The assassination of Donald J. Trump (By Republican Traitors)


The assassination of Donald J. Trump

Exclusive: Larry Klayman labels GOP leaders traitors for helping harm their nominee

Published: 2 hours ago

It’s not just Hillary Clinton and her comrades, the sleazy bottom-feeder likes of John Podesta, Harold Ickes, Cheryl Mills, Leon Panetta, James Carville (all of whom I deposed for their many scandals in the 1990s), but Republican slime balls like House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, former candidate for U.S. Senate Hewlett Packard Chairman Meg Whitman and a myriad of others in the GOP who want Trump to lose to to the Wicked Witch of the Left so they can run their own corrupt establishment candidate against her in 2020.

That Ms. Hillary is a hardcore criminal who thus far has escaped the “short arm” of the law is of little concern to these “treasonous traitors.” Their own self-interest is more important than fulfilling and maintaining the dream and creation of our Founding Fathers: a free republic of laws and not men, as John Adams put in when he advocated at Independence Hall in Philadelphia for a Declaration of Independence.

Not that the Donald is perfect. He sometimes does not phrase his thoughts in a “thoughtful way,” but he is not the devil like Obama; nor is he a racist as he has been painted not just by the Democrats but the establishment in his own party, most notably Ryan – who, with the hairy point at the top of his forehead, is a bizarre-looking childlike creature who appears and acts more like “Eddie Munster” than a serious leader of his party.

The recent flap over the Muslim family, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who were put up to attack Trump mercilessly, Hussein Obama style, at the Democratic National Convention is just one case in point. Sure, we should all honor a fallen hero like their son. But Gold Star parents should not be used as props for political purposes. The canned and pre-written statements of Mr. Khan – calling out Trump as ignorant and claiming that he does not know what sacrifice means – were simply a cheap Muslim attack on Trump. Honoring his son, which would have been legitimate and admirable, should not entail personal attacks and raising issues of alleged racism because The Donald rightly wants to limit Muslim immigration during this time of war with Islam – and that is what it is plain and simple. Mr. Khan son’s was an American citizen and hero, and he deserved all the rights accorded to him by the Constitution. Trump has never advocated taking away these rights nor disparaged the valiant service of the Khan’s son. In fact, the Khans dishonored their son by using his sacrifice and heroism for their own cheap political and Islamic purposes.

Not coincidentally perhaps, it has been reported that Mr. Khan is an immigration lawyer in a law firm that also represents the Clinton Foundation. He has also written law review articles that extol the virtue of anti-constitutional Shariah law. Thus, when Mr. Khan held up the U.S. Constitution (which is antithetical to Shariah law) he was not just supporting Hillary Clinton – who has coddled Muslims and extorted money from terrorist states while serving as Obama’s secretary of state – he also was probably laughing all the way back to Mecca.

So when Trump reacted to the vicious partisan personal attack of Mr. Khan and his Muslim wife, sure he was not smart to take the bait. But it was understandable, given the personal and political nature of the attack. It was one thing that the Wicked Witch of the Left and her supportive leftist media seized on this, but quite another when establishment Republican so-called leaders like Ryan, McConnell and McCain used the occasion to finish The Donald off. They sanctimoniously praised the Khans as a Gold Star family, as if whatever they now say and do is untouchable. Regardless of the Khan son’s heroism, this does not give his parents a carte blanche to do and say whatever they want to further their own Shariah law-Muslim, Hillary Clinton and Democrat agendas.

Following the Democratic National Convention and the backstabbing by establishment Republicans, Trump is now down  points to Hillary Clinton in the polls. The die may have thus been cast. Nothing, save for – and God forbid – some massive Islamic terrorist attack just before the election this November, can likely turn the electorate.

I am not endorsing Donald Trump or telling our readers whom to vote for. That is not my job or role as the head of Freedom Watch Inc. and the founder of Judicial Watch years ago. But what we have all learned from this election cycle is that the establishments of both parties are an evil crew. But no politician, short of the Muslim King Barack Hussein Obama, is more evil than Hillary Clinton, a woman so callous and self-centered – in fact a dangerous, power-hungry and greedy megalomaniac who could care less about the Gold Star and other families who sacrificed their lives in Benghazi – that she would proclaim under oath before Congress, “what difference (do their deaths) make?”

