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TEXAS REFUSES TO ANSWER CRUZ QUESTION (...aka, the unmasking of a fraud)



By J.B. Williams
March 30, 2016

It is no secret that Ted Cruz is not eligible for the Oval Office. What remains a secret to many, is why the Republican Party is allowing known frauds to appear on the Republican presidential ballot.

In a letter dated March 10, 2016 and received by the Texas Secretary of State on March 15, 2016, The North American Law Center asking the following question –

“In light of the attached official citizenship records for Sen. Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz in Calgary, Alberta Canada, dated December 22, 1970 (attached) and a document confirming the renunciation of his Canadian citizenship dated May 14, 2014 (attached), is it your official opinion as the Chief Elections Officer for Texas that U.S. Senator Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz was in fact a legal citizen of Canada in November of 2012, when he ran for, was elected and certified by the Texas Secretary of State as the new U.S. Senator representing the good people of Texas, as a legal citizen of Canada?”

As of today, March 29, 2016, Texas Secretary of State has declined to respond to this one simple question with only one possible honest answer…. YES

The official Canadian document accepting and affirming Sen. Ted Cruz’s wish to renounce his Canadian citizenship documents two very important facts…

1. Sen. Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz became a legal citizen of Canada on December 22, 1970, the day he was born in Alberta, Ontario, Canada.
2. Sen. Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz remained a legally documented citizen of Canada until Canada accepted his request to terminate or “renounce” his legal citizenship in Canada on May 14, 2014.

This means that Sen. Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz was indeed a “legal citizen of Canada” when he sought a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2012 and accepted that sworn office in January of 2013. It also means that Sen. Ted Cruz defrauded Texas voters in 2012 by never disclosing this fact and not allowing Texas voters to decide whether or not they wanted a Canadian citizen to represent them in the U.S. Senate.

Today, the GOP race is looking more like a shootout at the OK Corral than a political primary process. At present, two out of seventeen GOP contenders remain in the race, Trump with 739 delegates (61.4%) and Cruz with 465 delegates (38.6%).

I find it very interesting that Cruz supporters claim that Ted is “the only one who can beat Hillary” when Ted can’t even beat Trump. I also find it very interesting that Cruz supporters claim to be “constitutionalists” who support our nation’s best “constitutionalist” – a man who was a legal citizen of Canada at birth, and remained a legal citizen of Canada until May 14, 2014, a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution regarding Oval Office eligibility.

The documented facts surrounding the legal citizenship of Ted Cruz create a serious problem not only for the Cruz presidential campaign, but for his seat in the U.S. Senate as well.

One document alone sinks the Cruz ship… the official Canadian document accepting Senator Cruz’s request to renounce his legal citizenship in Canada. On that document, it states that Ted Cruz became a legal citizen of Canada on December 22, 1970, his date of birth, and during a time when Canada did not allow any “dual citizenship.” It also states that Ted Cruz remained a legal citizen of Canada until he officially renounced on May 14, 2014.

This document alone proves that Ted Cruz was NOT a citizen of the United States at birth, much less a “natural born Citizen” of the United States, that he was NOT a “dual citizen” at birth and that he was indeed a legal citizen of Canada in 2012, when he misled Texas voters in his campaign for the U.S. Senate. Texas voters had no idea that Ted was a legal citizen of Canada in 2012… they were misled by Ted.

In December of 2013, North American Law Center asked Ted to do the right thing in a letter. A letter which Ted Cruz has never responded to…

In March of 2015, I wrote about a Republican Party official from Texas who heard Ted Cruz state face-to-face, that neither he nor Barack Obama are eligible for the Oval Office. The name of the witness remains protected still today, due to concerns over vicious backlashes against his family from blind Cruz loyalists.

Interviewer: “Hello Mr. Cruz, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is (redacted). I am a (redacted) County GOP Precinct Chair and you have my support and vote. I have one question for you if I may?”

Cruz: “Sure, go ahead.”

Interviewer: “What is your understanding of how one becomes a natural born Citizen?”

Cruz: “Two citizen parents and born on the soil.”

Interviewer: “Not exactly, but as I don't have enough time to fully explain how one does become an natural born Citizen, based on your understanding, would you agree that Barack Obama is ineligible to be POTUS?”

Cruz: “I would agree.”

Interviewer: “So when we get you elected, will you expose him for the usurping fraud he is?”

