TEXAS this is yours - "United States Army Threatened With Lawsuit Over Chaplain’s Prayer to ‘Heavenly Father’"

This "offended woman" is a hypocrite. She uses her freedom of speech to force remove the same freedom from others! She could have left but chose to stay so she could USE that to claim an offense so she then could file a professional victimhood lawsuit and force a marxist change upon the U.S. Army!

Does this sound like "honorable character"  that joined the Army because it wanted to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and protect this country from foreign and domestic enemy? Not to me, it looks and smells like another plant with alterer motive joined to force "Social Justice" upon the Army!

And............we continue to send our kids to indoctrination camps we call public schools - then get angry about crap like this!



Christian News

Washington, D.C. – The United States Army is being threatened with a lawsuit after a chaplain allegedly prayed to the Heavenly Father during an event at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, which offended an atheist soldier in attendance.

The Huffington Post reports that Staff Sergeant Victoria Gettman is unpleased with the response that she has received from her superiors in regard to complaints that she had lodged over the prayer, which was delivered last September. Gettman and a number of other soldiers were attending a mandatory suicide prevention session, which concluded with a prayer. The prayer itself was voluntary as soldiers were not required to participate.

Gettman states that she became offended because she believed it was obvious that the chaplain was delivering a Christian prayer.

“The chaplain said we have to have something bigger than ourselves. We need, and he stresses need, to have something divine in our life,” she said. “The entire theater was [then] forced into a mass Christian prayer. … I heard him refer to his ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘Lord.’”

While Gettman acknowledged that the closing prayer was optional, she asserted that some of those in attendance may have been from other faiths and were not aware that they did not have to participate. She filed a complaint last year with the Army’s equal opportunity office and also discussed the matter with her superiors. However, Gettman has not been satisfied with the response she has received.

“After I had that meeting with the EO[A] — and I was so disgusted with the way he treated me that first time, I went to my leadership — I went to my first sergeant — and I told him the whole story,” Gettman told reporters. “A couple days later, he comes back to me and says it was just a miscommunication … I was horrified by that, too. It felt like I was being blown off.”

Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation then contacted the Army and demanded that the chaplain who delivered the prayer be disciplined and that the Army apologize to the soldiers that they had to endure a prayer that was made to the Heavenly Father. However, he was unhappy with the response he received as well.

Now, Weinstein is preparing to file a lawsuit against the Army on behalf of Gettman if he does not receive what he feels is an acceptable response.

The Army denies any wrongdoing.

“The Battalion Chaplain spoke to the companies gathered in the theater and he encouraged the young Soldiers to lean on a higher power in their journey through life,” it wrote in a statement in October of last year. “The chaplain’s prayer had no reference to any specific deity, and ended with the words, ‘through Your holy name.’ This is the same ending offered during each training course, graduation ceremony or other military-sponsored event.”

“The Army is cognizant of our soldiers’ religious freedoms, and would never violate their free exercise of religion or choice not to profess a religious faith,” it added.

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Gettman, you were being "blown off" for you are of the enemy satan. Christians STAND UP FOR JESUS. HE IS COUNTING ON US. JESUS IS not about "political correctness". pc is of satan, period. JESUS CHRIST does not teach "tolerance". Tolerance is satanic. atheism is a religion of satan and has no place in America at all. So, Gettman and others, take your GODless lawsuits and make your way to a GODless country. Leave America, GOD's America alone.

And to point out the other part of this... We have Constitutional rights in this country that allows us to be stupid if we want to, and in order for the majority of Americans to believe in God without reprisal (supposedly) we have to put up with some stupid people like this soldier.

This soldier will have their day of reckoning after their days on earth are over. That should give you some sort of satisfaction.


Who is a Chaplain going to pray to OBAMA?

Give me a break. What has happened to Freedom of Speech,

Freedom of Religion. Our rights and freedoms have been under attack

and we sit on our backside and not say anything. There is a poem

called "A Visitor From The Past" I suggest everyone read it. I only

ask one question. Did the men and women who died protecting

our freedoms, di they die in vain? Wake up before it is to late!

If he (obama) had anything to say about it, we would all be "praying" to him.  Well...all but one of us anyway.

"[PRAY IN JESUS NAME}" Freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion!

Sounds like Gettman is there for a paycheck only and I stress ONLY and she thinks this is a way to get more money from the Army. What I think they need to offer her is a discharge if she is this unhappy with "Prayer". If the rest were happy with it then maybe it is time for HER to sit down and shut up. She didn't have to pray if she didn't want to so what is the problem? Oh I know she drank the Kool-Aid and now wants to the bidding of Obummer and help destroy our military any way she can. WHEW! What the hell is wrong with these people? Yea I know once they drink the Kool-Aid it is hard to bring them back.

what is she doing in the United States Army?

she could have got up and left the room she wasn't forced to listen and participate in the prayer.

"God bless America. Thank you JESUS! In JESUS name I pray! Amen!"

Gettman You had the choice to leave. You should of left if you did not want to listen to it. After all Our Forfathers were all Christains and they meant the Freedom In Religion to be used as in God Only not peoples choice of a False God. They all died in honor so for you being here and to be free thinking that people would not misuse their words. Misuse it to the way they wanted it instead of their way that they Meant. I am tired of people suing the goverment for something so stupid and agaist our rights to Freedom of speech. They told you you had the right to leave before that prayer yet you didn't do it. Which means all you do is care about yourself only. Take a short walk off a Plank for you do not care about America and in one shot you becomie a traitor.

We were designated as Protestant,Catholic, Jew, or NOTHING AT ALL. We were encouraged to attend a divine service of our choice-- --We were trained to recognize ,and encouraged to adopt as our own  the ideas reflected in the General Orders issued by Gen.George Washington --when we had a Moral and Religious Congress that  encouraged a Moral and Religious people. In WWI and again in WWII Presidents(or former Presidents) provided  inscriptions of religious significance to special editions of the New Testament that were issued to those deployed for War. A Military Chaplain  opened the Senate with a Prayer that acknowledge God (see On this Day - Concerned Women for America publication. so this stupid Sgt. is nothing but a subversive goldbrick.And an enemy to her country ought be recognized as such.(see John Witherspoon Sermon 1776 on a day proclaimed as a General Fast Day for the Colonies.

Do not forget the generals.  General Patton is well known for asking the Chaplains for a prayer to would help the allies.

Solution, Kick her out of the Army! Kick her and attorney out of the country,this nation was built on Christian Principles , if they can't respect that ,send them to Iran, where I am sure that they will be well received.These people are just an example of those that want to be respected for their opinion,but do not want to respect others rights to their opinions and choices, why do Our Courts even bother with these cases,. If I were a judge , I would simply say ."Lady if you don't want to participate, then don't,but do not interfere with those who have the FREEDOM to participate."When will we ever learn. JESUS CHRIST IS KING!



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