of Florida to attend the hearing as well as an individual who drove down from North Carolina.
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Need more supporters in the court house.

This news, as it seems to me, is like our Nation's second shot heard 'round the world. No longer do the administrative courts need to intimidate and abuse the citizens. We the People are going to form our own grand juries across America without court fees and exhorbitant legal bills ! Our Nation's court system heeded to be audited and it's judges reviewed for competency. Attorneys beware, your day in court is drawing nigh. God bless Trussell and God bless the Constitution of the United States of America ! Form your jury in your county TODAY ! ! !

Amen v Amen!

11/1/14- Was praying Victory re 10/30 hearing & Blessings to all there in Terry's support; Spirit bore witness to that Victory while i prayed & afterward- Halleluyah!  just read of actual release confirming same- again PTL!  Standing our ground in Truth, Justice & Peace, with Love & Joy in our Hearts is always a victorious stance.

Please CHOOSE to help we the people to peacefully & lawfully take back America to true Justice & Constitutional common law at www.NationalLibertyAlliance.org   (NLA)  Recent radio interview can be accessed at http://americamatters.us/show-archives/  clicking on "Just The Facts" and then click on 14-10-25 Just The Facts.mp3  (27 min w/ commercials about middle)

Subject of interview- The "hidden fourth" branch of gov't is discovered & being "resurrected" by we the people to save & restore America in practical manners. This grassroots movement has gained momentum to PEACEFULLY & LAWFULLY restore America to true justice, which we the people CAN choose to orchestrate & participate therein.

NLA's Writ of Habeas Corpus on Terry's behalf is worth your attention- do U think it gained the attention of "judge"?

Blessings to us ALL as we each BE and DO as we are called to honor Creator    :D

Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ!!! 

Hankinson's 'Circus Court' has been defeated (in this round)!  Now then, how and what else can we do to support Terry for the next '3-ring Circus Court' schemes? 

Thanks for the updates Col. Riley, many blessings upon you, Sir.  

You are right. That is a "Circus Court" that Mr. Hankinson thinks he presides over and calls his own. He appears to me to be as deluded by his misguided perception of his station as most other so-called judges. These people are nothing more than EMPLOYEES! They are YOUR EMPLOYEES! This one is merely one of the most recently exposed government employees who has overstepped his job description and this one happens to have seriously mistreated one of the People (Terry Trussell) whom many of us know. It is only a matter of time until We, the People finally wake up enough to realize the solution to the corruption of OUR government lies in our own hands. The reestablishment of the Common Law Grand Jury will go a long way toward solving the problem of corruption in our government and I, for one, am anticipating with glee the day that long-dormant yet valuable function is returned to its rightful owners, the People.

You ask how you can help and what you can do. May I offer this; there is an upcoming Board of County Commissioners meeting in Dixie County (presumably in Cross City) which will offer us, you and me and anyone else we can gather, an opportunity to show up, in force and with great numbers, in an attempt to convince these current County Commissioners that they SHOULD seat and fund a Common Law Grand Jury for the People of Dixie County. So, you can help by both showing up yourself on the evening of November 20, 2014 (6pm) and letting everyone you can think of that this will be happening and get them to also show up. We must arrive in sufficient numbers and without arousing suspicion or alarm on the part of other government employees in Dixie County (e.g., Sheriff, Police, etc.) in order to effect this much-needed change. Please reply to this post so that I know you read it.

I am a free, independent, natural and sovereign human being, one of the People, and I intend to stay that way for the duration of my earthly existence. Having a system of nation-wide CLGJs in place will help immensely in keeping that a possibility.

You are on target John...........none of the establishment owns anything...we the people are in charge...and we need to take charge.

I made the first BOCC meeting and Terry's arraignment this past Thursday, but I cannot make another trip to Cross City next week.

Anyone that can possibly get to Cross City, please attend the BOCC meeting at 10 AM on Nov 6 2014 in the Dixie County Courty Courty House in Cross City.  It's a days drive(a long day) to and from Cross City for most of Florida.....this is important, in fact it's critical to establish and validate Common Law Grand Jury action.

We must have the blessing of the Dixie County BOCC to allow Common Law Grand Jury activity in the Court House in Cross City, FL.

Thank you Harry. I am trying to let as many of the People as possible know about the upcoming Dixie County BoCC meeting on Thursday, November 20 at 6pm since that gives us more time to prepare and to gather together with sufficient numbers. It certainly can't hurt to attend more than just one of these meetings and keep the pressure on until they realize their only justified course of action on this point is to open the doors to the People and their Common Law Grand Jury. The BoCC of Dixie County needs to seat and fund a CLGJ at the earliest opportunity and it is up to us to let them know this. That is why we must continue to attend their meetings.

STILL AND ALWAYS a free, independent, natural and sovereign human being; one of the People.

John.............It  was my understanding at the last meeting,  the BOCC Chair stated they would put the CLGJ issue on the "next" BOCC meeting agenda.

We need to get this clarified before patriots from significant distances decide to travel to Cross City and hear only local issues.

I will confirm when the CLGJ is on the BOCC agenda.........

Hello Harry,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I've been out of commission for a couple/three days. I don't know what the BoCC meant by the "next" BoCC meeting, the one on Thur. at 10am or the one following that on Nov. 20 at 6pm. I don't have a contact in Cross City but Hagan Smith might be able to determine which is the more likely to have that item on its agenda, but there is a chance he might not be able to determine that. In any case, I have not heard back from anyone involved in Terry's plight in reply to my question as to which meeting would be better for us to plan for and now it is too late for me to plan for the day after tomorrow so I will be going to the BoCC meeting on Thursday evening, Nov. 20. I am now beginning to try to rally support. I have only three others so far from Sarasota County but I hope to be able to get many others from around the State. Even if the issue of CLGJ is brought up on Thur at 10am, that does not mean We, the People cannot bring it up again on Thur, Nov. 20 at 6pm, wouldn't you agree?

Colonel sir, have you heard from the BOCC chair if the common law grand jury space/buget will be included in tomorrow's meeting.

I am following all the information that I can about this issue with Terry Trussell.  We have to have a way "for the people" to have a say in their own government and to be able to get rid of "enemies of the State".  We cannot depend on this corrupt form that exists today, and I know we have a few good and honorable ones who are serving.  But, many honorable ones have been corrupted just to "get things done", and I feel sorry for them.  I have personally witnessed the "shady" things people have done in government and have listened to personal testimony of those who had to be involved in "getting rid of dishonesty and corruption".  I know of those who have lost jobs trying to right the wrongs that have been done.  I have personally know of those who were well qualified to work government work being purposefully kept from even being on a register for over two years!!!  The last 25 years have been a "battle" for truth and honesty and honor that I have personally experienced, witnessed, had testimony from reliable people and have been totally "helpless" in trying to resolve.  When I learned of the Common Law Grand Jury, it was not like I had not heard of the Grand Jury before, but I did not realize the Ultimate Power it is to bring about justice in our land and to overthrow tyranny and treason.  You "go" folks, let everyone know, and we will back you as best we can!!!   And, yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!  Terry Trussell is no longer held by a corrupt judge.  It is time to hold that criminal judge responsible for bringing false charges against Terry and fine him and jail him for this.  Our judges, courts, and criminal justice officials have to know that they are not the ultimate source of "justice" in this land--they they cannot legislate from the bench.................and this needs to go all the way to the TOP.   Good job all of you!!!!  We stay in prayer!!!!



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