Cruz: “No, my main focus will be on repealing Obamacare.”

Interviewer: “But Mr. Cruz, if he is exposed as the usurping fraud he is, everything he has done will become null and void. Everything!”

Interviewer: “At that point, Cruz reiterated his main concern, so it was obvious the conversation was over as far as Cruz was concerned. I thanked him for his time and wished him success in the runoff.”

People have written asking about this witness numerous times since. The above dialogue is held by North American Law Center in the form of a sworn affidavit. The witness is willing to go public only when Texas, a court or congress has opened an investigation on Cruz lies and fraud. Until then, they wish to remain anonymous with good reason. I have witnessed the vicious nature of Cruz supporters myself, many times now.

Because Cruz defrauded Texas in 2012 and is currently defrauding the nation in his presidential campaign, collecting millions in a fraudulent bid for the Oval Office, we do not expect to ever receive any answer at all from the Texas Secretary of State. If we do, I will issue an update to this column immediately.

Clearly, the effort to defraud American voters reaches far beyond any one candidate. Rubio was also an ineligible fraud, as were Bobby Jindal and Barack Obama. The current endorsements of Cruz by Republican Party insiders like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Greg Abbott and Lindsey Graham confirms what many of us already knew… Ted is a Republican Party insider and a chosen fraud intended to forever eliminate the “natural born Citizen” (NBC) clause in Article II.

Take a look at all of the Republican Party insiders who now support Cruz, a known fraud from Canada masquerading as a legal U.S. citizen with no U.S. citizenship papers whatsoever. For a single American conservative to believe that Ted is anything but a Party shill, here to finish off the NBC requirement for the Oval Office requires that American to own stock in tin foil hat theories. You’d have to not only believe in the existence of alien life forms, but illegal alien eligibility as well.

The statement that “Ted Cruz is NOT a legal U.S. citizen at all” is a matter of documented fact. But many Cruz fans remain unimpressed by any facts. This is largely due to the fact that many Cruz supporters are blind loyalists who believe Ted is a “chosen messiah” anointed by God to save our country, in accordance with the dominionism doctrines of Ted’s religious beliefs. Many evangelicals, who are not subscribers to the dominionism cult, have fallen for Ted just because they seek a leader who wears his Christianity on his sleeve.

Ted Cruz isn’t “anti-establishment.” Ted is a constitutionally ineligible establishment shill now openly supported by a laundry list of Republican Establishment stooges. Former Tea Party darlings like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have lost nearly half of their listening audience by openly supporting a known fraud, Cruz. Republican Party media groups like World Net Daily, Newsmax and American Thinker are tanking with the Cruz ship Oh Canada.

Carl Gallops and Mike Zullo discussed the Cruz and Obama fraud in a recent radio interview

Bottom line… Both parties are in deep trouble in 2016. The DNC is running two Marxists, one a criminal and the other a total crackpot… And the RNC is trying to pass off a known fraud from Canada for U.S. Commander-in-Chief.

Contrary to Cruz supporter rhetoric, none of this has anything to do with Trump. All of it is about Cruz and his habit of lying and defrauding the people. All of this is about the Republican establishment working in concert with the Democratic Party to End the American Presidency.

If you are offended by the facts… you are on the wrong side of the truth.

© 2016 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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Right on, Dawn!  All these radio talk show people are not gods.  Folks invest too much in to what they have to say.  They are mostly out for themselves; their money interests.  I totally stopped listening to Mark Levin, who I used to admire.  During the primaries he admitted that "he had everyone vote for Rubio in 2010...but now I admit I was mistaken about him".  Ha, couldn't he NOW be mistaken about is beloved Cruz?

And all those phony pretend phone calls from Rush shills who cheer lead for Cruz are making me sick, too.

All you Rafael Cruz supporters, please do your homework.  He and his wife have worked diligently since 2000 to push a treaty that would combine Canada, U.S., and Mexico into one "country"...they LOVE this One World Order crap.  Our founding fathers were very wise to try and make sure presidents were physically born on U.S. soil.  Anyone not, is more susceptible to giving away it's sovereignty.   

This is the UN driving these elections through our representatives.  They have allowed NGO to be in the UN.  NGO stands for non-government organizations. They are going outside the Charter which the elected UN members can not do.

