TERRY TRUSSELL - Moved to Reception and Medical Center (RMC) at Lake Butler, FL - Please support when you can.


The following received from Marie Trussell, Terry's wife, and family............questions or concerns can be posted below in the "comment" window.

As you read between Marie's lines, short letters of encouragement and appreciation for his service to our nation would lift his spirits.

When we get info on helping with funding, appeal, and other initiatives, we will probably set up another blog window with appropriate subject matter.

Marie's letter follows:

Moved 7/26/16 to:
Reception and Medical Center (RMC ) at Lake Butler, FL

1.   His DC# is :  I15405  (the first letter of the number is capital "I", like in India) All communications must include this number.
2.  He can write to us. I'm mailing his address list to him today, since he was unable to take it.
3.  WE CAN WRITE TO HIM!  We can send him stamps, envelopes, paper and a few small photos. (He can only have a total of 10 photos). He can not have more than 20 stamps at a time.  If you want to send stamps just send 2 or 3, and as he writes us, we can send more.
4.  Letters need to be handwritten except for greeting cards, in which you can include handwritten messages. No drawings.
5.  He is scheduled to be at RMC approximately 8 weeks, and can have no visitors during that time. (We are all being punished!)
6.  His attorney can visit him and talk with him via phone after arranging it.
7.  For those of you that have a cell phone and would like for him to call you COLLECT, need to furnish a copy of your phone CONTRACT to them. Let me know. Will try to send them in together. I'm told that your service provider will send you a copy upon request, if you can no longer find yours. He cannot call businesses.
8.  All submitted phone numbers, along with your names and addresses, must be verified before they can be activated for use by Terry. They are checking to see that the number really is your phone number and not someone with which the inmate is court ordered not to have contact.
9. This phone list will be, more or less, a permanent list of people that he can call. It will follow him to wherever he is permanently placed. Really, he can update or add to the list every 6 months, but the entire verification process, along with another copy of your phone contracts etc, starts all over again. (Don't want to go there.)
10. Most importantly, he needs to hear from all of us. He is in an information vacuum now. Please write to him using the following address:

Terry Trussell, DC # I15405   (first letter "I" is capitalized as in India and no spaces)
PO Box 628
Lake Butler, FL. 32054

11. Your support is so very much appreciated by all of the family, but especially Terry! You know how he loves to write, so expect to hear from him.

Marie Trussell

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Old Rooster. I think you have hit upon the Truth of the matter. Now again I'm asking myself, "Why hasn't Terry's counsel brought up these matters"? Are they part of the problem instead of the solution? How does Terry and his wife feel about their level of competency? To find the Truth these are questions that need to be answered.

Has Jay Sekulow been contacted? I assume so, but momma always told me about assumptions..  This judge, along with the rest of them BROKE THE LAW.. but y'all alredy knoiw that. I think blood is shooting from my eyes I'm so ticked about this case. Thanks and God bless Terry, you, our military, and the USA!!

I posted this info elsewhere with regard to Terry's situation and wanted to post it a second time. While "GoFundMe" may not accept funds from PayPal, I recall seeing another payment option offered by some businesses. It's called "WorldPay.com". I don't know how similar or different it is from PayPal. Hopefully, "GoFundMe" will accept funds for Terry from "WorldPay.com". Debit and credit cards are the only other payment options I'm aware of.

This man is being wrongly incarcerated by a crooked judge just because he was a foreman on a grand jury and presented his findings to the judge.  The law is specifically clear that a foreman of a grand jury cannot be tried or held in prison for doing this--this is "the people's" court.  We have a right to it.  There are grand juries all over the United States to which "we the people" have had the right to have.  The judge is trying to cover up a bribe to get Common Core in the school system and the person who took the bribe!!!!  Whooooaaa   Woooeee   Bad judge.  Come on people do what is right by the law, do right by this man, and do right by not having Common Core (Communist Core) being taught to school children in Florida as well as any other state.  We are a Godly nation built on Godly laws, and we are determined to live by The Constitution and by the Ten Commandments!!!!

