TERRY TRUSSELL - Moved to Reception and Medical Center (RMC) at Lake Butler, FL - Please support when you can.


The following received from Marie Trussell, Terry's wife, and family............questions or concerns can be posted below in the "comment" window.

As you read between Marie's lines, short letters of encouragement and appreciation for his service to our nation would lift his spirits.

When we get info on helping with funding, appeal, and other initiatives, we will probably set up another blog window with appropriate subject matter.

Marie's letter follows:

Moved 7/26/16 to:
Reception and Medical Center (RMC ) at Lake Butler, FL

1.   His DC# is :  I15405  (the first letter of the number is capital "I", like in India) All communications must include this number.
2.  He can write to us. I'm mailing his address list to him today, since he was unable to take it.
3.  WE CAN WRITE TO HIM!  We can send him stamps, envelopes, paper and a few small photos. (He can only have a total of 10 photos). He can not have more than 20 stamps at a time.  If you want to send stamps just send 2 or 3, and as he writes us, we can send more.
4.  Letters need to be handwritten except for greeting cards, in which you can include handwritten messages. No drawings.
5.  He is scheduled to be at RMC approximately 8 weeks, and can have no visitors during that time. (We are all being punished!)
6.  His attorney can visit him and talk with him via phone after arranging it.
7.  For those of you that have a cell phone and would like for him to call you COLLECT, need to furnish a copy of your phone CONTRACT to them. Let me know. Will try to send them in together. I'm told that your service provider will send you a copy upon request, if you can no longer find yours. He cannot call businesses.
8.  All submitted phone numbers, along with your names and addresses, must be verified before they can be activated for use by Terry. They are checking to see that the number really is your phone number and not someone with which the inmate is court ordered not to have contact.
9. This phone list will be, more or less, a permanent list of people that he can call. It will follow him to wherever he is permanently placed. Really, he can update or add to the list every 6 months, but the entire verification process, along with another copy of your phone contracts etc, starts all over again. (Don't want to go there.)
10. Most importantly, he needs to hear from all of us. He is in an information vacuum now. Please write to him using the following address:

Terry Trussell, DC # I15405   (first letter "I" is capitalized as in India and no spaces)
PO Box 628
Lake Butler, FL. 32054

11. Your support is so very much appreciated by all of the family, but especially Terry! You know how he loves to write, so expect to hear from him.

Marie Trussell

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Call the court clerk, she should know.

Update below

All I can go on is what's filed at Dixie County on line and, as of 3:45 PM 8/09/16, nothing shows an appeal has been filed.  It may be "in process" but, unless it was just filed a few hours ago, it's not filed.

Now maybe the on-line records are wrong, but that's why I said it  and the status hasn't changed as of this posting today.  If the appeal is in process, has the form been filed with the county?  There's a cut-off date, I thought 30 days from sentencing.  

Everything filed should be listed here.


Thanks for checking Rattler...............the Appeal is in process.

I just received a letter from Terry Trussell. (Monday Aug. 8th)
Terry says Please - Everyone - keep writing, and suggestion on keeping up, subscribe to the American Patriot News, PO Box 681, Shady Grove, FL. 32357-0681. A dear friend Bob Root owns it and regularly publishes updates.
Also; Terry says his "attorneys HAVE motions filed and an appeal ready to file so my unlawful imprisonment is not the end of the saga",,,,

Terry is aware that PFA/OAS is still standing behind him and he says our prayers are helping, he sees evidence of that everyday. So yes - "Please keep the pressure on our Mis-Representatives."

Thanks for that update Old Rooster... I'm so encouraged to see us focusing more on the solution than the problem... I don't know about others but I feel confident we're on the right path, United in purpose and moving out of just talking to actively doing. I'm confident that this IS how change happens...

I just donated 10.00 and feel bad that it is not more, but that was truly what I could afford.  And I FB'd it.

Thank You Ariel. AT this point every little bit counts.

God bless you sister...........you donation is listed on Terry's GoFundMe site..........

Was just on the gofundme site for Terry and saw those pictures of him in court. I didn't know he lost 50 lbs.
My blood is boiling right now. I would give anything to get that judge in an empty room.

This bothers me a lot too.  No joke.  You hold him down.....and I'll.....  lol.  But we need to pray for Terry's safety too.  The judge/et al, might want to follow the Clinton's MO.  Dirty rats.

I want to again encourage people, please forgo one trip to McDonalds and send that money to Terry Trussells defense fund. In the last 22 months only 76 people have donated to help a person wrongly imprisioned, who's health is failing and who's only hope is the Generosity of the American people.
Americans are the most generous people on the planet. If we can't come together as a group and help this individual who has been clearly railroaded by an unjust and corrupt legal system then I'm asking myself "What am I doing here?".
We know the problem, we have a course of action, SO, if not now, when? Most of us are older with limited income, but as for me I'm going to make a commitment to forgo some pleasures I can live without and take that money and help Terry on a monthly basis. Remember, every little bit helps.
"As you've done to the least one of these, you have done to Me".



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