Over 80 material witnesses (including White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster) to the Clinton scandals died during their previous administration. I do not think all can be explained as just happenstance. Despite this, and the Wicked Witch’s other documented heinous criminal deeds, the Republican establishment would rather have her as president than Donald J. Trump. And in the last week and a half, they have joined with her to assassinate the Republican candidate chosen by the people. It’s time that these so-called leaders be taken to the “legal guillotines,” as they are not just despicable political hacks, but also traitors!

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They are not elite. They are sewer scum - call them what they are.

Five people with connections to hillary have died under rather suspicious circumstances during the last two weeks !!

What gives Hillary a pass on her many crimes.

The people of The United States of America.

EXCELLENT LARRY! You pointed out that the musslime parents of khan went upon the dnc stage and jihadi'd America. The khan man stood there and performed his TRAITOROUS ACT in the name of is-lame, NOT really caring about the CROOKED.itch they have in the race and ONLY works for the TOTAL destruction of America! I am appalled they would allow a musslime to appear in front of millions of Americans and perform open jihad on America, at their evil convention and if the sheeple would read between the lines, they could see that the dnc and everyone associated with it are all TRAITOR'S to the USA. The khan man and his musslime friends killed his son, or he had his musslime brotherhood kill him as a martyr to their cause. I believe there is no way killary is anywhere near the support of DT. The numbers are fictitious ONLY to allow the BIG CHEAT on November 8, 2016 to be NO SURPRISE to the sheeple and life will go on just like it did in 2012 with sob (S orrytoe rot/OB ozo), as they also subdued all the fuss over that BIG CHEAT, plus romney helped sob win. The killary khan killings have begun. WARNING!! Absolute TRUTH: LAST DAYS=End NEAR, MANY billions, MANY billions will go to hell and few [FEW!] will FIND Jesus. YOUR CHOICE! AKJV, AKJV, AKJV, AKJV bible [URGENT read] ONLY (ALL others perverted]; not much time left until God SHUT'S the DOOR, forever [no one else to enter]! Jesus SAVES! (Romans 10:9 ) 

Unless All God fearing Honest American Patriots get Involved and Vote for Likewise Godly men and women who are on the ballot it may All be in vain ! Trump IS Heads above ANY other candidates !  You vote for ANYONE else we ALL Lose !  Trump may have "given" Ryan, Mccain, and ? a endorsement but we KNOW Who they are ! Unless you have your head where the sun Don't shine.  They ARE all part of the Elite and have been raping our country and us with every behind the scene deals in order to LINE their Own pockets and OUT and Out Lies !  Most of ALL unless Christians Get Involved and participate In Our Political process we will have more of the same.  A Big talk do Nothing Government.  When we complain about not having the right people in Office we are OUR own worst enemy !  After decades of NOT wanting to Offend Anyone we wind up getting SHILLS like BHO et. al  who Aren't even Americans elected to Office. !

If we Have ANY chance of turning Our Country around back to a Constitutional Republic then as Christians we must be and LIVE up to being who we claim to be ! That means WE Need Christians who run for Office. Get Elected and vote Accordingly for the Principals Believed in and given to US through Scripture  and as we All want as citizens under the Constitution and Bill of Rights !  There WILL be People Offended and Not Like Us, but then we will be like Christ then because as YOU know He (Jesus) was Hated first ! Unless Christians begin Serving In Office NOTHING will Change !  

Here Is a speech given by Michelle Malkin for Paul Nehlen Rally ! Watch ... you get what you ask for and If you don't ask (participate) you get what you whine about later ! ! !

Thanks for that video of Michele!  Entirely truthful and OUTSTANDING!

The Wake-up Herald

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now  is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof. Romans 13:11-14



Robert McCurry, Editor & Publisher

August 6, 2016


How Christians Help America

Enslave People, Families and Churches

When God ordained and defined the realms of self government, family government, church government and civil government, He wasn’t playing around.

He was serious.

Lovingly serious, as always.

God created and has sufficiently revealed the roles, responsibilities and limitations of each of these spheres of governmental influence so that we  might know how things work in His creation and thereby find our way to true peace, prosperity, liberty, and happiness in that very same creation.

But we have different ideas.

Here in America – and here in American Christianity – we think we have “a better way”; a way that inherently enables and encourages the State to expand over and above all other realms of government “out of necessity” (though certainly not any biblically defined necessity), absorbing and redefining each of these “competing” governmental realms on its own terms and for its own benefit.

This is why we have things like public schools in America.

