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    David Tooker

It seems like more and more the news is about outrages; anger welling up; people who keep on saying they’re not going to “take it anymore.” Actually just take it. Suck it up, and – well – what are you going to do if you’re not going to take it? GO out and exhibit some of that behavior that makes you say you won’t take it?

It is most unfortunate that the action causing our reaction in anger usually starts out high up and trickles down to the commoners, but that is beside the point.

What has been lost in the reckoning is that “doing what is right” mentality.

Apparently no one wants to admit that there is such a thing as “right.” It goes along with all that we have ever learned across the countless track of mankind since the beginning of recorded history – up until now.

We get collectively upset about bad behavior, but we are afraid to call it “evil” because – well, that is a judgment, and we are being conditioned to accept “non-judgment” as “judgment”

Madness consumes everyone – the angry type - not the crazy kind – although the anger has been precipitated by the crazy kind, right?

But I’m here to propose that all the hyped-up anger is faked and that the moral outrage is momentary.

People who claim to be shocked by events which often seem so gruesome that they might have come from a Stephen King Novel are just acting out – playing a role. They are acting like Roman Citizens getting all grossed out at the Coliseum, but coming back again and again for the next issue of slaughter and bloodbath.

If we really were angered and repulsed at those public barbarities, whether it be news of some women kidnapped and held in sexual slavery for years, or some self-centered, post-pubescent who knives and shoots a dozen people in the streets, we would stop slathering for more “information” about it.

News media would stop worshiping at the feet of the crises by refusing to broadcast about them.

Prevention would come knocking in the form of re-institutionalizing maniacs, taking down self-justifying Islomofascists, and stop permitting and accepting and tolerating the rationalization of anti-social behavior.

How can we permit arguments about releasing tried and guilty killers whether they are American Citizens, or Taliban terrorists unless we as a country have lost our grip on right and wrong.

We would have to stop trying to get cop killers like Ronell Wilson and central park rapist Antron McCray off on technicalities. The statute of limitations would be review and execution, and that would put an end to it.

Keeping a zoo of misfits and psychopaths alive just because, is a testament to unrealistic expectations, but can always lead to their release back into society where they can strike and strike again, causing more misery and chaos.

The rationalization of redemption is not in humans to give. It belongs to God alone.

Our hope is that we receive justification in the next world, and not in this one.

If there were ever a place where we have let down our vigilance, it would be in our houses of worship.

Pastors, Priests and Rabbis are so concerned about preaching social justice that they fail to realize that justice follows from obeying the laws of the Almighty. If they don’t understand this simple ferrule of life, then they should sue whatever institution ordained them for malpractice.

All things that we take for granted today, whether it is the ownership of property, that life has value, or that we shouldn’t tell a lie are all based on the rule of law handed down from Mount Sinai.

When in doubt, as historians say, go back to the first principles.

Leviticus 26:3-4 - If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments so as to carry them out, then I shall give you rains in their season, so that the land will yield its produce and the trees of the field will bear their fruit.…

In short, follow the laws – commandments – of the Lord, and the nation will be blessed.

Short-stopping God’s law with all the myriad of interpretations pounded out by Lawyers is because we are a hard-hearted people, and we want our own way.

Anyone of you out there is probably a whole lot smarter than I am, so you can argue rings around this business of following God’s Law with that silliness about “owning Canadians” and beating your wives.

But, you all know you are in the wrong.

Don’t try to be clever or smart, because smart cleverness is so way over rated.

Matthew 18:3 - I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Don’t get your back up just because I have bitten down on your favorite bone. If you want to, you can keep on calling white black, and justifying those anti-social outrages “misguided” but the real fact is that we have failed miserably at the calling of being “One nation under God.”

Our Pastors and Priests and Rabbis have become one with Politically Correctness, and therefor are failing in their calling to develop that God-centered world view that is the only reason they should be in the ministry in the first place. Anything else is heresy.

We are called to be a pure nation, and to not follow the manners and customs of those whose God is not the Lord, and so what can we expect?

More failure and more chaos and more deliberate mass-murders, enslavement to corrupt leaders, and eventually the fall of our country itself.

There is no guarantee that The United States is inviolable, permanent, and perfect. As long as we continue to strive for perfection, we will be blessed. When we adopt the “model” of Sodom and Gomorrah, we cannot expect that blessing to follow.



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"We are called to be a pure nation, and to not follow the manners and customs of those whose God is not the Lord, and so what can we expect?"

When we stop allowing illegal immigrants from Countries who oppose our culture this can be prevented. When we stop giving Atheists so much power, through our Court System,  to overturn our traditions and morals, this can be prevented.

When we start to convey to legal immigrants or anybody else that if you don't like our ways and values, leave. We don't want you. Then this can be prevented.

When America stops letting the fear of criticism to carry out her laws and uphold her traditions and culture dictate on doing just that, then this can be prevented.

Yes! We have lost our moral bearings and allowed the politically correct misfits dictate to us how we should behave towards evil. Open acceptance of the homosexual life style, abortion on demand and all out corruption in our politicians. If it's wrong, do it anyway is their attitude towards sin and the laws of God. America is dying a slow death and it's because those in power have sold their souls to Lucifer for that power and the people have said nothing out of fear of their government.

