Constitutional Emergency

Our Founding Fathers are indeed spinning in their graves after the traitorous acts of a Federal District Court judge in Seattle, WA along with his accomplices the Washington State Governor and Attorney General. Where do these anti- American subversives get that they have the authority to determine our COMMON DEFENSE , when the Founding Fathers CLEARLY placed that responsibility in the hands of the President of the United States ?  Furthermore, their arguments that these Muslim refugees pose no inherent threat is simply NOT FACTUAL ...when in their own State a little more than 4 months ago a Muslim immigrant from Turkey walked into a Macy's store in a mall near Seattle and MURDERED ..FIVE innocent Americans while they were shopping. I guess they conveniently forgot all about the jihadist in their own backyard. This is EXACTLY WHY the Founding Fathers in their wisdom DID NOT WANT the JUDICIAL BRANCH handling the DEFENSE of OUR COUNTRY !  Then ,...of course the laughable 9th Circuit Court of Appeals did their usual act and failed to uphold the US Constitution . President Trump in trying to protect our Country with his travel ban is now blocked by an out of control Judiciary and with no certainty that even the Supreme Court will defend his Constitutional authority . Without Justice Scalia our Constitution is without defenders. This is why Thomas Jefferson was so concerned about an unaccountable Judicial Branch. President Trump clearly has the authority to do what he did and our Nation will now suffer because of some Marxist activists masquerading as Judges. 

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