These schools – or, better put, Temples of Statism – are the primary reason why each successive generation of “American Christians” is more Socialist, more Statist, and more anti-Christ than the last. The decline of American culture really is no mystery at all. We’ve embraced an approach to the pursuit of knowledge lifted directly from the serpent’s tongue in Genesis 3 and are simply reaping the entirely predictable “benefits”.

So why do most professing Christians in America send their little ones off to these Temples of Statism for mind-sculpting in a flagrantly anti-Christian State-run system of “education”?

‘Cause it’s American, that’s why.

It has an American flag out front.

And our moms and dads and grandmothers and granddads and pastors all went to those very same schools, don’tcha know.

That’s why.

We do it because that’s just what we’ve always done. It’s what we’ve been programmed to do for generations now. We don’t know and can’t seriously imagine anything else. We’ve gone so far out to sea that we can’t even see the shore anymore, and we’ve been out here for so long that not only do we not even remember what something called “the shore” looks like, we question whether such a thing even exists.

That’s how far gone we are.

Could there actually be such a land where people are free, liberty is true, civilization is advanced, and…the State has no role whatsoever in children’s education?

This concept is pure heresy to The System in which we live.

And it’s definitely not something being addressed biblically by the vast majority of “Christian leaders” guiding even the most supposedly “conservative, Bible preaching” churches in the land. More often than not, those folks vigorously support State-managed Genesis 3 style children’s education. They support and defend the golden calf being most effectively used to enslave the culture, including their own church members.

So yeah, it’s pretty bad and has been heading this way for a while now.

Our flight from a biblical approach to children’s education, self government, family government, church government and anything else that would dare threaten the power of the almighty American State has been multigenerational in duration, meaning that, after generations of State-programmed Christian moms, dads, pastors and preachers, we’ve been thoroughly conformed to the anti-Christ religion of Statism.

In spite of the lovingly provided specificity of Scripture as to which governmental realm has primary authority over the area of children’s education (the family), and which governmental realm has none (the State), “We the People” have been conditioned to believe that the education of children is, at the end of the day, the responsibility of the State.

In this, American Christians have become valuable tools of the State, helping it to mortally wound and subjugate its three primary institutional competitors to power, namely: self-government, family government and church government.

Now most churches aren’t really churches in America, at least not as Scripture defines the body of Christ in its localized forms. American churches don’t discipline, don’t correct, don’t teach sound doctrine, and don’t expose darkness or tear down enemy strongholds in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission. These days, American churches just let the State do anything the State wants to do with little, if any, pushback, so long as their precious little 501(c)(3) business models are allowed to produce adequate material wealth.

American Churches have abdicated their responsibilities to the  American State, and the American State has been all too happy to take the power it’s been wrongly given.

In this, American churches have contributed most significantly to the State-promoted destruction of the other two God-ordained governmental realms: The individual and the family. With churches no longer operating biblically, the State has been left (and often is even encouraged) by the church to “help” individuals and families in ways that – you guessed it – are clearly unbiblical, and therefore ultimately produce rank immaturity and perpetually increasing dependence of individuals and families upon the almighty American State.

So here we are, getting exactly what we deserve and should certainly expect if we’d just read and believe Scripture, and we dare to wonder why our culture is now dominated and defined by infantile, dependent individuals; broken, dependent families; and a laughably impotent (though materially prosperous) church all operating under total domination by the American State. After generations of State-sponsored mind- and worldview-sculpting, American Christians find themselves living in a culture in which self government, family government and church government have become farcical, tragic jokes, while State governmental power has become all that there really is when push comes to shove and where the rubber meets the road.

State-managed children’s “education” is now assumed to be an essential core component of life in America.

Which means State-defined law is a given.

Which gives us “legal” child sacrifice, “legal” porn, “legal” “gay marriage”, “legal” divorce on demand, and the “right” to openly construct pagan alters and worship false gods, including Allah and The Devil himself.

All of this – every bit of the cultural implosion and civilizational nightmare unfolding before our eyes – is purposeful.

God is telling us something.

He is reminding us that His Word is binding, whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not, and whether we choose to repent and conform to it or not.

He is showing us that there’s no reliable substitute for a clear stand upon His Word.

Vague appeals to “God” or “Christian values” won’t do it.

General claims of “being a Christian” or “loving Jesus” won’t do it.

True faith-fueled obedience, granted only by God’s grace, is our only hope for salvation – be it political, legal, economic, educational salvation, or any other kind.