George I believe you just hit the nail on the head..... The "One World Orderist's" have elected Obama and now trying with Cruz for that very reason, because the are not NBC they are willing to sell out America and bring it in and under the Global Authority. Their just to cowardly to be the front man so they stay in the backfield but the fact that the courts will not hear or make a decision shows us just how far and corrupt our government and the courts have become. This is why I have felt for sometime that the CLGJ just might be the answer to stop the corruption. If that dosent work and they won't listen to the American people that are questioning these unconstitutional acts there's only one choice left for us as a nation and that is an all out Revolution... And the longer this goes on and nothing is being done it's becoming more of a reality every day.

We should have initiated all out Revolution 30 years ago when Geo. H. W. Bush publically began calling  for a "New World Order".  The Establishment doesn't give a damn what "We the People" want, they are going to push their NWO and believe "We the People" aren't going to do anything about, and, sadly, they are correct.  We either begin all out Revolution now or kiss our Republic good bye, forever.  Revolution is our only option, and NOW!

I wrote these concerns in an email the Texas state government and never got an answer.

Yes, which leaves me to wonder why Rick Perry is standing with Ted Cruz...what is going on there? Although I know that some of the military is divided against Trump and standing with I know not who, but there are some (few in number) Military groups that are fighting Trump-even though he has the majority of the Military in support. IO also read a report that Rick Perry was also not really defending the border until his last year in governorship and that was to ready himself for the run for president, also that the filming that took place (i.e. with FOX news and Hannity) was ONLY where cameras were set up at the borders, so the border patrol know that Rick Perry was false in that aspect (of protection for his state)...BUT is Rick another NWO person??? (Not to pounce on anyone that is a veteran or has served you have my utmost respect and thanks-but with that said, we all know of the "one" that gives the others a bad name and has cost us brothers and sisters-those I cannot abide-but I will leave no accusations here)

I knew they would refuse to respond for it did not come in a lawsuit form.  I have sent many articles and documentation to Governor Abbott who KNOWS he is not a "natural born citizen" and there is a lawsuit in court that is still active that is written so poorly because the man is 8?? years old.  They have not dismissed that lawsuit either and he is a Democrat.  You could come in as joint members of the lawsuit and clean up the lawsuit for this man is way to old to do it himself.  Texas KNOWS HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE so you have to attack this whole mess in the media and a lawsuit.  My opinion and easy for me to say but people picked up on it when it was in the media of the cold case posse.  I have also discovered that Mike Zullo when to a congressman and talked to him and he was going to bring it forward the case of Obama, but then he called back and said he could not do that.  What is going on in Congress?  Something is up for them to allow Obama to keep this job for so long.  They did not vet him when he was running and they did not vet Cruz?  This is in the Constitution to do this so is this a take over of this country to where they can IGNORE THIS Constitutional requirements.  Someone needs to talk to Cruz directly and see what he says.  He can not run and yet these Two Harvard Lawyers said he can.  If you can find those lawyers ask to see them.  Something is going on for New Hampshire was odd for I posted on a radio show that Ted Cruz (notice he does not bring this up anymore) was using the 1790 Nationalization Act to say he was natural born since in that one act it does say if you are born oversea you are a natural born citizen but it was REPEALED and Replace with the 1795 Naturalization act and from then on they are only naturalized in all acts.  We have got to allow this to go public but the only way I know to do that is with a lawsuit which should include both Obama and Cruz that way they do not see the President being Democrat only but both parties are guilty.  We are going to lose out for I can not vote for Cruz as President if he goes into the General elections.  We need to keep at this and find out why TEXAS of all states is covering this up as well.  Governor Abbott is not like this UNLESS there is something else going on.  We first need to find that out.  My opinion you do not have to agree.

I think the only way this is going to gain any traction is if someone does something like the Planned Parenthood sting, where they get Calgary Ted on a hot mike or on camera admitting that he's not eligible.  Otherwise, the corrupt system is going to continue pushing it under the rug.

