THE BLUEPRINT - A Reflection Of OAS Massive, Gigantic Impact In Washington, D.C.

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I am planning to attend and bring a few others. Trying to get people to move from being on twitter and facebook is going to be a challenge, I am not sure if most Americans truly realize what is at stake now. Hoping most patriot groups will attend, and let go of egos so this event will have a positive impact. I have attended Rally's in DC last year and not enough people showed even with incredible speakers. Permits are a must.

Withhold your support, no matter how small, from this tyrannical government .  Those who can get to DC May 16th should do so.  At the very least all Americans should flush their toilets at the same time, create a vortex so strong Washington gets pulled in after it.  Just like Egypt...Semper Fi

I'm just curious. What do you think Obama and his cronies will do if they find out about May 16th? Do you think they will prepare to do something against us? Just wondering.

They already know about us and OAS.

We hope they know we're coming Janet...It's no secret.  We must take risks for our freedom..if we can't stand up for our own freedom and liberty, who will do it??  We fight for everyone around the world but not for ourselves?

America, The GREATEST Experiment in Freedom EVER... We are The Blue-Print, We are The Envy of The World, We MUST TAKE BACK OUR AMERICA! We MUST Tell The Government "NO MORE LIES!" The Founding Fathers KNEW One Day That The Government WOULD BECOME CORRUPT To No End... It Is Now Up To US, We The People To Fix What Has Broken, BY ALL MEANS, By Gods Will, NOT MINE.

I'm posting this again at the end so that it will appear here and not somewhere in the middle.

The OAS is a project that has some merit, but I must say that corruption in this government is not going to go away just because we as citizens protest their (Politicians) actions.  Their interest and the interest of the corporations and lobby agenda is too ingrained in the system.  Yes, you might have some marginal impact in the short run, but the longer term impact will be minimal.

I'm not saying to abandon the project, but I believe there might be a better way to impact their bottom line.  If we as a collective group such as those on this blog were to ban together and focus on just one individual (a rifle shot) in thie Congress/Senate, as opposed to this shotgun approach, and get that individual out of office, the message would be as load as any shotgun blast.  Then, if successful, you go after the next individual and so forth.  Now, obviously I have a list of candidates that should be out of office, and in most cases for good reason.  That list would include Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Peolosi, whom I've had my own personal run ins, Harry Reid, also a negative discussion with him in Incline Village, NV, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and a few minor players such as Mary Landrieu of LA.  If once this ball gets rolling I think that you will find that many will resign just like Bill Bradley did a number of years ago when his constituents went after him.  I just thought of another that has resigned, because his constituents went after him, Chris Dodd.

I will be there and I am talking to others trying to get them involved also.

WE DO NOT HAVE A CHOSE (((( IT MUST BE DONE ))) +++++ I WILL NOT LIVE UNDER A DICTATORSHIP NOR DO I WANT MY GRANDCHILDREN TO LIVE UNDER ONE ++++ IT IS A DAM GOOD START +++++ we do not want the alternative do you ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Hi Lamont:  You're obviously not one sided , nor are you someone that ridicules, but yet not entirely convinced.  Just like our other fellow members, I say we are going. But for those who won't go but support the spirit behind this effort; I would say Strt Brainstorming to figure what can be done back home with the newsmedia, with You Tube with whatever to add to the effectiveness of the OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING EXPEDITION.   Do you have friends with companies that make canteens, sleeping bags, dried food, ( You say NO - - Well  Google them,), do you know truckers, VFW or american Legion  members who'll join (Y)our phone bank and rercruit. Find some free lance photographers to come on down.  If I had a balloon company, I'd make some huge balloons  with ANTI COMMY-CALIPH slogans on them....Some that'd say TAKE BACK AMERICA join O.A.S.  ANYONE BORED HERE/...Well engage your imagination and make a list like this and get with Colonel Riley and his staff.  We have 535 accomplices, one mouthy puppet and a bunch of hidden henchmen to Scare the crap out of so we can push 'em in the Potomac  

Hearkening back to my A.F. tech school in '61; We'd march from the classroom, (all 40 or so classes at once),  as we left class marching, we were frequently told to break cadence and just walk or the old Dolan Hall just might have shaken a bit too much and fallen down. Does this conjure up visions of Jericho from the bible? So many messages from the WORD, probably will provide us with as yet unrealized guidance. Praise GOD; we'll have to pray on that.    .

we already know what they stand for,Thats why every Patriot ,man and woman should get behind this to show a peaceful force to let them know we the people of THE PROUD PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATS OF AMERICA are here to take back and repair our GOVERNMENT, AND THAT WE THE PEOPLE WILL DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO DO SO TO COMPLETE OUR MISSION.God bless you, hope to see you there



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