The assassination of Donald J. Trump (By Republican Traitors)


The assassination of Donald J. Trump

Exclusive: Larry Klayman labels GOP leaders traitors for helping harm their nominee

Published: 2 hours ago

It’s not just Hillary Clinton and her comrades, the sleazy bottom-feeder likes of John Podesta, Harold Ickes, Cheryl Mills, Leon Panetta, James Carville (all of whom I deposed for their many scandals in the 1990s), but Republican slime balls like House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, former candidate for U.S. Senate Hewlett Packard Chairman Meg Whitman and a myriad of others in the GOP who want Trump to lose to to the Wicked Witch of the Left so they can run their own corrupt establishment candidate against her in 2020.

That Ms. Hillary is a hardcore criminal who thus far has escaped the “short arm” of the law is of little concern to these “treasonous traitors.” Their own self-interest is more important than fulfilling and maintaining the dream and creation of our Founding Fathers: a free republic of laws and not men, as John Adams put in when he advocated at Independence Hall in Philadelphia for a Declaration of Independence.

Not that the Donald is perfect. He sometimes does not phrase his thoughts in a “thoughtful way,” but he is not the devil like Obama; nor is he a racist as he has been painted not just by the Democrats but the establishment in his own party, most notably Ryan – who, with the hairy point at the top of his forehead, is a bizarre-looking childlike creature who appears and acts more like “Eddie Munster” than a serious leader of his party.

The recent flap over the Muslim family, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who were put up to attack Trump mercilessly, Hussein Obama style, at the Democratic National Convention is just one case in point. Sure, we should all honor a fallen hero like their son. But Gold Star parents should not be used as props for political purposes. The canned and pre-written statements of Mr. Khan – calling out Trump as ignorant and claiming that he does not know what sacrifice means – were simply a cheap Muslim attack on Trump. Honoring his son, which would have been legitimate and admirable, should not entail personal attacks and raising issues of alleged racism because The Donald rightly wants to limit Muslim immigration during this time of war with Islam – and that is what it is plain and simple. Mr. Khan son’s was an American citizen and hero, and he deserved all the rights accorded to him by the Constitution. Trump has never advocated taking away these rights nor disparaged the valiant service of the Khan’s son. In fact, the Khans dishonored their son by using his sacrifice and heroism for their own cheap political and Islamic purposes.

Not coincidentally perhaps, it has been reported that Mr. Khan is an immigration lawyer in a law firm that also represents the Clinton Foundation. He has also written law review articles that extol the virtue of anti-constitutional Shariah law. Thus, when Mr. Khan held up the U.S. Constitution (which is antithetical to Shariah law) he was not just supporting Hillary Clinton – who has coddled Muslims and extorted money from terrorist states while serving as Obama’s secretary of state – he also was probably laughing all the way back to Mecca.

So when Trump reacted to the vicious partisan personal attack of Mr. Khan and his Muslim wife, sure he was not smart to take the bait. But it was understandable, given the personal and political nature of the attack. It was one thing that the Wicked Witch of the Left and her supportive leftist media seized on this, but quite another when establishment Republican so-called leaders like Ryan, McConnell and McCain used the occasion to finish The Donald off. They sanctimoniously praised the Khans as a Gold Star family, as if whatever they now say and do is untouchable. Regardless of the Khan son’s heroism, this does not give his parents a carte blanche to do and say whatever they want to further their own Shariah law-Muslim, Hillary Clinton and Democrat agendas.

Following the Democratic National Convention and the backstabbing by establishment Republicans, Trump is now down  points to Hillary Clinton in the polls. The die may have thus been cast. Nothing, save for – and God forbid – some massive Islamic terrorist attack just before the election this November, can likely turn the electorate.

I am not endorsing Donald Trump or telling our readers whom to vote for. That is not my job or role as the head of Freedom Watch Inc. and the founder of Judicial Watch years ago. But what we have all learned from this election cycle is that the establishments of both parties are an evil crew. But no politician, short of the Muslim King Barack Hussein Obama, is more evil than Hillary Clinton, a woman so callous and self-centered – in fact a dangerous, power-hungry and greedy megalomaniac who could care less about the Gold Star and other families who sacrificed their lives in Benghazi – that she would proclaim under oath before Congress, “what difference (do their deaths) make?”

Over 80 material witnesses (including White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster) to the Clinton scandals died during their previous administration. I do not think all can be explained as just happenstance. Despite this, and the Wicked Witch’s other documented heinous criminal deeds, the Republican establishment would rather have her as president than Donald J. Trump. And in the last week and a half, they have joined with her to assassinate the Republican candidate chosen by the people. It’s time that these so-called leaders be taken to the “legal guillotines,” as they are not just despicable political hacks, but also traitors!

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This article should, no MUST, be spread wide and far.  I have stated that I am not pleased with Trump and was considering an alternative candidate.  Not any longer.

