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The American Bar Association (ABA) has decided to undertake the fight for Sharia law.

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The ABA's Jihad

By Pamela Geller
The American Bar Association (ABA) has decided to undertake the fight for Sharia law. The ABA's Executive Counsel "has organized a Task Force to review the legislation of 14 states -- Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming -- in which anti-Sharia legislation has been introduced."

The goal of the ABA's Task Force is to fight against these legislative initiatives by free people, and to develop "an informal set of ‘talking points' that local opponents of these initiatives could use to make their case in each of these states."

Here's the relevant extract from the ABA's International Policies 2010:

Oklahoma referendum related Rule of Law initiatives.

The Section's Executive Counsel has organized a Task Force to review the legislation of 14 states -- Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming - in which anti-Sharia legislation has been introduced.  The goal of the Task Force is to have a Report and Recommendation against such legislation as well as an informal set of "talking points" that local opponents of these initiatives could use to make their case in each of these states.  We received a lot of interest from members and have forwarded your interest.  At this point, the task force is in the planning and organizing stage. We will keep you updated as to the progress and we may call upon some of you who expressed their interest in this matter to volunteer.

In reality, Islamic law is the most radical and intolerant system of governance on the face of the earth. It denies the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and legal equality for women and non-Muslims. That's why so many states are trying to ban it. The ABA should be on the forefront of this battle. The Oklahoma ban was brilliant but poorly worded (which is why a liberal judge found it so easy to overrule the will of the people) and had 70% of voters approving of it -- it is clear that American people understand the Islamic threat to our constitutional republic.

Instead, our cultural warlords in the mainstream media, academia and entertainment strictly enforce the blasphemy laws of Islam, which command that one must not insult or slander Islam. In Muslim countries, blasphemy is punishable by death; in the West, it is your character that is assassinated if you dare to speak out against the Islamic supremacist agenda. Our last line of defense was always the rule of law. So it is particularly jarring and deeply disturbing to come upon this latest initiative from the ABA, the last line of defense against sharia creep.

Furthermore, the ABA's "Middle East Law committee" has promoted Sharia finance for some time, with the same warmly positive slant.

Unfortunately, the ABA is not alone in this. In late January, New York State Senator Kevin Parker introduced a bill to set up an alternative bond market that would comply with Islamic law regarding financial transactions.

Has Kevin Parker ever heard of the separation of church and state, or in this case, mosque and state? I'll be damned before my hard-earned taxpayer dollars go to zakat (jihad), or to the prohibition of pork, alcohol, and some forms of adult entertainment.

This is the financial jihad.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution recently that decried "Islamophobia."

The term "Islamophobia" itself is an enforcement of Islamic blasphemy laws. Islamic law commands that there be no candor about Islam or criticism of Islam. Any truthful statements about Islamic supremacism and violence are considered blasphemy. That's why it is shocking that Los Angeles, which is just this side of Sodom and Gomorrah, is passing resolutions that accord with Islamic law. No one in America cares what and who you worship; just don't force it upon us. I don't care if you worship a stone, just don't stone me with it. And stop telling us how many Muslims don't commit jihadi acts. Of course they don't. So what? I don't believe in rewarding people for doing the right thing. I don't believe in congratulating people for not committing acts of violence against people outside their religion.

Thus the Los Angeles City Council's passage of this resolution opposing "Islamophobia" and repudiating violence against Muslims is a step back centuries into the dark ages. According to the FBI, "hate crime" against Muslims is at its lowest in a decade, but acts of jihad are accelerating at warp speed. Yet the Los Angeles City Council passes no resolutions against jihad, honor killings, misogyny, gender apartheid, Islamic antisemitism, kuffarophobia, etc.

Sharia is being imposed across state lines, across the country, by way of these varying initiatives. We must push back.

And the ABA has nothing to say about any of this; it is too busy fighting against anti-Sharia, pro-freedom laws. It is yet another terrible sign of a morally inverted world.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and former associate publisher of the New York Observer.  She is the author of The Post-American Presidency.

Update. The American Bar Association responds:
The American Bar Association has taken no action in support of, or in opposition to, judges considering Islamic law or Sharia.

The American Bar Association has nearly 400,000 members, many of whom volunteer with any of the ABA's 2,200 entities.  One of those 2,200 entities is the Section on International Law, which has elected to assemble a taskforce of several individuals to examine this issue.

These individuals are examining whether the proposed changes to the law impact important constitutional questions.  They are also considering implications for international commerce.

The actions of a few interested members within one section are not and cannot be interpreted to be those of the entire American Bar Association. Claims to the contrary are erroneous.

Martha J. Heil
News Director

American Bar Association

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Don't let the ABA throw us off track Army Girl by explaining the issue many forest have burned down because some viewed a little smoke as no threat?   ABA says just a small this a "little smoke" careful.   Did some of the States ask ABA to evaluate their legislation?  I doubt it as every State has a battery of lawyers to work their legislatiion.

If the Bar Association had a lick of common sense and any sense of patriotism they would be leading the fight against any form or part of  Sharia law.   Unless they are already Muslims they will be among the first killed or enslaved under the cruel and insane primitive laws of Sharia.


"First, we kill all the lawyers..." Wm. Shakespeare

No problem.


Give them 10 times as much trouble back...

It would seem prudent to identify the key players in this group and investigate their backgrounds and connections. This is no different than another manifestation of corruption. Isn't this convenient in a sense, because we have a POTUS that appears to be a Muslim who along with the A.G. and others appear to be complicit in aiding and abetting in   the destruction of OUR Country.  That said it looks like all the garbage needs to be carried out in the same pail. This isn't a cleanup for the faint of heart.
Exactly right, Gringo!  We need to find out who these waste products are and where they live.  Then we need to conduct LOUD, VOCAL, OBVIOUS, peaceful demonstrations outside their homes to let their neighbors and all America know that these people are collaborating with America's enemies!

You can start with sorry excuse for a human Soros and his children.


Connect the dots to all his associates knowing some purposely keep a distance so as to stay in the shadows.


Van Jones and his slime types must be included.


I just heard the Fraud -in-chief is hiring lots of high paid gummint people (if they even deserve such a reference) and renting lots of office space that is overwhelming the budget.

It does seem we millions need to target various judges across the nation and take them to court.  See "The Last Trick in The Hat."  Now can you imagine Sharia here and Americans being tried under Sharia.  The punishments by and large would be too distasteful to carry out in public in this country; but this procedure would sure feed a grand circus maximus in the various Islamic capitols and I would think certain Congress persons like Kieth Ellison could envision this and be as delighted at the spectacle of Americans being beheaded by the score on Saturday afternoons in Riyad, Jiddah,Damascus, Yemen.  Yes, we had better stop this train NOW!  And it starts with the corrupt maggots on our benches.

What are they trying to do?

I think it is time that the American people should start protesting in the street against what is happening to our freedoms in this country. We allow a person who hates this country become its president and wonder why he is slowly destroying every thing this country has stood for since it's inception.

It is time to people to wake up and stand up for what they believe and fight to get our Constitution back. I never thought that a country I served for 23 years would ever turn out this way. I am ashamed to call myself a Conservative and an Independent.


But I will stand side by side with the people who want to see change and see it start now. We need to file a recall of the present administration for treason and any other charges we can lay on them.

I'm with you save our Countrty for we are running out of time.
This is the most discussing think I have ever read. Where in the Constitution do it read that a Man has the right to stone a woman to death when she's been rape, or have sex with a one month old child. Sharia Law is the Law of their land and Islam is the Sick religion.
Lawyers need to be eradicated along with the Muslims then.



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