What about asking the lawyers who told him he was eligible but see this is tricky for all they and Ted have stated on the media is he is a citizen and the lawyers have stated he can run.  See what he is doing!  He is stating he is a citizen ONLY not a natural born citizen which the Constitution requires.  Obama has the same problem and they have found and recorded in Ronald Reagan Federal Court House his real birth certificate they picked up at the Hospital he was really born in.  It is certified and witnesses was with the man and they gave affidavit to the picking up of the Birth Certificate for it is on U- tube and if you want to see it here it is.  Everyone keeps asking if Ted is a citizen and who cares if Canada does not have dual citizenship for Ted was a dual citizen and he thinks that by getting rid of his nationality he can run for President.  This ONLY MAKES HIM A NATURALIZED citizen not a natural born citizen and that is why the Secretary of State of Texas stated on the word "yes" for if he stated Ted was a naturalized citizen then Ted could not run for President.  I have put in here the Naturalization Act which he was under when he was born and would still be under for you have to go under the naturalization act you were born in.  Cruz is a citizen but NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and that is what they are all breaking including Obama.  You can not get the State Secretary for he answered truthfully but if you change the question then you will get the right answer.  Ask the Secretary is he a natural born citizen and is he eligible to run for President under the Constitution and then put where that is stated in the Constitution.  Now this is a tricky question so he will ignore it and then you also put in there you will join the lawsuit which is in court now as a co-member of the lawsuit to ask the courts.  The Supreme Court has answered this question in Minor vs Happersett in the opinion part.  Chief Justice Watte stated the real definition of a natural born citizen.  So this has been addressed in that Supreme court lawsuit even though it was not what the lawsuit was about.  Look it up.


(Everything presented in this timeline is a matter of public record. All of it is based upon publicly reported events, public statements made by Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz, officials with the elect Ted movement or US and Canadian officials."

1957 - After working as a teen to help Fidel Castro gain power in Cuba, and being imprisoned for his actions by the Batista regime, Cuban Rafael Cruz applies for admittance to the University of Texas as a foreign student and enters the US on a four year student visa to attend four years of college.  He is a Cuban citizen attending a US college on a foreign student visa obtained through the US Consulate in Havana.

1961-1962 - After graduating college at the University of Texas, and upon the expiration of his foreign student visa, Cruz Sr. applied for and received "political asylum" and was issued a "green card." A green card is a permit to reside and work in the United States, without becoming a "citizen" of the United States, in this case, under political asylum from Castro's Cuba. His citizenship status was that of a Cuban national living and working in the United States, under a green card work permit. According to US laws, the "green card" holder must maintain permanent resident status, and can be removed from the United States if certain conditions of this status are not met.

1964-1966 - Cruz Sr. takes a few odd jobs, marries and moves to Canada to work in the oil fields. The Cruz family resides in Canada for the next eight years. “I worked in Canada for eight years,” Rafael Cruz says. “And while I was in Canada, I became a Canadian citizen.” – (From and interview with NPR) "Peter Spiro, a legal expert on US citizenship at Temple University. Spiro says Rafael Cruz's multi-country odyssey did not follow traditional models for immigration.  SPIRO - “Ted Cruz himself seems to be an advocate of those traditional immigration models. Maybe he should be a little more tolerant of the nontraditional Versions, given his own father's history.”

1970 - Ted Cruz is born in Canada, to two parents who had lived in Canada for at least four years at that time, and had applied for and received Canadian citizenship under Canadian Immigration and Naturalization Laws, as stated by Rafael Cruz. As a result, US statutes would have voided the prior "green card" status which requires among other things, permanent residency within the United States and obviously, not becoming a citizen of another country during the time frame of the US green card.

1974 - The Cruz family moves to the United States when Ted is approximately four years old. Rafael Cruz has publicly stated that he remained a citizen of Canada until he renounced his Canadian citizenship when he applied for and became a US Naturalized citizen in 2005. As a result, his wife and son were also Canadian citizens, his son being born a citizen of Canada in 1970.

2005 - Rafael Cruz applies for legal US citizenship and renounces his Canadian citizenship. No record of Ted renouncing his Canadian citizenship or applying for US citizenship exists as of 2005.

2013 - Freshman Senator Ted Cruz is a rising star in the Tea Party movement, and calls for him to run for the White House begin.  In July, Ted Cruz is questioned by the press about his interest in running for President, and the issue of his Canadian born citizenship is brought up.  Sen. Ted Cruz rejected questions Sunday over his eligibility to be president, saying that although he was born in Canada “the facts are clear” that he is a US citizen.

“My mother was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She is a US. citizen, so I'm a US citizen by birth,” Cruz told A&C. “I'm not going to engage in a legal debate.”

NOTE: Senator Cruz omits the part of his father's story, in particular, the part about his parents applying for and receiving Canadian citizenship prior to Ted's birth in Calgary. He also attempts to gloss past the actual definition of natural born Citizen by implying it is a mere legal debate for others to figure out.