I do not agree with the majority of the people in this group that Donald Trump is the savior of the nation. The leak that he was considering dropping out of the race has not been denied that I have seen. I believe if he thinks he will lose he will drop out. Leaving Hillary uncontested. Remember Donald said he never loses. I am sorry but someone said his backing McCain and the female senator and ryan just shows he will do what ever he has to. He will be just like the others once he gets in. He will make deals with congress so he can gets some things done. He will do this because he can say see what I have accomplished. Sadly the stuff that he accepts to make the deal will just further destroy our nation. We as a nation have nowhere to turn. I have thought if people work to take back a party at the ground level and start electing candidates we like and hold them accountable we can change things. I now think that would take so long that those we elect would in that time become as corrupt as the others. Myself I am ready. We will need to join with other patriots and stand when the shtf. It is coming people. Police state is on its way no matter who is elected.

I agree Robert, As Patriot Vet said - There's a HARD rain coming.

All of us need to prepare now for that coming HARD rain.

You are confusing your argument Robert........compromise is not always a bad trait..........we don't live in a dictatorship.......of course Trump would have to make deals.  He says he will...........but according to him they will be good deals for the nation.

The only bad compromise is that which totally compromises ones principals, this compromise by Trump was based on political expediency; not a bad thing in this particular case.

The problem is we already get compromises out of congress. None of them have been good for us. Donald can say anything he wishes. He can do nothing. Congress has the power. Obama does what he does because those in congress allow it.  People need to wake up. The political parties are owned by an elite few. They choose who even gets to run for offices.

So..........Trump can do nothing because he has not power....Congress has all the power......But Obama does whatever he wants.   Where is Congress power?  Why is it one sided?   Do you think Congress will exercise power against Trump when they do nothing against Obama?   I don't understand your thinking??

Congress Harry, is CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT and has been in at least numbers 111th thorough the present 114th. They have enabled and empowered Obama's reign of injustice and oppression in total contravention of EVERY Constitutional principle, practice or procedure and while he should have been impeached after the singular scandal early on in Fast and Furious, he was NOT and will not be held responsible or accountable until there is a different set of membership in the congress. Therefore, all the state elections are necessary to provide the best conservative candidates by support at the poliing places of this country to change the character and content of the Congress to one of Constitutional compliance and a return to the Rule of Law , rather than the disdain, the ignoring of BOTH and the resultant sorry state of affairs under which we have suffered since 2008, but which the rots of which go all the way back to the Great Society welfare state and the formation in 1913 of the IRS and Federal Reserve to control the financing of this country and further back even that THAT. It is only Now coming to total fruition as part of the New World Order of which half or more of our own government is party, Hillary and Obama are both proponents of it as are most of their associates and a large number of RINOS who give lip service to preservation of constitutional practice and principle while working to defeat and replace it, and which we must end through the power of the ballot or by the only remaining option should that fail. It may all come to nothing as I agree with some here who drastically fear for Trump and his family's safety as there is NOTHING the Cabal of the New World Order would NOT do to ensure he is NEVER president; or anyone like him. THAT is why , as you may have seen in many other venues published Nationally, I admonish all American citizens worthy of the title to Vote FOR Trump, AGAINST every incumbent and to consider closely the ramifications of their votes. Trump is our best hope for restoring sanity and equity to government and. the freedoms, choices and futures of our progeny we save by voting so: WILL BE OUR OWN AND THOSE OF OUR CHILDREN AND THEIRS!

Exactly Brian.........

We have not seen ANYTHING good come out of congress, protecting "we the people," since sob (S orrytoe rot/OB ozo) was allow to usurp our nation. I look all the way back to scum daddy bush and his 1000 pts of light crap and not much there, either. hmmmm? And gw gave us sob. I'LL BET if DT is finally ( getting past the NWO & many other obstacles) SWORN in (long shot, because the war on him by CROOKEDkillery, is very VICIOUS!), congress and the senate will come out like a vicious attack dogs and try (or do) their darndest to hang him. IF (a BIG IF) DT resigns the race, that in itself SAYS, America has NO hope as DT sees the writing on the not yet built border wall and might as well pocket 20 billion or more (Just speculating), but the WIN alone, on January 8, 2017 will give us a huge BOOST.

Exactly my point. Congress has gone along with Obama and allowed him to have his way. they control the purse and if they had chosen could have shut him down at any time. They can do the same to Trump if they choose. None of this by any of these candidates is truly about fixing and returning us to a constitutional nation. Even trump was run just to make us think we had some say. He is the big mouth voicing everything we all want when he is in public. Yet behind closed doors he is one of the elite. People need to wake up and quit thinking electing any of the elites to fight the other elites for us is insanity. If Trump tries to do the things he claimed he would do those who wield the real power will just shut him down. Trump like Soros can be easily broken at any time. Historically the rothschilds have collapsed the british and our economy at least once and can do so again anytime they choose. Imagine the federal reserve jerks up rates. All those trump loans get called due. It could happen. trump doesn't have enough money to cover all of his debt and still be rich. He would be broken. He will play nice and do what he gets told.



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