Today I had one of those usual discussions with someone I considered an educated friend.
The main topic of the discussion was as usual about this Obama administration and the "Fundamental Transformation of America".
My friends position (like so many other people) is that the Communists are so well rooted into our federal government now that there is little or nothing we can do to stop them. The discussion turned to Mark Levin's book and his idea of an Article V States Constitutional Amendment convention.
Once again the friends opinion was "Levin is stupid" and it can't be done.
After going through that for about an hour I received this web link to an article that reflects pretty much the same attitude.

Just about that time I decided that I had had enough. Here is my reply:

Very good.   99.9% of what is said is too damn true.
We (at least me) are aware of all these dangers and also of the infiltrators and subversives.
We are all too aware of the fact that this Communist/Marxist regime is subject to do just about anything and everything in its power to stay in power.
We have said many times in the past few years that these people will stop at nothing to destroy this nation.
A so-called Friend just recently told me that they (the Communists) have "damn near reached their final goal".
While I believe this to be true, I do not and will not subscribe to the defeatist attitude of "there is nothing we can do to stop it".
Those who do or have adopted such an attitude have also adopted the position of surrender.
You may as well get on your knees right now, stretch your neck out and face down into the trench. Surrender yourselves to the bullet in the back of your head that this administration will be all to happy to deliver.

As for me - I was born in a state where "Live Free or Die" is inscribed both on our license plates and also adopted as the States motto. But that motto is far more than just a cute little saying or phrase. It is inscribed and embedded into the hearts and minds of the people.
I now live and reside in Texas where "Remember the Alamo" and "Don't mess with Texas" carry pretty much the same connotations.
I will never adopt the attitude of surrender. I would rather die on my feet trying to do what ever is necessary to save my country than to bow down on my knees before these tyrants.

Ron McKinley
Operation American Spring.

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Do you know if Sylvester Bland is broadcasting today?  

RP I don't take the words in the article as being against OAS I take them as words of caution, Meaning know your enemy, and we must. We must also at all times try to understand who were up against and that they will not go quietly.

No Sir Dale, this particular article is just as you say, more of a warning about who and what we are up against.

But my conversations with the friend I mentioned are more than just simple warning, they are more in the line of don't do this, don't do anything. Don't make waves, don't even try to stop this destruction. Don't even try.

I think you know what my answer to that is.

Give me a better plan, a better idea. But don't tell me to sit back and let them destroy my country without so much as a struggle or any resistance at all.

Never in human history has any nation ever been con-cored and taken over without so much as a single gun shot. I see no reason why America should be the first.

I hope and pray it does not come to that but if that becomes necessary I hope those who follow us will have the courage to make that stand.

America will not go quietly into the dust heap of altered and forgotten history without a fight.

You are right RP. OAS is an up front operation as it should be so we must take the brunt of the BS until the things that are going on in the back ground kick in. 



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