August 2013 - As Ted's political stock rises in the Tea Party, so do press questions about his eligibility for office. Ted decides to quiet the questions by releasing his birth certificate, which now becomes absolute proof of Ted's Canadian citizenship at birth, 1970, Calgary, Canada. The release of the Canadian birth records only serve to further fuel the controversy.

Ted seeks Legal Counsel, as the media is now pressing members of Canadian Immigration and Naturalization to clear the matter up, when instead, Canadian officials confirm the Ted Cruz was in fact born a legal citizen of Canada, the son of two parents who had also applied for and received Canadian citizenship prior to Ted's birth.

“He's a Canadian,” said Toronto lawyer Stephen Green, past chairman of the Canadian Bar Association's Citizenship and Immigration Section.

“Generally speaking, under the Citizenship Act of 1947, those born in Canada were automatically citizens at birth unless their parent was a foreign diplomat,” said ministry spokeswoman Julie Lafortune.

Legal counsel advises Ted to "renounce his Canadian citizenship" in order to make himself eligible to run for the presidency.  Of course, renouncing one's original citizenship only further proves one's original citizenship.

May 2014 - Ted Cruz legal counsel files to renounce Ted's Canadian citizenship in an effort to make him eligible to run for high office under the natural born Citizen clause Article II in the US Constitution.

AUSTIN, Texas - Canada-born US Sen. Ted Cruz has given up his citizenship from his birth country, making good on a promise from last summer.  Spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said the Tea Party favorite formally gave up his citizenship May 14th.  He received official confirmation of the action at his Houston home Tuesday.”

News that he had renounced his citizenship was first reported by the Dallas Morning News. The newspaper also broke that Cruz had dual Canadian / US citizenship when he released his birth certificate in August.

Frazier said Cruz “he is pleased to have the process finalized” and that it “makes sense he should be only an American citizen.”  Of course, the Constitution does not require that one be only an American citizen, but rather a natural born Citizen.

As of February 4, 2015 - No evidence of any US Citizenship has been released to confirm anything at all about the true citizenship status of Ted Cruz.


Renouncing his citizenship does not make Cruz eligible for he still is NATURALIZED not natural born.  People think the Supreme court has not decided what a natural born citizen is.  This is incorrect for Minor vs Happersett does tell you want a natural born citizen is.  Read this:

Minor v. Happersett

88 U.S. 162

Minor v. Happersett ()

Argued: February 9, 1875

Decided: March 29, 1875


Notice the date which is closer to the founders than this current Supreme court.

Here is what Chief Justice Waite stated in the lawsuit.


WAITE, C.J., Opinion of the Court

The CHIEF JUSTICE delivered the opinion of the court.

Looking at the Constitution itself we find that it was ordained and established by "the people of the United States," [n3] and then going further back, we find that these were the people of the several States that had before dissolved the political bands which connected them with Great Britain, and assumed a separate and equal station among the powers of the earth, [n4] and that had by Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, in which they took the name of "the United States of America," entered into a firm league of [p167] friendship with each other for their common defence, the security of their liberties and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other against all force offered to or attack made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretence whatever. [n5]

Whoever, then, was one of the people of either of these States when the Constitution of the United States was adopted, became ipso facto a citizen -- a member of the nation created by its adoption. He was one of the persons associating together to form the nation, and was, consequently, one of its original citizens. As to this there has never been a doubt. Disputes have arisen as to whether or not certain persons or certain classes of persons were part of the people at the time, but never as to their citizenship if they were.

Additions might always be made to the citizenship of the United States in two ways: first, by birth, and second, by naturalization. This is apparent from the Constitution itself, for it provides [n6] that "no person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President," [n7] and that Congress shall have power "to establish a uniform rule of naturalization." Thus new citizens may be born or they may be created by naturalization.

The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their [p168] parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first.

There is the definition of the Supreme court in 1895 which is close to the founders time.  I would say this is a better definition of natural born citizen rather than what they can cook up in this Supreme court.

Ted is not a natural born citizen based on this definition in the lawsuit of Minor vs. Happersett.

There is a video of Ted, before the senate-or just before, where HE himself clearly states "as per the constitution, I cannot run for the office of President" it has been pased around widley on facebook, another is the thing about his mother...   HERE YA GO, Finally found it!



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