I think America has fallen to far into the slime pit for it to be revived. Only God can bring the people to their knees.

more than likely....we lack a leader who will motivate and mobilize complacent americans to action

not words...

Thank you so much David, for writing and posting the unvarnished truth that we all need to see and admit and act on! Perhaps this well written reminded will light a fire under me and others who have become semi-complacent in our professed outrage. 

Absolutely, I must get the beam out of my own eye first and then I can help another. That daily walk, that daily taking up my cross, that daily self-denial so I can help someone else - by obeying God then will we be blessed. Put off the old man Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:"(Eph 4:31) This requires each of us to individually take on our responsibility in this matter.

A great truth and reality; true but unbelievable and sad that the pulpits and leaders are and/or traitors, fools, enemies of America, patriots, our Constitution and God. These leaders are supposed to be learned, wise, honest, loyal, filled with the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus Christ. Those who are against us and these Christian truths are our and God's enemies, right up to and including the Pope and the pastor leading your church and the rabbi leading your synagogue. Do not follow these evil and foolish people. Leave the church, stop your tithes and offerings. Find a church who speaks and acts according to the Bible and God's wishes. Without even being very spiritual your gift of common sense is being wasted, and being wasted is sin. Wake up all brothers and sisters. Become spiritual warriors to create a Godly church or we will have no church. Also, become literal warriors, armed with righteous spirit to love God and his church by defending it physically. Arm yourselves with armor, weapons, determination, have a no surrender, no quarter given attitude. Supply, maintain, educate, train, practice, set up defenses, prep for survival. I know apathy, ignorance, and hate abounds, but at least try to form a core of at least 4 or more trusted souls. A larger group with certain specialties would be ideal. And, last but NOT least, pray for us to please God every day in bad and good times, serve him, restore his approval in us. Ask for miracles, providence, wisdom, physical strength, and blessings in all we do. Give us complete victory over those who are our and God's enemies.

Fight in our houses of God, schools, justice system, legislation. It is your life. It is your children's lives. It is the future of Christianity and Judaism. IT IS FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!

PETE, good speech,,lets agree nothing has worked thus far, not letters / calls / marches, not occupy,

not truckers , not bikers.....when the economy collapses, we are doomed...chaos, no provisions,,then

martial law...who among patriots would erect a wire fence around d.c., no one enters or leaves,

each person within may resign or be under house arrest, ss/ military pay continues as newly appointed leaders

assume leadership roles while states must step up..this change over wont require 435 reps / 100 senators.

the states must offer referendums to the people,,,no lobbyists...certainly , the federal reserve is forever closed.

this is a excuses, no arguments, all rats must go, forever, never to return.

I am blessed to have such a church. Seek God early each day, put on the armor, humbly bow before Him in prayer, seek to do His will and His will alone. He will lead. He will give wisdom liberally. Make Him your heart's foremost desire. Pack His Word into your heart with regular feedings.  And watch, just watch what He will do.

I am 66 years old. Having said that now I can say that I remember ny dad at 66 trying to give me information and saying to myself where did he get all this information from. He had to quit school when he was 15 so it was not from school, I asked him once and he told me everyone has intelligence prob is not all people use it.So what I am trying to say is you don't have to have a masters degree to be intelligent although now you have to have one to flip burgers. Keep it simple.It has to start at home. You have to learn at an early age nothing is free, the difference between right and wrong( do you want a reward or do you want a consequence). There also has to be love and respect in the home. God also has to be in the home and in your every day life.A lot of people prayer to God for answers but they never stop to listen for his answer.My dad once told me when I was very young. " You can't give something you don't have" money, wisdom, love. If you don't have it you can't give it.So keep it simple. If you know the difference between right and wrong and have any common sense at all you can make the right decision if you think about it long enough. And if you still need help . God is a good place to go for the answer. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Great Godly message Amen and Amen

I shared this from the Pulpit Today Sunday 11:00 am service June 1,2014

pastor Wiley Drake

Wonderful commentary on the state of things, and some EXCELLENT posts, that are right on point.  Paul told us to put on the Whole Armor of God, and the only offensive weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  In Hebrews, we're told that the Word of God is more powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, so when you speak His Word about a situation, you're cutting both directions, and I've yet to find anyone who can argue against God's Word!  Thanks for the encouraging, awakening words of wisdom.  Now, let's all use it!  I, too, have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, and need to repent, then go on the attack against the ungodliness in this nation.

I have read all these post and feel what most of you do, but we are few. A man once said, "It is not to fear Obama, but to fear the people that elected him." And that is true, most of the people of this great country have turned their backs on God. I am seventy years old and the changes I have seen in this short time is unbelievable. The abortion, queer rights, welfare, and how God has been taken out of the schools, the ten commandments has been taken out of public places, christian symbols have been taken down while muslims build there mosque on collage campus and other places. I could go on and on about how christianity is under attack. Our forefathers prayed to God and gave him thanks often but not any more, it is a shame. This country votes less than 30% of its people, that is another shame. Until the people wake up and understand what is happening here we will continue down the slippery slope. God is the answer



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