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TEXAS this is yours - "United States Army Threatened With Lawsuit Over Chaplain’s Prayer to ‘Heavenly Father’"

This "offended woman" is a hypocrite. She uses her freedom of speech to force remove the same freedom from others! She could have left but chose to stay so she could USE that to claim an offense so she then could file a professional victimhood lawsuit and force a marxist change upon the U.S. Army!

Does this sound like "honorable character"  that joined the Army because it wanted to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and protect this country from foreign and domestic enemy? Not to me, it looks and smells like another plant with alterer motive joined to force "Social Justice" upon the Army!

And............we continue to send our kids to indoctrination camps we call public schools - then get angry about crap like this!



Christian News

Washington, D.C. – The United States Army is being threatened with a lawsuit after a chaplain allegedly prayed to the Heavenly Father during an event at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, which offended an atheist soldier in attendance.

The Huffington Post reports that Staff Sergeant Victoria Gettman is unpleased with the response that she has received from her superiors in regard to complaints that she had lodged over the prayer, which was delivered last September. Gettman and a number of other soldiers were attending a mandatory suicide prevention session, which concluded with a prayer. The prayer itself was voluntary as soldiers were not required to participate.

Gettman states that she became offended because she believed it was obvious that the chaplain was delivering a Christian prayer.

“The chaplain said we have to have something bigger than ourselves. We need, and he stresses need, to have something divine in our life,” she said. “The entire theater was [then] forced into a mass Christian prayer. … I heard him refer to his ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘Lord.’”

While Gettman acknowledged that the closing prayer was optional, she asserted that some of those in attendance may have been from other faiths and were not aware that they did not have to participate. She filed a complaint last year with the Army’s equal opportunity office and also discussed the matter with her superiors. However, Gettman has not been satisfied with the response she has received.

“After I had that meeting with the EO[A] — and I was so disgusted with the way he treated me that first time, I went to my leadership — I went to my first sergeant — and I told him the whole story,” Gettman told reporters. “A couple days later, he comes back to me and says it was just a miscommunication … I was horrified by that, too. It felt like I was being blown off.”

Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation then contacted the Army and demanded that the chaplain who delivered the prayer be disciplined and that the Army apologize to the soldiers that they had to endure a prayer that was made to the Heavenly Father. However, he was unhappy with the response he received as well.

Now, Weinstein is preparing to file a lawsuit against the Army on behalf of Gettman if he does not receive what he feels is an acceptable response.

The Army denies any wrongdoing.

“The Battalion Chaplain spoke to the companies gathered in the theater and he encouraged the young Soldiers to lean on a higher power in their journey through life,” it wrote in a statement in October of last year. “The chaplain’s prayer had no reference to any specific deity, and ended with the words, ‘through Your holy name.’ This is the same ending offered during each training course, graduation ceremony or other military-sponsored event.”

“The Army is cognizant of our soldiers’ religious freedoms, and would never violate their free exercise of religion or choice not to profess a religious faith,” it added.

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Praise be to God! Glory be to God! Hallelujah! JESUS is Lord! We have to do what JESUS would have done. Do you think JESUS would have let this woman shut the preacher up? Hallelujah! Praise God! We've got to all join together and stand up for OUR rights as Americans and not let the few and far between tear us all apart!

I'd like to hear what Gettman has to say when she's trapped is some damn hell hole in Afghanistan and some bleeping rag head is about to shoot her sorry ass or to capture her and rape her.  She'll be wanting God's love and mercy then.  This b***h piece of human trash needs to get the hell out of the Army and crawl back under the rock from whence she came.

My dog tags have a  "P" for Protestant on them.  I guess that means that Victoria Gettman would have been incensed if I dropped a Communist in Korea before he eliminated her?  And by the way, though it might not be politically correct to say so in this day and age - while, "The Army (may be) cognizant of our soldiers' religious freedoms, and would never violate their free exercise of religion or choice not to profess a religious faith,"  No offense meant, but I'd prefer it's a big inflexible religious guy in the mud next to me when the merda gets thick!

Perhaps this person should move back to the middle east to join her rag head follow muslims.  I son't thinkg that she is going to be happy in Christian America.

