The ACLU's Not-So-Holy Trinity

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey "Jake" Baker on December 19, 2010 at 10:29am

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By: Professor of Political Science Paul Kengor

I tried to ignore the latest round of ACLU legal challenges against religious Americans, but they became too much. The surge has been remarkably ecumenical, not singling out Protestant or Catholic interests....

In the interest of faith and charity, I'd like to add my own ecumenical offering -- a history lesson. It concerns some fascinating material I recently published on the ACLU's early founders, especially three core figures: Roger Baldwin, Harry Ward, and Corliss Lamont. I can only provide a snapshot here, but you'll get the picture.

First, Roger Baldwin: Baldwin was the founder of the ACLU, so far to the left that he was hounded by the Justice Department of the progressive's progressive, Woodrow Wilson. Perhaps it was a faith thing. Wilson was a progressive, but he was also a devout Christian, and Roger Baldwin was anything but that.

Baldwin was an atheist. He was also a onetime communist, who, among other ignoble gestures, wrote a horrible 1928 book called Liberty Under the Soviets. Notably, he was smart enough not to join Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Other early officials of the ACLU, which was founded almost exactly the same time as the American Communist Party, included major party members like William Z. Foster, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Louis Budenz (who later broke with the party). Communists used the ACLU to deflect questions from the U.S. government over whether they were loyal to the USSR, were serving Joe Stalin in some capacity, and were committed to the overthrow of the American system....

In my research, I also found constant approving references to the ACLU in CPUSA's flagship publication, the Daily Worker. The Daily Worker loved the ACLU. Moreover, I was struck by how early the ACLU had been challenging not just Christians but their most joyous holiday, with the Daily Worker's eager approval....

Aside from Roger Baldwin, there were two other especially influential figures comprising this not-so-holy ACLU trinity. They were Corliss Lamont and Harry F. Ward. Covering these two adequately here is impossible. I've devoted probably about 10,000 words to Lamont alone in my book, Dupes -- both men were precisely that: dupes. The ways in which Lamont and Ward were rolled by communists is astounding, with Lamont granted a special Potemkin village tour of the USSR in 1932, guided by Soviet handlers, where he swallowed the most outrageous propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Lamont was most inspired by the Bolsheviks' militant atheism, especially the churches they converted into wicked atheist museums. Lamont had already written his atheist classic, The Illusion of Immortality, which had been his dissertation at Columbia University under John Dewey, godfather to American public education, who himself had made a Potemkin village tour of the USSR (1928).

Given his leftist atheism, Lamont was at home with the ACLU. Harry Ward, however, was a Methodist minister, and a professor at Union Theological Seminary. How could be possibly support the ACLU?

That's what made Harry Ward an even bigger dupe. More than supporting the ACLU, Ward was chairman as Baldwin served as director....

I found documents in the Soviet archives where communist officials in Moscow and New York deliberately targeted Ward to help push their propaganda. In one, a December 1920 letter, Ward is listed by Comintern officials as a source to get their materials on the shelves at the seminary library.

It wasn't atheistic communism that concerned the Rev. Ward. No, it was anti-communism. Writing in Protestant Digest in January 1940, long before Senator McCarthy arrived on the scene, Ward admonished the faithful of the perils of "anti-communism," which was being employed "under the leadership of [Congressman Martin] Dies in a new red hunt," one "more ruthless than that of [former Attorney General] Mitchell Palmer." (Both Dies and Palmer were Democrats.)....

By the early 1950s, Baldwin began insisting that ACLU officers take a non-communist oath. Call Baldwin crazy, but he figured that any ACLU member who held allegiance to "totalitarian dictatorship" was not truly serious about civil liberties. Perhaps they were publicly exploiting American civil liberties to privately support a nation (the USSR) that had no civil liberties?....

Could it be that the ACLU's alleged onetime "90-percent" commitment to defending communism has shifted to a 90-percent commitment to defending atheism? It certainly seems like it, especially this time of year. And if the ACLU doesn't like that perception, it should do something to change it.

You MUST read the entire two page article. These are just some of the highlights.

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 Yeah well looks like some one has always been doing the bidding for a bunch of loathing COWARDS. PISS ON THE ACLU


the aclu is a bigger threat to america then the muslims will ever be. werent the aclu started back in the 50`s to protect the communist back in the day when they were being exposed

I agree Billy.

The Muslims are sweet as pie compared to these evil pigs.

Hello Gang,


You can give a history of the ACLU and you can lamblast them as cowards.  However, they have the ear of the SCOTUS and at our expense.


I have been discussing the following philosophy with Pastors, Lawyers, Christians and almost anyone that will listen never give any response.  I seen no response in legal cases either.


Here it goes again for the 100th time.


Justice David Souter in 1994 (near this year) gave a briefing supported by 7 other justices on what I refer to as a "belief system".  Definition:  Christianity is a Belief System.  Atheism is a belief system.  Muslim/Sharia Law/Jihad is a belief system.  I am not going to quote legalese or law cases but the jest of the case was that Souter briefed that one "belief system" cannot be pitted against a second "belief system" because both are to be held equal.  If one is sponsored, then the Government and Courts are involved with the "establishment" which they cannot be part of.


An example that I have formulated is that:  Christianity (Christians) believe that there is a god.  That is all we need.  It is our belief system.  On the other hand, atheism (atheist) believe that there is no god and they perpetually attack anything that states there is a God.  They are the Plaintiffs and must prove that there is no god in order to go forward in any case.  The Christians do not need to prove anything.  A case before the SCOTUS should never get past this point.  The 1994 Souter ruling also finds for this point.   However, we have been speaking into a deaf ear of the SCOTUS.  Likewise, Christians have the ten commandments as their basic root laws.  Sharia law violates the ten commandments.  The SCOTUS cannot permit Sharia law to become part of the United States of America law simply because they would be instigating "establishment" of a belief system alien to the Christian belief system.  Unconstitutional  end of Discussion.  Impeach the SCOTUS.


To further the discussion, show me where in the Constitution that the SCOTUS has been given the power to be the ultimate agency of redemption and responsible for defining justice, rights of people, and morality. 


I leave it to your own imagination and challenge you to start thinking outside the box at this point.


I forgot to attach the following UDHR.


Read article 18.  This is our law according to our constitution.


Atheists worship at the altar of Communism, so they do have a religion, that being the STATE.

Communism IS a religion in which the state is the god, so their actions fit that model perfectly, when you view them in that context.

I know this is off subject but I must butt in. I am watching Maxx Kibbe the Freedom Words talking head on FOX. He is telling all the world that the Tea Party, ie. Freedom Works, that the tax bill passed by Congress is a great deal and hugh victory for the TP. Maxx whom I have met does not speak for me. Neither do any of the so called leaders, all self proclaimed, speak for me. A victory is killing both the Omnibus and the Dream Act. Here,s where the ACLU comes in, the other major diss to the American people is the passage of DA/DT. This all started in San Fransisco with the ACLU and a gay Army officer gay woman. We need to weed the garden of the of those who would make deals with the low life left. Enough is enough. Clean house in 2011 and organize for 2012. We were totally unprepared for 2010 and we still won major victories. Just think what we can do with all this time and all our gained knowledge. When I marched with over 2 million Patriots on Sept. 12, 2009 in DC I knew we were going to win. I wish all a Very Merry Christmas, New Year and may God with you all. That said, Jan. 2, 2011 get off your butts and get back to work on really cleaning out the swamp.

They don't come back in session 'til the 5th.  So take a "recharge:" breather when they adjourn for the holidays and be ready when they get back.

We know who they are we know why they are that should be enough people time to stop them.



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