Constitutional Emergency

The BS Electioneering has already started up again AND with intentional will to ignore facts and deceive YOU if they can!


First of all this is BS Propaganda and second, once again, electioneering and campaign posturing has started up and AGAIN SLEEPWALKERS IGNORE THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF VOTER FRAUD AND CORRUPTION in our Fed. election and many state electoral systems! If that is not fixed - federal and many state elections will be stolen again. This has been set to guarantee we loose every-time and sleepwalkers yelling at folks to wake up are just as responsible for the fall of our country!



We’re All Libertarians Now

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Politics is big business.

Rand Paul is just another windbag.  If he was so committed to the precepts of our Constitution, he would have voted against ratifying the electoral college results in the past election.  Too little, too late.  And I still don't hear him calling for the arrest of obozo and trying him for fraud, forgery and high treason!

Makes me nauseous

Let the war begin.

I didn't like his Father Ron Paul; this may sound un-Christian and petty...but for me he was too whiney....Presidents should not come across as whiney......I am in no way a Lib'tarian, they cite good things but are too loose with morality and for the GOP, Stupid is as Stupid does.....

You are not going to change Washington until you get rid of the Politbureau Dinosaurs and you are not going to change America until ALL AMERICANS come back to our Judeo-Christian Pinciples.  Begin at the lowest level of Government and work outwards........ultimate goal to be choking off Washington, D.C.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

Well I do not like Ron Paul either although he did have some good points ,just like his dad though Rand Paul is trying to make a show so the RNC will put him as a "possible". Well, as far as I.m concerned we will orobably not have a "next election" if we do not get rid of the current resident in OUR HOUSE !

And will that be America's "ENOUGH" point?  Is that what it will take??????  Our current DEMISE is not repairable in one, two, or even the next 80 election cycles (should we survive that long).  We are not going to "FIX" America from Washington, D.C. downward...........You start where you have the authority to make changes, first at home.  EDUCATION, then you work out from there.  Twana took great efforts to create County pages; Three Thousand One Hundred Plus, if you want to get technical, the United States has:

3009 counties
64 parishes
16 boroughs 
41 independent municipalities or cities


This is where we take back America; look at the map of the 2012 Election results......there is a lot of Red, we must ENGAGE these Counties, we must get them to comprehend that The Sovereign is in charge, but they have to show up at EVERY SINGLE Townhall, County Meeting, School Board Meeting, they must be INVOLVED ENMASSE......that is what the Left is doing and they are the Minority.  They become the majority of the Minority when APATHY controls the political process......

And if you don't think we are truly in charge, WE the Sovereign in Washington State just shot down every single proposed Gun Control Law on the dockets.  The question is still What is your ENOUGH POINT and WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO ABOUT IT??????  But as I stated in Yesterday's blog posting....

Are you REALLY READY to cross that Line?


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis


Glad to hear it Snowman, since I am a Born in Washington State Native but long since removed (at least from the left coast of the Cascades which is just too left wing socialist for my tastes. I moved to Oregon to get away from the petty BS of Washington leftist politics only to find that even though I moved to the most conservative county in Oregon, it was not enough to defeat the effete prissy leftists elected Senator and to the House.  Too many transplanted Californicans who could no longer put up with the taxes of Californica but liked the many freedoms they chose while residents down there.  So, now I find that after the wife died and I returned to the area around our Nation's capitol, that even that has grown worse. than ever.  I have to agree with you, though we that cling to our God and our Guns and support our Constitution are indeed still in charge and we do need to make that very clear. I personally am working on a letter to the Speaker of the House and to my own Congressman who just won another two years that the days of the old boy network are over and if Crying is the technique that Beohner thinks will get him re-elected after caving in to the Democraps he can guess again and if my own congressman thinks that supporting Beohner's position will save him another term he too is going to have rethink his position......I am just getting worked into a frenzy that obviously will have to be toned down but it will be sent and it will be clear where we are coming down. Semper Fidelis.

As of today, he has my vote in the next election. Three years is a long time however.  I like him regardless. He doesn't have to think exactly like I think as long as he thinks somewhat as I think, I think I'd vote for him.  Hell, I'm  going to vote for the person that I feel has the best chance of beating the Democrap.  I never liked Ron as a runner but Rand is a good man. He bumps heads with Dad all the time. We'll see in three what he still has after the media gets done with him. They are all going to be politicians and all politicians are wind bags as stated. So, unless Twana runs, so far, Rand has my vote. Lessor of two evils maybe? 


Bill, ordinarily, I would agree with you. But too much can happen in three years as we all were shown during this last fiasco. So I am withholding any and all endorsements until I can be truly certain that we will have a true patriot and conservative Constitutionalist running and the old guard Republicans are running for the hills en masse.

Yes, that is why I said "three years is a long time however and we'll see in three".  Not endorsing him either. As of today however, I would vote for him. My grammer must be terrible Richard. I totally agree with you. Someone is waiting in the shadows that could change my mind. At least Rand does some work from what I've observed but lets face it, none of them can beat a cheat as history has now shown. I'd take Jerry freaking Lewis over what he have now. Just as last time, I'll be voting for whomever I feel can win.

Rand showed his hand today, and that hand has "CORRUPT" tattooed into the palm of it.

At this time I can honestly say there is nobody I would vote for, and I'm sure not going to fall for the lesser-of-two-evils again.



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