Obama says that this is no longer a Christian country.   In spite of what he thinks . . . is is a Kenyan and so far has not gotten much right about America.


and when you get shot?   who do you call, GOD HELP ME.

please send that bitch to afhghanistan with a target on her back. let her fellow soldiers know her feelings and then she will come home in a box.

So this is someone who is intrusted to defend the constitution that protects freedom of religion?

Good news for Wienstein and Gettman.  If you don't want GOD to be involved in your life all you have to do is to just tell him that you will not want him involved in your life.  God tells us that if we forget him and leave him out of our lives, he will forget that you exist.  That is all that you have to do.  You don't  need to hire a lawyer and put any kind of INJUNCTION against GOD.  Simply leave him out of your life and he will leave you out of his!  I personally would not want GOD to forget me.  I would greatly prefer to have GOD as my closest friend.  

Sounds like that these idiots are like Oprah . . . she says that she created herself and has the power to save herself.  I don't see how someone can do this little trick.  They are not alive before they were born nor will they be alive after they die.  Plus no one but God can create life and no one but Jesus, in the name of God will forgive you when you die.  Ali does not forgive sins.  Mohammad is still dead . . . ever since he died.  There was no one to pay for Mohammad's sins  except Jesus and and guess what, Mohammad didn't believe in Jesus and was his enemy.  Ali is a copy cat of God but never ever existed in the mind of Satan.  There is no love without God and God is not a muslim.  That is why they are without love . . . only violence and hatred.  Singing prayers every day to the ground does nothing for you except to wear out your robes.  There  is no one to hear those prayers.

Yes, little darlin's if you don't want God in your life just let him know that and "SHAZAM" he will be gone from YOUR life..  THAT IS THE DUMBES ACT THAT YOU CAN EVER COMMIT.  You will lose eternity but you will save the legal fees.

As a Former Chaplain's Assistant in Vietnam, I cannot imagine the constant attacks on our
constitution by those who took the oath to defend and uphold it, the very foundation of the basis for the prosperity and quality of life once taken for granted in the United States. We have allowed the degenerates to control our congress and occupy Washington and attack the fundamental freedoms on which this nation was based and it must be stopped, somehow. This complainant's lawsuit is entirely frivolous and without Merit, He was not forced to participate and why ANY avowed Atheist would ATTEND any service performed by a Chaplain when he had to KNOW beforehand , he would hear a religious message of some kind, leads me to believe his only reason for attending the service was to file the suit! I cannot imagine him doing so had this been a MUSLIM RELIGIOUS SERVICE! Considering the murderous rampage at Fort Hood not so long ago, I would put this particular "soldier," under survellance if for no other reason than to insure he is not in any way tied to some Islamic cause. It may sound paranoid but, if there is one thing we do NOT need at this or any other time, it is a repeat of the incidents at Fort Hood, OR WORSE!. This could be done with impunity since he too, is subject to the UCMJ which moodifies active duty personnel's rights to fit the needs of a military society.

As far as the Army statement of being cognizant of its soldiers religious freedoms, then why are chaplains performing gay marriages which many find against their religious beliefs under personal duress and in some services, being forced to retire or dishonorably discharged for preaching the word of God, COMPLETE WITH THE LOSS OF BENEFITS ACCRUED OVER THE COURSE OF AN ENTIRE MILITARY CAREER? Such policy staements have no meaning or credibility when the actions speak louder than the words and speak to the opposite of what they are claiming to be true rather than what is being said.

I thought we lived in the USA, where we have the right to FREE SPEECH.  If you do not like a prayer to the heavenly father, just put your fingers to your ears so you can't hear it or walk away so you can't hear it.  There are others that appreciate prayers. You do not have the right to stop others from FREE SPEECH.  Personally the reason our children have become unruly, ungodly and believe in the devil is because GOD has been removed from our school system, our legal system and most importantly our government.  SHAME ON YOU.


I did an internet search on this Gettman and it turns out she's a medical lab tech.  I suspect she's one of those folks who doesn't know which end of the tube the round comes out of and will never have to serve in some hell hole like Afghanistan.  She will never hear the sound of enemy gunfire.  She is what we used to refer to as a REMF.



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