With regard to what we Americans like to refer to as “The Great American Experiment”, the answer to one question will determine whether that experiment ends in failure and death or success and life.

That question is: By what standard?

By what standard will “We the People” define reality, liberty, law, justice, and freedom?

By what standard will we educate our children and shape our culture?

By what standard will we pursue life in every realm of life in God’screation?

American public schools will never acknowledge, much less provide, the one and only correct answer to that all important life-, culture-, and civilization-defining question.

American public schools will always – by their very nature – do everything within their power to steer every mind under their charge in any direction but toward that one essential, life-restoring answer.

Why is this so?

Because American public schools are consecrated to pursuing a Genesis 3 satanic model to the pursuit of knowledge.

This is the very foundation of State-managed children’s “education”.

It is through Christian support of these Temples of Statism that American culture has been brought to the brink of death, and it is only through Christian repentance and rejection of this satanic system of children’s “education” that the American culture has any hope of finding true life, liberty, peace, and freedom.

God has spoken clearly.

He’s also given us yet another undeserved day to turn from our rebellion and submit to Him.

The time is fast approaching when there will be no more undeserved days and opportunities for repentance and restoration. The time is fast approaching when He will allow us to experience the full weight of our pride and rebellion.

But in the moment before us now, we do have the matchlessly beautiful opportunity to repent, believe, and find Light in this present darkness, all by God’s grace, all for His glory, and all to our eternal benefit.

May He grant us the grace to do so.

By FireBreathingChristian

Jesus said,

“Repent or perish!”

Wake-up, Pastors! Wake-up, Christians!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Wake-Up Herald is published by Robert McCurry. The publication is designed to exalt the true God of the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ, and inform, inspire, and challenge its readers regarding biblical truth and real-life issues. The contents are the sole responsibility of Robert McCurry and do not represent or speak for or on behalf of any other person or group. There is no subscription charge. The publication is a ministry of faith dependent on the contributions of its readers. Contributions are not tax-deductible. Send all correspondence to: Robert McCurry, 605 Moore Rd, Newnan, GA 30263 or Remove? Send reply with “remove” in Subject line.

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 Trump gets my vote ...

Sorry Mr. Klayman,

It seems you have been watching to much Main Stream Media lately.

That Drop in Trumps poll numbers is nothing but a "Paid For" result put out by most Main Stream Media news sites that hire polling companies to do their polls.

(ie. You get what you pay for)

Trump is NOT like every or any other Candidate, He is the selected Representative of the FED UP electorate that WILL overlook Everything MSM throws at Him, regardless of Who says it.

Do yourself and the rest of the country a favor and get a better news source instead of Puppetting what you heard on Foxnews, MSN, ABC, NBC, CBS and every other MSM news outlet.

Thomas: You have stated the obvious to Mr. Klayman and the rest who apparently are not looking at reality. Since the very beginning of his campaign, Trump has been the uncontrollable element the establishment of BOTH parties fears more than a full blown war because THAT they might be able to control but NEVER Trump. and BOTH parties and the MSM will do anything they can to try to prevent his election. However, After the past 8 years of utter abomination and constitutional incompetency by design, it is BEYOND time for a change for a thoroughly disgusted and resentful and angry American Citizen electorate. Even Reuters was caught in the last 48 hours fudging the figures and that begs a question many will not ask but I will: I wonder just what the bribe was or the "donation" to Reuters to fudge the figures by the Professional prevaricator Clinton or the Foundation run by her husband and herself? While I have no proof of such, I like many have a valid suspicion based on prior records ; more of which come to light seemingly every DAY of her crookedness. a 12 point change in 36 hours after being caught and retracting he original "poll 'estimates," only heightens the suspicions of criminal conduct, N'est ce pas? I would LOVE to see Hillary and ALL THE REST OF THOSE ASSOCIATED WITH HER,  get their just desserts.; which  believe they WILL if, The Donald is elected! Here's hoping!

Sad. You don't even believe Fox news. they have been an ardent supporter of Trump for sometime. Hell Sean Hannity has been chanting trump even when he was still claiming to be unbiased and claiming he was giving equal time to any and all candidates. When every time a candidate came on other than the Cheeto demigod; Hannity would ask questions saying would they support this or that like Chump. If fox news polls are saying Hillary is ahead, you better believe it. I cant believe they haven't been trying to cover it up.



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