Rooster and all........it appears a juror lied about being first cousins with Dana Johnson, Dixie County Clerk of Courts, and how close he was to State Attorney Mary Cannon, tends to suggest the all-out greasing of the railroad tracks against Terry.

To those of us that consider ourselves patriots, keeper of the US Constitution, must get past the attitude of "let someone else do it", it won't affect me", "my letter, ten dollars, whatever" won't help.

Terry Trussell is being put through hell and back for standing up for the US Constitution, doing the right thing, and is now suffering.  The Judge Hankinson actually put Terry into an abuse, inhuman condition and is getting by with it to this point.

We can reverse Terry's conviction and  hold accountable those that conspired to railroad him into prison...........I think the attorney team has the ammunition to free Terry but it will take funds to help it along............

This is not about an isolated event...it's happening all over the nation in not so subtle actions but the millions that know about the miscarriages of justice are simply remaining silent in every way.................we must speak out and part of that is with our wallets..........who can't afford $10.00?  Tell me and I'll send $10.00 for you.........up to a point in number of those that can't fund at all.

Go to Terry's fund site  https://www.gofundme.com/justiceforTerry or send a check directly to Terry's wife Marie at: Marie Trussell at PO Box 1551, Cross City, FL 32628.  Please add a note on the memo line: Terry's Defense Fund.

Terry's fight against corruption represents the condition of our nation.......corrupt to the core.  We must fight it locally and nationally....let us stand shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip and defeat the self-servers, the power hungry, the immoral judicial system.

Send a letter to "American Patriot News, PO Box 681, Shady Grove, FL 32357-0681 in support of Terry........blast the corrupt judicial system and the cowards in Dixie County..........

God help us stand when we know judicial abuse is slapping us in the face, pointing a finger at us and daring us to do something about it.  Well, we can shrink and surrender, select an attitude as above, or get busy and make clear in no uncertain terms that "our line in the sand has been crossed"..

I'm still trying to figure out how Terry is held responsible for what another person says.... Did the Jurist suffer any consequences of his/her actions? Also I'm wondering why Terrys wife is not on this site with us... Has the legal system silenced her? Money dosent solve all problems, but in this case it will surly go along way. I am disappointed that there is no honest, Constitution living attorney who would take this case Pro Bono as it is in many respects a landmark case. Be that as it may, we now have a course of action let's see it through to the end.

Michael......the Appeal process is where the fraudulent, miscarriages, lies, etc will be handled.  We can't assume anything about Terry's legal team........I personally do not want to know.  I'll let the legal people tell us what is appropriate to put into public domain.  As I get bits of information, I will share as I did with regard to the "lying juror".............a major issue.

As far as Marie, her daughter is shielding her while Marie works to personally attend to Terry and his needs.

Terry's daughter has Admin authority on the GoFundMe site now and will be working on it.  I will find out when she has updated it, and let everyone know.  At that point if anyone has suggestions that would strengthen the site, ideas, send them to me and I'll get them to Terry's daughter.

We can't overwhelm the family with hundreds communicating with them.......

Harry... Sounds like a good plan.... It looks like, and I'm hoping PFA will be a major contributor in helping Terry. Personally, I have lost all confidence in NLA...

".it appears a juror lied about being first cousins with Dana Johnson, Dixie County Clerk of Courts, and how close he was to State Attorney Mary Cannon, tends to suggest the all-out greasing of the railroad tracks against Terry."

Harry, THAT is grounds to declare a MIS TRIAL.

And THAT could be done immediately. Terry's attorney could get him removed from prison this week if they would only get on it.

Exactly! Michael.  But Terry's attorney hasn't filed anything, not even for the appeal.  Its like she disappeared off the map once they took terry back to jail.  

Harry... Is what Rattler saying True??? Has no appeal been filed??

Rattler couldn't be more incorrect............I am told an Appeal is in process.  I have no idea why Rattler makes the statement.



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